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Currently the eighth grade students are creating monochromatic acrylic paintings. The first assignment required each student to mix tints and shades of one color. In the above example you can see one painting has tints of red and the other one illustrates red shades. The second assignment asks each student to choose a subject and then use monochromatic colors in addition to black and white. The third painting assignment encourages students to apply what they've learned and to expand their palette as well. 
Check out the eighth grade students' completed artwork inspired by The Harris Burdick Mysteries. This amazing illustration is by Lily. You will find all of the illustrations in my photo gallery. 

Wow! February flew by and now we're embarking on the third trimester. Here's what's happening during art class:
Kindergarten students are reading and illustrating Eric Carle's Rooster's Off To See The World. In this counting book, Rooster meets several animal friends along the way. The students are enjoying illustrating the animals and talking about this preposterous story.
First grade students are making paper puppet animals and creatures of all sorts. 
Second grade students completed self-portraits and winter landscapes inspired by The Snowy Day. It seems like our dreams of a real snowy day will have to wait until next winter. 
Third grade students viewed whimsical art by Marc Chagall. His art is based on memories, folklore, religion and his life. Students are now drawing their homes, memories and dreams. 
Fourth grade students are drawing unique symmetrical creatures. Every drawing has a hidden name times two.
Fifth grade students used irregular shapes to draw unusual creatures, plants, objects and whatever their imagination conjured up. Now they are trading their pencils, pens and markers for colorful wire. Most students haven't worked with sculptural wire so as they create, they are also problem solving, experimenting and revising. 
Sixth grade students have been introduced to the ancient temple architecture of Greece and Rome. They've learned how these temples influenced the earliest churches and how we can still see these elements in churches today. As students continue to learn about architectural styles, they are adding elements of each style to their own church designs. Every completed church design will feature examples of Ancient Greek, Roman, Early Christian, Byzantine, Romanesque and Gothic architecture.
Seventh grade students are designing optical illusions. Additionally, they are collaborating on a seventh grade city illustration that will be auctioned during the Titan Madness Event. 
Each eighth grade student chose one of Chris Van Allsburg's illustrations from his book, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. The students are using Van Allsburg's detailed, sometimes surrealistic drawings as inspiration for their own illustrations and stories.

In case you haven't heard, Open House will be held at both campuses this Sunday. Please bring your friends and families to see the amazing artwork and evidence of much growth and daily learning in our Catholic school. St. Andrew will be open from noon until two o'clock. The Seton Campus will be open to visitors from one to three o'clock. 
As you are visiting our elementary and junior high campuses, I hope you'll take a little time to explore both buildings and notice the abundance of creative learning that is taking place. Our students are challenged to stretch their minds, express their thoughts and make important learning connections. Thank you for supporting our school community and our young people. 

Meet Me At The Museum!

Van Gogh: Into The Undergrowth is a special exhibition at the Cincinnati Art Museum. This exhibit includes twelve of Vincent Van Gogh's pieces including early work as well as one of his final paintings. The exhibit also includes several pieces by Van Gogh's comrades and artists that he admired. These priceless paintings were lent from European and Asian museums. The theme of this collection is nature. All the featured artists, especially Vincent Van Gogh, were fascinated and called back to the woods again and again. 
Since I can't take the entire school to see this fascinating exhibit, I'm extending a special opportunity especially to our junior high students and their families. On Saturday, December 31st at 1:00 PM, I'll be at the front desk of the museum with two free adult tickets and eight free student tickets. The museum is free to the public but the Van Gogh exhibit is only free to museum members. Adult tickets cost ten dollars, student tickets are five dollars and children five and under are free. 
Please email me if you are interested in meeting me at the museum on December 31st!

Art Class Update
Kindergarten students are illustrating animals and the beautiful holiday lights of the Cincinnati Zoo. The students looked at photos of the zoo animals to determine shapes and details for their drawings. 
The first grade students created geometric Christmas tree collages and this week they'll sculpt with modeling clay.
Second grade students are creating wonderful winter holiday neighborhood collages.
The third grade students are using simple lines, shapes, numbers and letters to create elaborate imaginative world illustrations inspired by Ed Emberley.
The fourth grade students are using copies of their realistic still life drawings for new abstract compositions. The students are learning how to create interesting designs and applying their knowledge of color theory.
After reading The Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler, fifth grade students are comparing and contrasting The Metropolitan Art Museum to our own Cincinnati Art Museum. This discussion connects literature, science, history and art. It also fosters curiosity and inquiry. The students are going to the Cincinnati Art Museum this Friday so the learning experience will continue!
After studying the culture of Ancient Egyptians and comparing our own Christian beliefs to those of these ancient peoples, the sixth grade students are merging cultures, time periods and imagination as they draw tomb interiors. 
The seventh grade students are completing their two-point perspective city illustrations. Next they'll create optical illusion compositions. 
In preparation for a detailed narrative illustration assignment, the eighth grade students are focusing on implied texture and value variations. They are drawing objects such as eggs, rocks, pots and tree bark as realistically as possible. 
Paper Sculpture by third grade artist, Keegan
Lighting assistant, Evan
Photograph by Mrs. Mascolino
Check out my Seton photo album to see more third grade spooky forest photos!
St. Andrew Campus: The sixth grade students measured and cut the covers for their sketchbooks. They will complete sketchbook construction Monday. The seventh grade students were challenged to draw impossible figures and they've begun their two-point perspective city illustrations. The eighth grade students drew realistic animal eyes and learned about Edvard Munch's The Scream. Munch created the first version of this iconic painting in 1893. Every eighth grade student is illustrating his or her own interpretation of this famous composition.