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Fifth grade students will complete their miniature Marian grottoes next week. During this lesson, students learned about the life of St. Bernadette of Lourdes. The Virgin Mary appeared to fourteen year old Bernadette eighteen times in 1858. 
The fourth grade students' haunted house collages and crayon rubbings are displayed in the hallway. I think you'll agree their creations are spectacular!
Third grade students created spooky symmetrical paper forests. The students happily took home several of their creations and the rest are displayed in the old wing entrance hallway. 
Second grade students learned a lot of interesting facts about owls such that all owls have ears, but not all owls have ear tufts. Additionally, since an owl has 14 vertebrae in its neck, it can turn its head 270 degrees! After learning about owls and looking at the fun and creative artwork of Charley Harper, 2B students illustrated the Eastern Screech Owl. 
After learning about the four most common Ohio owls and looking at amazing owl inspired artwork by Charley Harper, students in 2A illustrated the Great Horned Owl.
First grade students listened to the folktale, In A Dark, Dark Wood and then they created illustrations based on the setting of the story. Ask your child to talk about the unique details in his or her art.
Kindergarten students noticed how color looks different when seen with bright light versus little to no light. Then they created day and night collages with this knowledge in mind. 
Seventh Grade Students: If you are interested in using a variety of art media, bring 3 to 5 leaves with you to art class this Monday. 
The eighth grade students transferred magazine images to clear packaging tape so they could create interesting layered collages. 
The sixth grade students designed, constructed and printed their own printmaking stamps. The students will use their prints for the covers of their sketchbooks and other projects as well. 
The kindergarten students are creating season collages. This week every student will complete his or her artwork with a summer tree. 
Wilbur is the star of the first grade students' Charlotte's Web illustrations. The students are illustrating the story's setting, characters and plot sequence.
The second grade students completed their awesome self-portraits. They were amazed by the realism and mathematical principles that Chuck Close uses to create his larger than life portraits. 
The third grade students have enjoyed experimenting with watercolor paint! They used varying amounts of the three primary colors in order to mix secondary and tertiary colors. Then they practiced and applied watercolor painting techniques as they created amazing non-objective abstract artwork.