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After creating their character collages, second grade students found their own writing spaces. Each student is writing and illustrating a short story about his or her fictional character.
Kindergarten students are constructing their names using only rectangles. Then they are turning their letters into monsters, aliens and all sorts of creatures.
First grade students are folding, bending and rolling paper to make three-dimensional paper puppet characters.
First grade students applied what they learned about the Arctic as they created polar bear sculptures and habitat dioramas. This one was created by Owen.

Reminder For Eighth Grade Students

February 24th eighth grade students were informed of the following:. Each student will need to bring a photograph of him or herself to class on Tuesday, March 3rd. Photos that focus on the face will work best. I'll photocopy the photo on to a transparency. 

Second grade created unique cut paper designs using scissors and colorful paper. The lesson focused on radial symmetry, geometric and irregular shapes. They'll incorporate these designs into future artwork. Oh, the possibilities!
Thank you to everyone who helped with the art show. I also appreciate all the people who made space in their busy schedules to check it out. More photos from the art show are in  my album.
Just in case you haven't heard, the art show is tomorrow from 6 to 8 pm in the Seton cafe. The featured art poster was created by Vivien.

SASEAS School Art Show

ART SHOW - Please mark your calendars for our school art show. Every student in grades K - 8 will have one work of art on display. The show will be located in the Seton Cafe from 6 - 8 PM on Thursday, January 29th.

Glass Art Opportunities For Families

Thanks to Brazee Street Studios, PTO and second grade parents for funding the second grade students' glass art project. Parents supplied the funds for the glass materials and the kiln firing. Please let me know if you'd like more experiences like these for students in grades K-8. I'm happy to oblige and in the meantime, take your family to Brazee Street Studios in Oakley. Every Saturday, they offer art making experiences for kids. Please feel free to contact me if you'd like more information.