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Mrs. Hilary VanderMolen

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Classroom News - January 3

¡Feliz año nuevo!
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas break.
This week, fifth graders are beginning to learn how to tell time in Spanish.  Fourth grade is learning how to describe the weather.  Third graders are learning the parts of the body and second graders are learning classroom objects.  

Classroom news - November 29

5th graders are beginning a unit learning about las Posadas.
4th graders are learning about the gender of nouns.
3rd graders are learning new ways to express emotions in Spanish.
2nd graders are learning about food and how to say what they do and do not like to eat.

Classroom news - November 2

Día de los Muertos
This week students are learning about the Day of the Dead.  Students are comparing this holiday to their own celebrations and traditions.  

Classroom news - October 11

Today is my first class this year with 1B, 2B, 3B and 4B!  We are starting off the year with a review for classes in 2B, 3B and 4B.  Since it's the first Spanish class for students in first grade, we will begin with greetings and learning to ask and say one's name in Spanish.
Students in fifth grade are now learning parts of the body and how to say what hurts.  We read and acted out a short story - some pictures are attached on this page.

Classroom News - September 20

Second graders will begin learning the days of the week in Spanish today.  
Third graders are continuing to learn and practice the days of the week and saying simple sentences in Spanish using words like today (hoy) and yesterday (ayer).
Fourth graders are learning and using possessive adjectives to talk about family members.
Fifth graders are building on what they learned last year to describe the weather in Spanish.

Classroom news - September 6

In second grade, we are learning animal and color words in Spanish.  I love how enthusiastic all of the students were during our animal game today and am impressed with how many color and animal words they remember from last year.
Third graders are learning the days of the week in Spanish.  We sang songs and played games to practice identifying the days and putting them in the correct order.
Fourth graders are learning to identify family members and say one's name in Spanish.
Fifth graders played a review game today to practice vocabulary and grammar from last year.  I was impressed with how much they remember!  We began reading a short story in Spanish, and we will return to it next week (we will act it out and do some activities to work on reading comprehension).

Classroom news - August 30

It's great to be back at school!  For our first Spanish class, we are reviewing topics covered last year (such as greetings and simple questions) with songs and games.