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8th Grade Social Studies (Period 8D)

Mrs. Ellen Beiersdorfer
8th Grade

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8th Grade Extra Credit Opportunity

1. Watch at least 30 minutes of the State of the Union Address. It is aired live on Tuesday, 1/30, and it can also be watched online on most news outlet websites after Tuesday evening.
2. Write a short paper explaining the president's goals for our nation that were discussed during the portion of the speech you watched. The paper should be typed.
3. Papers are due Monday, 2/5.

8th Grade OPTIONAL Opportunity!

The Holocaust and Humanity Center (HHC) has invited six of our students to attend the Bystander to Upstander Youth Leadership Summit this year. This is a unique opportunity for our students.  The Summit was inspired by HHC's mission; to take the lessons of the Holocaust and turn them into positive action. This program brings together students in grades seven and eight for a full day, which aims to inspire students to become leaders giving them tangible tools to make a difference. The Summit accomplishes this through various group activities and break-outs focused on leadership and activism. This year's Summit includes a keynote address by Jeannie Opdyke Smith, daughter of Irene Gut Opdyke, a Polish woman who hid Jews during the Holocaust. Based on her mother's story, Jeannie teaches that one person can make a difference. Irene was recognized as Righteous Among the Nations by Yad Vashem in 1982. 
In order to be considered for this opportunity, 8th graders need to write a paragraph that answers the following: Why do you want to attend the Summit? What do you hope to gain by attending? Paragraphs should also include the student's name, school, and grade level. The paragraphs of the six students chosen to attend will be submitted to HHC.
Students who attend the Summit will also be expected to write a post reflection for HHC and present what they learned to their classmates during our Holocaust unit in social studies class.