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7th Grade Religion (Period 7A)

Mrs. Ellen Beiersdorfer
7th Grade

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Dear 7th Grade Parents,
This week (March 19-23) the seventh graders will begin working on chapter 16 in the religion textbook. This chapter discusses marriage, love, and sex. Mr. Wilburn has sent home a communication that includes the objectives of this chapter. I invite you to pre-read the chapter and email me with any questions you have regarding the content.
On Tuesday evening I will be assigning the students to read chapter 16 at home with you. They will be required to have a parent sign their textbook to indicate that you read the chapter with your child. My goal in assigning this as student and parent homework is to facilitate discussion between you and your child. I recognize that you are your child's most important teacher, and as such I want you to have the first opportunity to answer your child's questions about this important and sensitive topic. 
In addition, Mr. Wilburn and I will have a special class next Thursday with the seventh graders that is devoted to answering the students' questions about this topic. The students will be required to have all questions that will be answered in class initialed by a parent. The purpose behind this is to make you aware of what questions your child has and what they will be asking the school staff about these topics. 
Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.
Thank you,
Ellen Beiersdorfer

7th Grade Adopt-A-Family Baskets

Seventh Grade Families:
As part of our Advent preparations, the seventh graders will be creating baskets to give to the ten families that our campus has adopted for the Adopt-A-Family program. Please read the attached handout that the students received about this act of charity. 
- Mrs. Beiersdorfer