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Math - Miss Ducheny

Miss Carol Ducheny
5th Grade

Course Description

 Math - Finish pg. 53-54
Math Letter to Parents

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Week of November 27, 2017

Math - This week we are reviewing finding the perimeter of  an object and learning how to find the area by using a formula.  We will also be using an equivalency table to convert units of length to the U.S. Customary System and the metric system.  Finally, we will be practicing addition and subtraction of decimal numbers.

Week of November 6, 2017

Math - We are starting this week by reviewing long division and checking the answer with multiplication. We then continued to work on decimals by first naming them, comparing and ordering them, and writing the equivalent decimal for a given number. 

Week of October 23, 2017

Math - The students are learning about decimals using a meter stick by writing metric measures of length as decimal numbers.  They are also converting units of length in the metric system.  

Week of September 19, 2017

Math – We have been using the divisibility rules to break down a target number into its prime factorization.  We are also working on probability by describing the chance that an event will occur or not occur.