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8X Social Studies (Period 6)

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Chapter 20 Section 1 Notes (prompts)

1. Poor neighborhoods and urban areas tend to have more crime
2. Crime costs the US billions of dollars each year
3. Crime is viewed as a major problem in the U.S.
4. Define: assault, homicide, manslaughter, murder, larceny, burglary, robbery, fraud, embezzlement, treason, terrorism
5. Name and describe the first three types of crime
6. What is a victim-less crime? Why are they considered crimes? Are they truly victim-less?  
7. What is a crime against government?
8. Name seven causes of crime. Can a single cause explain our U.S. crime problem?

November 11-15

7th Grade Social Studies
The seventh graders are in the midst of some wonderful enrichment activities to learn more about ancient Greece and Rome. They will perform Greek plays on Monday for their classmates. The rest of the week will be spent "building Rome!" The students will create Roman road mazes, an aqueduct that must carry water, and arches that can bear weight. PARENTS, PLEASE SEE THE SEPARATE POST REQUESTING SUPPLIES FOR THESE ACTIVITIES. Thank you for any assistance you can give me with this exciting activity!
8th Grade Social Studies
Now that political convention has concluded, the students will spend Monday completing evaluations of their work and reflections on the process. The eighth graders will complete chapter 13 this week. They will have a take home quiz due on Tuesday. We will begin to discuss chapter 19, which is about laws and our society. The test for chapter 19 is currently scheduled for Thursday, 11/21. There will be a geography quiz on Eastern Europe on Tuesday, 11/19. 

Roles of Political Parties Practice Worksheet Answer Key (for Chapter 22 Test)

21. C
22. A
23. D
24. F or G
25. B
26. G
27. E
28. D
29. E or G
30. A