St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton School

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Political Convention 2015

It began when each 8th grade social studies class created their own political party and platform.  Students who wanted to run for president wrote and delivered leadership speeches to all the classes in hopes they would win enough votes to be their party’s candidate.

Once each party’s candidate was elected, students campaigned throughout the school creating support.  Students were assigned various jobs as they designed political campaigns that included speeches, slogans, commercials, posters and a town hall debate.

On convention day, speeches were heard, commercials were “aired” and the voting took place. After the electoral roll call, the presidential acceptance speech was heard and the entire event culminated with a balloon drop of over 100 balloons.

Congratulations to the Grace Haskins/Layne Leggett ticket who was elected the new school President and Vice President.

 Check out the pictures in the school's photo album and commercials from the convention.