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October 28-November 1

WOW! Time is flying by! It is hard to believe that we will be entering the month of November on Friday. This week is filled with all sorts of "extra" activities. Tuesday we will enjoy a performance by the 3rd grade, Thursday we will celebrate Halloween with a party and parade of costumes, and Friday we will celebrate All Saints Day. In between all of that we will attempt to keep them all focused and learning along the way. Here's what is happening in the classrooms this week:
Religion- We will finish our research writing about our Saints. The students will also share their shields with the class, giving us a snapshot of what they learned during their research. We will celebrate All Saints Day on Friday with a procession of Saints at the beginning of mass. 4A is also responsible for leading us in the readings and prayers as well as being gift bearers. Please try to join us!
Language Arts-
     Reading- We will continue in our novel, Stone Fox. We will watch the determination and fortitude of Little Willy as he finds creative ways to help grandfather despite a hopeless looking situation. 
     Written Expression- While most of our time will focus on our Saint reports, we will also sneak in a bit of creative writing by combining their Art project with a story. We will have a WOW word, but no prompt this week. The word is diligent. They will understand the meaning of this as they work diligently this week to complete the many projects we have going!
Math- Multiplication fact memorization is key this week as we begin multiplying 2 digit numbers. Along with multiplication we will be working on the associative property. We will also be working on adding and subtracting decimals.
Science- We will be finishing our look at plants this week. We will look at where seeds come from in non-flowering plants such as conifers and other trees. 
There will be a test next week on plants. Unfortunately, our book is not very helpful with this unit of study. Students have notes and labs that they can use to study. 
Have a great week!

October 21-25

It was great to meet with most of you last week during conferences. If you were unable to make it in last week, I will be checking in with you for a time to get together. One of the best ways to help your child succeed is through a close home/ school connection. Thank you all for partnering with us to make this a great year of growth and learning for your (our) children. 
This week, we are celebrating our differences with our annual Everybody Counts week. Thank you to Jill Reineck for organizing this week for us, and to Joy Zielinski for organizing the 4th grade activities and speaker. It will be a great week of learning that regardless of our differences, we are all made in God's image and want to be able to do the same things! 
We will be enjoying some of our Run4Fun prizes this week as well :)
Here's a peek at our week:
RELIGION: We are continuing with our research of the Saints. The writing will take place during Language Arts. Directions for the shield were sent home last Friday. Information regarding the Oral Report will come home this Friday. We will be hopping back into our books this week as well. In Chapter 3 the students learned about free will, choices, and sin. In chapter 4 the students will learn about conscience and the way it helps them make good choices and brings them closer to God and others.
     WRITTEN EXPRESSION:  This week our Spelling words are contractions. Our WOW for the week is fortitude.  Since we will be working on the written portion of our Saint research, there will not be a separate prompt for this week's word. However, they just might end up finding a way to work it into their research report :)
     READING:  We will begin our next class novel, Stone Fox. In this story of a young boy who lives with his Grandfather on a farm in Wyoming, the students will see great examples of fortitude as well. We will concentrate on character traits and how the events affect the growth of the characters. We will also work on sequence of events as we progress through the story.
MATH: We will work to expand our skills in subtraction this week as we work on subtracting across  0's. We will also do a little work with understanding capacity.  
SCIENCE: This week will find us investigating where seeds are found and produced in different types of plants. We will do a little surgery on some flowers and pinecones to get a hands on look at the differences. 
Have a great week ~ #wearetitans  #wearefamily

October 15-19

WAY TO GO 4A Super Fast Scallywags! We finished in second place with our fund raising for our Run4Fun! There are treats in our near future :).
We are looking forward to talking with you at conferences this week. It is our wish that we can strengthen your child's weaknesses and promote the strengths already in place. We want to see your child experience successes that will build confidence through this year and beyond.
RELIGION - We will be reading and learning about saints. As we begin to organize our information, we will be writing our saint reports one paragraph at a time. This is a long term project that will take time and patience to complete. Directions for the saint shield will be sent home this week after we have acquired some information about the saints we are researching.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Before we begin our next novel, we have to compare and contrast the movie and the book "Because of Winn Dixie". The students were writing furiously the likes and differences they noticed throughout the movie. We are considering "Mr. Popper's Penguins" as our next class novel. Our word of the week is cantankerous.  Instead of writing a prompt about that word , we will turn our attention to writing the saint reports. Our spelling list this week will include many irregular verbs. The verbs aren't hard to spell, but using the correct form of the verb may be somewhat confusing.
MATH - Skills involving fractions will be the center of our math classes this week. Recognizing dollars and cents as part of a whole and measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch are topics of interest. If you're children are practicing their multiplication facts, encourage them to continue. Many are proud of their progression in time and accuracy.
SCIENCE- This week we are concentrating on the parts of flowering plants. We will be looking at the job of each part as well as the structural differences  between plants.
Have a great week!
#weareTitans   #wearefamily

Currently 4A is in third place for our Run4Fun fund raising efforts. Our last turn in day is WEDNESDAY October 9. PLEASE HELP us climb up and surprise everyone with an over the top finish! 
Despite our involvement with the Fun Run, we still have to keep charging ahead!
RELIGION - Our main focus will be to recognize saints as Church heroes and to understand what the saints may have focused on in their lives to be so close to God. We will begin reading about various saints before we actually assign a particular saint to each student. The written report will be strictly written in class, but a saint shield will be a project in which the family can help with at home. Those directions will be sent home next week, as we want them to have some research under their belts before you attack this project at home!
LANGUAGE ARTS -  We will complete "Because of Winn Dixie" this week and then we have to decide how the characters have grown, in regards to how their personalities may have changed and how they now treat each other. At the end of the week we will watch the movie and compare it to the book. Our vocabulary word of the week is defiant. The students will be happy to know that there will not be a required prompt to write, due to the crazy ending to our week. They will however, be responsible for  understanding the meaning. There will be a vocabulary quiz on THURSDAY. Spelling words this week are compound words, with many of them having the long a sound. There will be a spelling test on Thursday, rather than Friday.
MATH - The focus this week will be to practice reading large numbers to the hundred millions and billions. We will also learn what a mixed number is and how to convert it to an improper fraction. We will continue to sneak in new skills each week to build their math repertoire for future grades.
SCIENCE- We are turning our focus now to the life sciences. We will start by understanding the similarities between the animal kingdom and plants. We will begin with a basic understanding of the building block of all life ~ a cell. Students will be able to identify the differences between a plant and animal cell.

September 30- October 4

It is hard to believe that we are ready to turn the calendar page to October! While I love the warm weather, it is totally messing with all of us this week. October looks to be a very busy month! As we look ahead for this week and the upcoming couple of weeks, there are a few of things I want to bring to your attention so you can mark your calandar: 
     1. This Wednesday is our second turn in day for Run4Fun.
     2. This Thursday there will not be homework club after school. We have our second session with Scott Ervine, aka "The Kid Whisperer" from 4-6pm.
     3. Friday is midterm! How can this be? Look for a report to come home on Friday and also for information regarding conferences Oct. 15 and 17th. Mrs. Fields and I will do them together.
     4. Wednesday the 9th will be another turn in day for our Run4Fun.
     5. Run4Fun will be Friday October 11. It will begin with an all school mass and it will also be an early dismissal day.
Here's a peek at what is happening in the classroom this week:
Religion-  We are reflecting on our kind deeds of September. We will also be finishing our chapter on Sin in our World (chapter 3). By the end of the week we will begin our introduction to the Saints.
Language Arts
     Reading- We are now halfway through our story of Opal and Winn Dixie. This week we will focus on the idea of cause and effect as we continue to explore their adventures.
     Written expression-  Our spelling words for the week have the /ou/ spelling patterns of ou or ow. Our WOW for the week is repulsive. 
Math- This week we are working on tricks for memorizing our multiplication facts. Weekly facts tests will be starting soon. Please make sure your child is practicing daily. While speed is not always necessary, immediate recall of facts makes math so much easier. So, it's not how fast they are, but how accurate they can become.
Science- We have learned about the layers of the earth and the types of rocks we can find on the crust. Now we will look at how the surface of the earth changes over time with a hands on lab. We will also look at the forces that could change the earth's surface quickly.
Have a great week!

Week of September 23

Welcome Fall! It is hard to believe, but our days are zipping by quickly. Your children are beginning to settle into our routines and are rising to the challenges set before them daily! Thanks for working with us as we up the ante each week!
Here's a look at what we are up to this week:
Religion: We are finishing our study of the Beatitudes.  A quiz will take place on Wednesday. Then we will begin a look at what sin is.
Language Arts: 
     Writing: Our words this week are words with the soft g spelling pattern. Our WOW this week is perplexed. I'm sure they will have a LOT to write about with this one :)!
     Reading: We are continuing through out novel, Because of WInn Dixie.  This week we are looking at how the setting affects the character's actions and the events that unfold.
Math: We will focus this week on three digit subtraction with regrouping. We will also begin looking at multiplication as repeated addition. We will work on using the multiplication table to see patterns that will help with memorizing their facts.
Science: We are finishing our study of rocks and the rock cycle. Our test will be Wednesday. 
Have a great week!

September 17-20

It was wonderful to see so many of you last week at our Meet the Teacher night. If you Were not here Thursday evening and would like a copy of the articles and the schedule that we passed out, please let me know.Please remember to subscribe to our pages on the school website. We did find out that all though it is a bit of a chore, you should subscribe to our subject pages as well in order to see homework. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email, send a notem or call. Also, if you need to pick up your child early for whatever reason, it is helpful to have that information as early in the day as possible in order to facilitate them being ready on time.
Here's a peek at our week:
RELIGION: We will spend most of this week learning our Beatitudes and how to live them. We will be "re-writing" them in order to understand them better. We are also beginning our weekly Disciple Service Project Journal reflections. These are to be filled in each Monday, reflecting on the prior week.
     READING:  We are continuing to follow the adventures of Opal and Winn Dixie. She is beginning to meet a few new characters as she begins to venture out into her new hometown of Naomi, Florida. We will continue to look for character traits and sequence of events. This week we will begin to look at how the setting affects the story as well.
   WRITING:  Our spelling words this week have the sounds of x, s and c. The students have a Spelling Menu to complete this week as a way of practicing their words. Our WOW for the week is rickety. We will be joining forces with Mrs. Mascolino this week and writing about their art project!
MATH:  Our focus this week is on fractions; naming them and comparing them. We will also take a look at word problems with subtraction, identifying the signal words.
SCIENCE: We are moving from learning about all of the layers of the earth to looking more specifically at the outer layer that we live on, the crust. We will learn how to identify different types of rocks and minerals.

September 9-13

Happy Monday! I hope that you all were able to enjoy the wonderful weekend weather. This week sounds like it might get a little toasty! Please send a waterbottle with your child. We have lots of "extra" things going on this week; picture day is Thursday. Students are in uniform.  Thursday night is our annual "Meet the teacher" night. I'm looking forward to seeing you and sharing our hopes and dreams for the year of what #WEARE.  Friday will be our first early dismissal day of the year. Lunch is NOT served on those days. Please send an extra snack with your child to help them get through the day!

Here's a peek at what's in store for this week:
Religion- This week we are introducing our VERSE of the week. We are in the business of building disciples :)!  Each week your child will be given a new scripture verse to learn and act upon. They will be assigned a "Top secret discipleship mission" to accomplish at home. On Thursdays their homework will be to write about what they did, how it made them feel, how it changed things at home. You then get to sign off on the assignment, giving your reflection as well. They need to do this without you knowing what the assignment is! 
This week's verse is John 13:34. We will also begin our look at the Beatitudes which outline how disciples should live.
Language Arts- 
     Reading- We are enjoying getting to know Opal, Winn-Dixie, and her daddy, the Preacher. As we read this week we will be focusing on character traits and cause and effect. 
     Writing- This week's spelling words have the long e patterns. Our WOW this week is treacherous. 
Math- We will continue to work on problem solving strategies with word problems. We know that many can easliy just write the numerical problem and solve it and find the process of identifying the steps to be tedious, but it is an important strategy for them to walk through regularly with these easier problems. Being able to verbalize what they are doing will help them as things get more difficult. This week we will spend a little time on basic geometry.
Science- We are finishing our study of the layers of the earth this week. We will then spend some time learning about how the crust changes slowly over time and what causes quick changes.

September 3-6

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of the Bahamas and those who live on the  East coast as they deal with the effects of hurricane Dorian.  We have much to be grateful for here! 4A students did a beautiful job at Mass this morning leading us in prayer for the week. As we look ahead, there are a couple of things to put on your radar... Next week we have Picture Day on Thursday which is also our annual Meet the Teacher evening. Picture day will be in uniform for yearbooks. Meet the Teacher is an adult evening. We hope to see you all then!
In the mean time, here's what we are up to:
Religion- We are finishing up chapter one. We are looking at original sin and what it means to be  called as a disciple.
Language Arts-
     Reading- This week we will begin our first class novel, Because of Winn Dixie. While enjoying the story of a little girl who goes to the grocery store for a few items for dinne and comes home with a stray dog, we will be looking at some literary elements of the story. We will begin to focus our attention on character traits and character development as well as sequence of events and cause and effect.
     Writing-  Our spelling this week focuses on the spelling patterns of the long I sound. Student will be completing activities from a spelling menu in their notebooks for homework. They should do one each evening. We have introduced our WOW vocabulary building activities today. Our WOW for this week is ability. Students will be challenged to find the definition, put it in their own words, find synonyms and antonyms and then use it in a prompt. The prewriting activities will be done here in class. Hopefully they will be good with their time management and will be able to complete their final copy here as well.
Math- After finishing our assessments last week, we have decided to jump into our book! We started on lesson 15 last week and will progress from there. This wee we are working with writing expanded forms of numbers, finding the missing number in a subtraction problem, adding columns with regrouping and figuring out problems dealing with elapsed time. 
Science-  Our focus this week is to be sure we understand the Scientific Method. From there we will begin our unit on Earth Science where we will look at the layers of the earth, rocks and minerals, and fossils.

Week of August 26

Welcome to our first full week of school! We are ready to jump into our learning adventures with both feet! We have already discovered that we have quite a creative, inquisitive group and we are excited about all of the things we will be able to do and discover! Thank you for sharing your children with us! #wearetitans #wearefamily
Here's a peek at what will be going on in our classrooms this week.
Religion: We will begin our year looking at who Jesus is. We will identify how he is both human and divine. We will also take a look at original sin and how Jesus came to free us from that. Just a reminder that we celebrate Mass every Tuesday at 9am. Next week, it will be OUR turn to lead as readers, gift bearers and song leaders. 
Language Arts: 
     Written expression: Each week, we will focus on a different spelling pattern and we will also have "Core Words". The Core words are high frequency words which the children see and use all the time. They will become our "no excuse" words! This week's word list consists of words that are spelled with the long O patterns. Our core words are: less, become, grow, draw, & yet.
     Reading: This week we will be spending our time introducing the different genres that we will be focusing on throughout the year. We will also introduce some of the skills and strategies that we will strengthen throughout the year. 
Math: We are beginning our week with a  couple of Math assessments in order to see where they are with their math skills. This will give us a good place to begin so that we can build on what they already know. 
Science :  We will begin  this week with a few Science demonstrations that will help to introduce some of the topics we will cover this year as well as the scientific method. We will also spend a little time discovering what exactly scientists do, what tools they use along with how and why they document everything! I apologize in advance if your children come home asking for things like straws, potatoes, balloons, straight pins, vinegar and baking soda!  If they do an experiment at home and explain using the scientic reason behind it, you can take a picture and email it to me so they can receive extra credit. Don't forget to #wearetitans #wearescientists !

Welcome Back!

Welcome everyone!! I am looking forward to a fun filled year of learning, creating, and getting to know your children. These first couple of days, we will participate in activities that will help us get to know each other better, build respect for all members of our school, and learn to be a part of a team that will help us prosper and be successful.
Have a great school year!