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Costume notes

Our play is less than a week away! All students must have clothes to wear under their costume. Please make sure they are sent in to school no later than THURSDAY December 14. They should be in a plastic bag with their name on it. Please check with Mr. Powers or me if you have any questions/ concerns.

December 11-15

As we journey closer to Christmas break, our path is quite curvy and busy! We will continue to work our way through some academic skills along with preparing our Christmas Play: On Our Way to Bethlehem. We have many rehearsals scheduled for this week, but won't let that get in the way! Homework may be a bit lighter this week due to rehearsals along with an assembly that is scheduled for later this week.
Here's what we hope to be working on:
Religion:  We are working on our own Jesse tree. Reflections in their prayer journals will be part of this. We have also taken some time to read Luke 1:46-55. The students eyes lit up as they connected one of their first songs from the play with this reading!
Language Arts:
 Reading: We will be finishing our reading of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The Herdmann children are adding some life, and learning into the annual show. Our children are seeing the Christmas story from different eyes and learning a little along the way!
Written Expression : Spelling Bee test will be on Wednesday. There will be a weekly spelling test on Friday. We will be taking our prompt from last week and redoing it for our little buddies.
Math:  This week we are continuing our work with converting decimals to a fraction, adding and subtracting decimals, and multiplying double digit numbers by a single number.
Science:  We continue on our animal research. The hope is to have our rough draft of our Animal Diary started, if not completed before break. 
I will be looking for animal adaptations, habitat information, who is the predator and what is the prey.

November 27-December 1

I hope that you were all able to enjoy the long holiday weekend with framily and friends!  I find it hard to believe that we are in the last week of November! The weather certainly is not matching the calendar at this time, but I'll take it!
As we finish out this month we begin to look ahead and start to prepare for the coming of our Savior, Jesus at Christmas. Over the next few weeks, I'm sure the excitement levels will continue to rise, but we will do our best to remain focused on the meaning and beauty of the Advent Season. We will have many "unexpected" interruptions to our schedule over the next few weeks as we prepare our Christmas play : On Our Way to Bethlehem. Mark your calendars for December 18th. It will be a wonderful time to take a break during the hustle and bustle of the season, as our children share with us the true reason for the season! More information will be trickling out to you as we inch closer to the big show. In the meantime, we will continue to press on and do our best to fill their brains with fun, meaningful academic experiences.
Here's what we hope to accomplish this week:
Religion:  We are finishing up chapter 5 on the sacrament of Reconciliation and Penance. We will also begin some advent activities. 
Language Arts: 
     Reading:  This week we are focusing on the non-fiction genre. Each day we will be focusing on different skills needed for finding meaning in non-fiction writings. We will be able to identify fact from opinion, read graphs and undertand that captions under and around pictures in non-fiction work provide us with important information as well. This will prepare us for our upcoming Science research.
     Written expression:  Our WOW this week is diligent.  Students will be working on improving their topic sentences. As they reflect on their first trimester's work, they will write about the strategies a diligent student uses to be a successful student. Spelling words this week are irregular plural nouns. These will require nightly practice. 
Math: We continue to improve our multiplication fact fluency with daily practice. This skill will become increasingly important as we grow our multiplication skills by introducing double digit multiplication. We will also be working with adding and subtracting decimals.
Science: We are learning that all animals have the same basic needs, but how they meet those needs differ from species to species. We will be doing some interesting investigations to "experience" different animal adaptations. 

November 13-17

         I would like to give a shout out to Jodi Nause and her mom for taking time out of their day on Friday to hang all of the Saint Shields in the front hallway for all to see! They look awesome! I would also like to take a moment to say THANKS to all of you who have chosen to send your child here to SASEAS. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I realize how blessed I am to be able to work in a Catholic School with such awesome families! May your Thanksgiving break with family be filled with love, and laughter.
Here's a peek at our week:
RELIGION - We are learning that God graciously gave us a conscience to know the difference between good and evil and right and wrong. We're working on recognizing our own wrongs, before quickly pointing out the wrong doings of others.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will finish reading "Winn Dixie" and all the activities associated with this story. Our final task will be to recognize why the characters and different settings were significant to the plot  and would the story be different if they weren't visible at all. Our "WOW" this week will be "fortitude". Since the characters in Winn Dixie had faced some hardships in their lives, the students will choose a character and tell how that person showed fortitude in dealing with their strifes. Spelling words this week are dealing with adding suffixes to words that require dropping the final e, doubling the last consonant, or changing y to I. There will be no spelling menu this week due to the fact that we have Writer's Workbook pages that coincide with our spelling list.
MATH - The students will be dealing with measurement from cup, to pint, to quart, to half gallon, to gallon. Keep practicing those multiplication facts nightly. The students are enjoying watching their progress grow on their chart that shows how many  they're getting correct each week.
Science-  We have finished our "Worm study" lab and are finishing our Save the Worm posters to show what we learned. From here we will move into learning about the needs of animals and how they meet them (adaptations). 

November 6-10

    What a week last week! Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. A huge THANK YOU to all of the moms and dads who came to help us celebrate Halloween last week. I would especially like to that Jill Reineck and Jodi Nause for coordinating all of the activities. The kids had a blast! Your children did a great job at Mass on Wednesday with their Saint Shields. I will be posting pictures soon! If anyone has a few extra minutes this week, we could use your help in hanging the shields in the front foyer for the school to enjoy for the month. Last but not least, we are beginning a gratitude challenge as we approach Thanksgiving. Ask your child what one thing happened each day that they are thankful for!
Here's a peek at what's ahead:
Religion: We have finally finished our final copies of our Saint Reports! We will jump back into our Religion Book this week and begin chapter 4. We will be focusing on ways to grow closer to God through developing our conscience.
Language Arts:
      Reading: We are pushing through the novel Because of Winn Dixie. Our focus this week will be on analyzing the characters, identifying the author's purpose and building our vocabulary. 
       Written Expression: Our Spelling words this week are words with oy and oi. Students have a Spelling menu to complete this week to help them with their studying. Spelling City is also available to them, although not a required activity, it is another way to sneak in a study session! Our WOW is back this week. Our word is cantankerous. 
Math: This week we are continuing to challenge our problem solving skills each day as well as working on understanding fractions of a dollar, fractions and mixed numbers and measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch. Multiplication fact practice will be happening regularly as well. 
Science: We took some time to go over our plant test today. A retest will be given on Wednesday for those students who received a C or below.  We will begin our study of the animal kingdom this week with a fun look at worms! 
We will be reading Diary of A Worm and using that as a jumping off point to discuss animal structure, needs and adaptations. 

October 23-26

 It was great to see all of you last week during conferences. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedules to come in and talk. I value our partnership in helping your child learn and grow academically as well as spiritually throughout this important transition year. If at any time you have concerns or questions please do not hesitate to contact me!
It is hard to believe, but, we have yet another short week! Don't let that fool you, we will be packing the days full! Along with all of the academics, we will be enjoying the "classroom rewards" we earned from our Run4Fun. Monday will be NO HOMEWORK DAY!
Here's a peek at the rest of our week:
Religion: We spent some time this morning reading about the virtues that disciples try to live by. This quick study of these characteristics lead us directly to the qualities of our Saints. We will spend the rest of this week writing and editing the four paragraphs of our Saint Report. Don't forget that the Saint Shields are due on Monday, October 30. We will process into church with those shields on All Saints Day (Nov.1) at 9am. Please plan to join us if you can!
Language Arts:
     Reading: We are slowly working our way through our class novel: Because of Winn Dixie. We will continue to work on sequencing of events, summarizing and identifying cause and effect
     Written Expression: This week's Spelling words are irregular past tense verb forms. We will be working through these in different ways this week. 
There is NO WOW this week in order to facilitate the writing of the Saint Report.
Math: This week we are beginning to identify patterns in multiplication. We looked at our 9's, 10's, 11's and 12's today. We are also working on recognizing place values of hundred thousands and millions.
Science: We have dissected our flowers to identify the different parts, their functions and what different parts become. We will be working to understand the pollination process as well as the process of photosynthesis. Look for a study guide to come home later this week in preparation for a quiz on Tuesday next week.


Please be sure to go to OptionC to sign up for conferences. Times are filling in fast! If you are unsure of how to do that, you can contact Sandy Reed in the office. Sign ups close on Friday October 13.

October 9-13

Wow! It's hard to believe that we are half way through our first trimester! Your (our) children have been working so hard and are beginning to step up to the challenges we place before them daily! Thank you for helping them to settling into the routine of school. It truly takes a team effort between home and school for each child to reach their fullest potential. Sign up information for conferences will be sent out soon!
There are a few things to make note of this week. We are in the final stretch of our Run4Fun fundraising. Wednesday is our last turn in day! Our run is scheduled for Friday after our All School Mass. Friday is also the 100th anniversary of Our Lady's final apparition at Fatima. To help celebrate this important event in our Church's history, we will begin our day with an all school rosary, followed by mass, and then a short period of time for adoration before we begin our Run festivities! We hope you can join us. 
Also,October is BOX TOP$ collection month! Box Tops can be turned in October 9-20.
Here's what is happening in the classroom:
Religion:  This week we are beginning our study of the Saints. Students have been assigned a Saint to read and research. This project is handled in class, but feel free to ask your child what they are learning each day as they read and begin to take notes. Directions for the home component (the shield) will be sent home next week. 
Language Arts:
     Reading: We are continuing to read through our class novel: Because of Winn Dixie. Students are working on understanding cause and effect, summarizing and identifying character traits.
     Written Expression: This week we are working on writing an opinion paragraph. Our WOW is repulsive.  Students will need to convince me that something is repulsive. 
     Spelling:  I admit that our word lists to date have been rather difficult! This week, you should find the list to be a little less daunting. The words all have ou, and ow. This week, we are trying out a "Spelling Contract" where they can choose which activities they want to complete to meet the required points for the week. Spelling City  is also out there and they hopefully will be using that in class as we go.
Math: We are beginning to look at repeated addition being the foundation for multiplication. We will be practicing using a multiplication table and learning our facts for 0, 1, 2, and 5. We will also be practicing subtracting 3 numbers with regrouping.
Science:  We have looked at the parts of a plant and will now begin some of our hands on "experiments". We will be identifying the life cycle of a plant, what a seed will need in order to germinate, where seeds  are found, and what plants need in order to grow.

October 2-6

We have been quite busy here in 4th grade! We are settling into our daily routines and are moving ahead with gusto. We have one more week to meet our goal for our Run4Fun. These "Ducky Pirates" of 4A re excited and working hard to earn some fun prizes! Thanks for your help with this!
Here's a peek at what is happening in our classrooms:
Religion- We are learning about temptation and sin. We have talked about the difference between mortal and venial sins and also have identified what "sins of commission" and "sins of omission" are. We will begin our study of the Saints by early next week.
Language Arts- 
     Reading- We have begun our next class novel Because of Winn Dixie. We will continue to work on comprehensions skills that involve cause and effect, making connections and understanding how the character's actions reflect their personality (character traits).
     Written Expression- Our WOW for this week is perplexed.  We are writing about something that has perplexed us and how we have managed to figure it out.
      Our spelling words have been quite difficult so far. Please be sure your child is practicing them nightly.
Math-  We have been working on identifying the key words in a story problem so that we can determine if we are being asked to add or subtract. Fact practice and memorization continues to be important part of Math class. 
Science- We have finished our look at cells and are ready to begin our study of plant life. There will be lots of hands on activities to go along with this unit of study!

September 25-29

We have another busy week ahead! We are celebrating Everybody Counts and learning about the motor impairments that many people have and how they have to compensate for their disabilities. Thanks to Jill Reineck, Sheila Martin, Kim Chamberlin and Shannon Wenstrup for their efforts in helping the fourth grade understand these disabilities that people have to face day in and day out. We are also very excited to have Skool Aid coming during Everybody Counts week!  Ian Smith, and his coworker, Jacob Counts (a paralympian who competed in the 2008 Beijing paralympics) have a wonderful program planned including speaking/Q&A and a game of wheelchair basketball!
Don't forget that Friday is our Family Movie Night!
RELIGION - We seem to have a better understanding of the Beatitudes and the Kingdom of God. Many have memorized the popular sayings and appear to be ready for a test on the Beatitudes. Thursday will be the judgement day. 
MATH - This week, we will review lines, angles, triangles, rectangles, squares and rectangles. Terms like millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, feet and yards will also surface this week.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will be finishing "Stone Fox" and the activities that reinforced the skills we have been focusing on. Spelling words have been tough, so make sure your children are spending time studying their words or reviewing them on Spelling City. The WOW for the week is rickety. The students will be describing a rickety object that is displayed in a picture, for this week's prompt. 
Science- We have been studying the basic building block of all living things ~ the cell. We have read about the similarities and differences of the animal and plant cells; we have drawn and labeled them and we have now made "model cells" for each. We are ready now to discuss how a scientist would  identify what they were looking at (plant or animal cell) and to use that knowledge to write to a prompt. 

September 19-22

It was wonderful to meet so many of you last Thursday at our Meet the Teacher evening. Know that we have already made "your kids" "OUR kids" and we want so much for them this year! We look forward to watching them grow and develop as children of God and academic learners. We also look forward to working with you to make this year a great one for these kiddos that you entrust to our care each day. Please be sure to contact us any time with questions, concerns and any happy growth moments you experience throughout this year. 
Today, the students had a little fun with "Talk like a Pirate Day"!  I hope they shared some of our fun with you.
Here's what we hope to accomplish the rest of this short week:
RELIGION - We're working to  fully understand the meanings of the Beatitudes and what message Jesus was trying to give to us in regards to helping others. Our hope is to finish this chapter by the end of the year.
MATH - We will work with elapsed time and rounding numbers before taking our cumulative test 3. At the end of the week, our timed test will focus on subtraction this week.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have almost completed "Stone Fox", but won't read the exciting ending until next week.  The skills we've been working on throughout the story have been cause and effect, sequencing events and context clues.
     We do not have a new Word of the Week this week, but we still are working on our prompt for treacherous from last week. Our prompt is a newspaper article describing the who, what, when and where of a treacherous scene. There will not be a vocabulary test this week since we do not have a new word.
     There is a spelling list this week to study. Be sure to have your child(ren) practice on Spelling City this week! They should be doing one activity of their choice each night. As usual, we will have our Spelling test on Friday.
Science- Now that we have worked through the scientific process, we are ready to move into some of the meat of our science curriculum. We will begin our study of life sciences with a look at the plant kingdom. Our new book has chosen to weave this in with the animal kingdom. My plan is to work through the information on the plant kingdom first with some hands on labs and book work. So, we might be skipping around the book just a little bit for the next two units. They will be getting "real note taking" experience as we go through this. This week's topic: where do plants come from and what do they need to live. 

Spelling City

Spelling City is up and running for the year! Students have all week to complete 4 different activities of their choosing. They should NOT do all four in one night. The idea is to give them extra practice using their Spelling Words to help reinforce the spelling pattern. It loses its effectiveness if they do it all in one night rather than ONE activity each night.

September 11-15

We are finally settling into a somewhat "normal" routine in fourth grade! Now our goal is to get up to "cruising speed" in completing work. The pace of our day is much quicker than what your child has been used to, so we are finding we are moving at a slower pace than we need. This is typical, and we know we will pick up the pace soon.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening where we will discuss our expectations for your children as well as ways you can support them and us throughout this year of big transitions. 
Here's a peek at our week:
Religion: This week we are focusing on the Beatitudes, Chapter 2. I like to call these our "Be happy 'tudes", ways to live as disciples that share God's love and joy to others.
Language Arts
    Reading: We are continuing in our novel, Stone Fox. This week we are focusing on cause and effect and finding evidence in our story to support our views of the character.
     Written Expression:  This week we continue or look at nouns, and writing well thought out paragraphs with good sentences. Our WOW this week is treacherous. Spelling words are up on Spelling City. Students have been given their login information and should complete 3-4 activities at home this week in preparation for Friday's Spelling test. This Friday we will also have our first Vocabulary Quiz over our first two words: ability and treacherous.  
MathThis week in Math we are working on addition problems of two digit numbers with regrouping and elapsed time. Continued practice of addition facts should be encouraged nightly.
Science: We are finishing up Chapter 1: The Nature of Science. We have discussed the scientific process, methods that scientists use to answer questions and how to document findings and draw scientific conclusions from those results. We will have our first quiz on Thursday.

September 5-8

 I hope that you all enjoyed the nice 3 day weekend after we made it through our first full week! You've got GREAT kids. Thank you for helping to get our year off to a great start. As of today, they have their portfolio to help keep them organized for the year. As a class, we have given our "best friend" the name "JERRY".  This folder portfolio will go with them to almost every class and will travel between home and school daily. They have a special pocket for IMPORTANT notes and another one for HOMEWORK. Please check the important note pocket and use that for when you need to send one to me. Help your child at the end of the day to put any homework sheets back into the HOMEWORK folder. Ultimately, they will be able to do that by themselves within a couple of weeks. I ask that you do not remove anything from their folder that is not in the IMPORTANT note pocket. Often times, they will put unfinished work into the proper folder (Science, Social Studies, etc. ) and then not be able to find it when it is time to work on it in class. Our experience is that by using this folder system, it helps keep them organized and aids in them becoming responsible, successful, independent learners! We appreciate your help in this.
This Friday we will have an out of uniform day as a way to help support the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey through Catholic Charities. We encourage students to do a few extra chores to earn the money they bring in rather than just asking you for money. I'm sure there is something you can find for them to do that you haven't had time to do yet yourself.
Here's a peek at our week:
Religion: This week we will finish our look at Chapter 1 Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Students will be identifying the traits of a disciple.
Language Arts: 
     Reading: We will begin our next class novel this week. As we read through the chapters, we will be looking for evidence that points to a character's traits; what they are like. We will also be working on creating summaries as well as identifying cause and effect.
     Writing: There is NOT a spelling list this week with the short week. We are introducing our WOW vocabulary work, step by step this week. We will be targeting our efforts in their paragraph writing on strong topic sentences as well as the use of correct punctuation. Most of the hard work will be done in class during the week, with a final copy done at home. Students will be asked to turn in both the rough draft and the final copy.  
Math:  We have been working with two digit and three digit addition and subtraction as well as working on solving for missing numbers. This week we will be working with 2 digit subtraction with regrouping. Please be sure to be practicing basic addition and subtraction facts nightly. It is important to have these facts as second nature as we increase the complexity of our math work. We will have weekly facts tests where students will have 3 minutes to see how many of the 100 problems they can correctly answer. What we are looking for is improvement week to week, so don't be alarmed if right now they are not completing the entire 100 facts accurately. 
Science: This week we are wrapping up our look at how we "do" science. There will be a quiz next Tuesday over the first 4 lessons. Students should be receiving their Pearson Science login information this week. There will be some things that I assign online to help them review what we are learning in class.