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Thank you for thinking of me each day last week during Teacher Appreciation Week. The candy, the coffee, the spiritual bouquet, the lunch, taking my playground duty, the flowers and the gift card are things that every teacher looks forward to. I am blessed to work with and for such loving families. May God's peace be with you always.
We're still forging ahead with a vengeance, making an attempt to fulfill our goals for the year.
RELIGION - Our plan is to complete our study of the Ten Commandments before the year ends. Presently we are studying the Ninth and Sixth Commandments.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We are working hard to follow the adventures of a little mouse, as we read "The Tale of Despereaux". The students are being made aware of the sequence of events through timelines made for the main characters. There will be no spelling list this week, but we will have a vocabulary word to create a story around. Our word this week is "heirloom".
MATH - We're touching on review topics this week. We will try our skills at averaging, finding mean, median and mode and recognizing geometric solids and prisms.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have completed our study of Ohio History and now we are moving on to complete our study of the regions of the U.S.. For the next week and a half we will be looking at the Southwest Region and discovering the characteristics of that region.


We're always pushing forward in fourth grade to make our students prepared for fifth grade. Our deadline is getting closer and closer!
RELIGION - We're concluding our study of the fourth commandment and was wondering if you noticed any behavior changes at home?!?  We will be moving on to the fifth commandment and we will learn that even as nine and ten year olds, they do have things they can do to follow that commandment.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The students are enjoying the book about a mouse and a princess. As we progress through "The Tale of Despereaux" we will watch how the characters' lives intermingle. Our focus will be to follow the time line of several characters and understand how they end up at the same place by the end of the story. The word of the week is scrumptious. The prompt will not be a normal writing of a paragraph, but an advertisement to show the scrumptiousness of a product. The theme behind the spelling list this week is words ending with y that have along i or a long e sound.
MATH - We have various skills to brush up on this week. The newest skill will be to identify mixed numbers and improper fractions. The areas to be reviewed will be decimal place value and classifying quadrilaterals.
SOCIAL STUDIES - I have extended the due date for the ABC Book of Ohio one day, being this Thursday and not Wednesday. Many students still had some significant work to do before completion. We are almost finished with Ohio History.  I am looking at next Friday, May 4 for the test to finish up our study of Ohio.


The only redeeming factor of this winter weather in mid-April is that the kids are not realizing the little time that is really left in this school year. Shhh! Don't tell them just yet!
RELIGION - We are learning about the Spiritual and Corporal Works of mercy as an extension of the third commandment. We will also begin to understand what the fourth commandment requires of us. Hopefully, their understanding will follow though at home.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We are tying up loose ends to finish our work with "The BFG". Our next novel to tackle will be "The Tale of Despereaux", a fantasy about a mouse, a princess, and a spool of thread. Spelling words this week are easy to spell, but require an understanding of the words' meanings because they are homophones. Our word of the week is "enthusiasm" and our prompt is to describe the enthusiasm they will need to finish the year.
MATH - Our main focus this week will be to learn how to multiply a two-digit number by a two-digit number and to understand how to use remainders in a division story problem.
SOCIAL STUDIES - I have to say that the fourth grade students were well informed about their famous Ohioans. They showed confidence and understanding as they shared their presentations. We have about two weeks left of Ohio history. In that time we will be working on The ABC Book of Ohio, which is the last major project.  We will be working on it a little each day, but it also has to be worked on at home each evening for at least 15-20 minutes. The due date for this project is next Wednesday, April 25th.


It appears that we are in the final stretch of this school year. That doesn't mean we will coast our way through the next eight weeks, we still have much to accomplish before we send this set of students on to fifth grade.
This week in:
RELIGION - We will study and understand the meaning behind the third commandment.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Our ultimate goal in reading is to complete the novel, "The BFG" and to create sketch notes that will help the students recall the story. The word of the week is "indulge" and the prompt will be to tell about something that you indulged in over spring break. Spelling words include many plurals.
MATH - We will practice the skills of identifying decimals to the thousandths and also multiplying numbers by ten, hundred, and a thousand.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will listen to our classmates share information about a famous Ohioan they researched.


IT is my hope that somewhere along the way, somebody got hold of a leprechaun this weekend that brought joy and happiness to you and your family!
We're rounding the final weeks of March with anticipation of a much needed break in mind!
RELIGION - We are going over the Stations of the Cross with drawings and inspirational thoughts as we prepare to present  the final hours of Jesus' life next Wednesday in Church.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We're trying to get through "The BFG" before spring break arrives. The kids are having fun interpreting the made up words that resemble some words that are popularly used in our English language!
In spelling, the words on our list are ending in -al, -el, -le -or and -ar. Be sure your child is practicing on Spelling City throughout the week.
Our vocabulary word this week is "conform" and its respective prompt will be to write about when it is good to conform or not.
MATH - This week we will classify triangles according to their angles and sides. We will also learn to measure angles using a protractor.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about the prehistoric and historic Indians of early times in Ohio, spanning  time before the Ice Age to the times when the Indians and Europeans fought for the land in Ohio.


As hard as it is to believe, we are in the final trimester of this school year! It won't be long before spring and summer will be knocking on our doors and it is important we get as much accomplished in every subject area before the students answer that door.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The students are enjoying the writings of Roald Dahl in the "The BFG". He has a way of making up words that are totally comprehendible, but equally entertaining. Our vocabulary word of the week is "bedlam". What a perfect word to describe the activities that the little leprechauns are thinking of pursuing. The spelling list this week includes words that have qu within each word. The students are required to complete activities in a spelling menu which are due on Friday. Be sure to have your children go on Spelling City to practice their words.
RELIGION - We are learning about the Second Commandment and what we should do to live this commandment. We are also preparing our hearts and heads to perform the Stations of Cross on the Wednesday before spring break. In order to act out these stations we have to be able to feel and understand the pain Jesus endured.
MATH - Long division has been a major focus recently. It seems that most students are grasping the process, but we will continue to practice  and work toward mastery. We will also tackle some geometry this week, even going as far as learning to measure angles.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We've been learning all the general facts about Ohio and now we will begin with the early history, studying the prehistoric Indians, the mound builders and the historic Indian tribes. Remember, the Ohio President report is due on Friday!


Please make sure your children are getting a good night's rest and a hearty healthy breakfast each morning.
We won't have every subject everyday this week, but we will attempt to devote equal time to all subjects.
This week will be a perfect time to work on the president's report for Ohio History - Due on March 16. Just to give you a heads up, there will be two other Ohio Projects coming your way!
     Famous Ohioan Oral Report - Due April 12
     ABC Book of Ohio - Due April 25
The directives for the other two projects will be handed out two or more weeks prior to the due date.


Another short week to accomplish a full week's worth of business!
RELIGION - Emphasis this week will be on the first commandment, learning to respect and honor our God as the ultimate God.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Our first goal is to have everyone complete their "Frindle"
7-paragraph summary. Plans are to begin reading our next novel, "The B.F.G.", an exciting novel by Roald Dahl. We are not assigning a written prompt this week, but there is a project we have in mind, that will help the students understand the word, "adventurous". In spelling, we are practicing adding -ing to words that require doubling the last letter, dropping the final e and just adding -ing.
MATH - This week we will strive to master multiplying with multiples of ten. We will also practice dividing with two-digit answers with remainders. Converting millimeters and centimeters is another skill we will take on.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have started Ohio History! Many are expecting endless worksheets that require much research. Relax! Most of the work will be done during class time. There will be three projects that will be worked on mostly at home, but have no fear, you will be given at least a two week preparation time to help your children complete the assignments. This time in social studies is meant to be a fun learning time, a time to learn about the state in which they live.


Fourth Graders are permitted to hand out Valentines if they wish. If they choose to do so, it is required that they give to everyone in their class. Traditionally, every student in fourth grade will receive a heart with a positive comment from each classmate. A long-time keepsake!
RELIGION - The commandments will be the focus of our religion classes for the next several weeks. We will study each commandment separately. Due to the start of Lent, we will focus on our purpose to pray and sacrifice.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We're finishing the novel,"Frindle" and completing any unfinished worksheets. Our final assignment for "Frindle" will be a seven-paragraph summary. We are presently working on an organizer to help the students organize their thoughts before writing the seven paragraphs. Spelling this week includes words with suffixes. The vocabulary word for the week is "anticipate". The prompt will have the students writing about the report card they are anticipating at the end of the trimester.
MATH - Long division will be our main concern this week. We'll keep practicing until the process is considered an easy task. We will also review similar and congruent shapes and review multiplying by multiples of 10.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing information that we learned about the Midwest region. The test is scheduled for this Thursday. Be sure to remind your children to study the Midwest states and capitals. Next week, we will start Ohio History!


If you were able to come to Open House, you were able to see the products of your children's hard work. We were able to have at least one piece of work for each subject. I am extremely proud of their consistent efforts to complete all their work.
RELIGION - We will begin our actual study of Moses and the Ten Commandments. We will learn the terms and general information before we learn to live each commandment.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will attempt to get near to finishing "Frindle". As we indulge in the next few chapters, we will learn to recognize minor, major, and flat characters and try to understand their point of view and purpose in the story. The spelling words will include those that end with er, or, and ar. "Tradition" is the word of the week. Our prompt will have the students tell about one of their family traditions. As we prepare to write the prompt, we will discuss some of the Catholic traditions we celebrate.
MATH - This week we will work with fractions, learn to multiply with three or more digits, and revisit polygons.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will continue our study of the Midwest and focus on the types of transportation that developed there.


We've got a couple of busy weeks ahead, and the weather is not being very cooperative. We will be working on a project in every subject, in hopes of impressing our parents and visitors on Open House Sunday.
RELIGION - In preparation for our study of the Ten Commandments, we have followed Moses through the Ten Plagues. Our religion project involves the plight of Moses and the Israelites.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will continue through the novel "Frindle" and watch main character, Nick Allen, grow up and become famous because of his curiosity in fifth grade. Skills being covered this week will be the use of idioms, understanding the cause and effect of situations, and interpreting the characters' opinions. Our word of the week is elated. It looks like we will create a comic strip to reflect the elatedness of some character. Many students were confused by the spelling words with ie or ei spellings, so those who received below an 85% will retake last week's spelling test on Friday.
MATH - The week in math includes fraction comparisons, rate word problems, and multiplying three digit numbers.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We're reviewing for our Southeast test, which will be on Thursday. Our next region to study will be the Midwest.
Have a good week, stay warm, and know there's relief coming! 


Happy New Year Everyone!
Within a week or so, we will have reached the half way point of this school year! How time does fly when you're having fun and you're pressed to make some accomplishments.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have started our new class novel "Frindle". It's a story about a fifth grade boy who has fun with a made up word that eventually makes him famous. We will watch the growth of the characters from the beginning of the book to the end. Throughout the story, we will come across many idioms, which will be the basis for some of our assignments.
Spelling this week will emphasize words with the "ie" or "ei" vowel combinations. Students will have a spelling menu to complete this week. They will need to complete activities totaling 10 points.
Our word of the week is "ambition". Our prompt will have our students telling about ambitions for future endeavors.
RELIGION - We are beginning our study of the Ten Commandments. This week
we will start by learning about the plight of Moses and the ten plaques, which will eventually lead us to him receiving the Ten Commandments.
MATH - We've just started to introduce dividing with remainders. The students are hesitant to learn something new, but excited for the challenge. This is the beginning set-up for long division.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are presently studying about the early history of the Southeast Region. Students are preparing skits to present to the class. Each group has a time in southeast history to present  to help their classmates understand the sequence of events that took place. I was hoping for a test this Friday, but it's looking more like early next week.


The fourth grade is busily preparing for their upcoming Christmas play. They are tuning their voices to sound like the celestial choirs of heavenly angels.  They are making every effort to act their parts to portray the characters of Jesus' time.
They are getting ready to perform "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever".
Our days are busy and filled with joy as we work through this Advent season. Our hearts are filled with prayer, our souls are filled with song, our hands are working to help others and our heads are bursting with knowledge. Happy December!


We are never lacking anything to do to pass the time in fourth grade. The minutes fly by each day like the soaring of an eagle through the sky!
RELIGION - We are learning that God graciously gave us a conscience to know the difference between good and evil and right and wrong. We're working on recognizing our own wrongs, before quickly pointing out the wrong doings of others.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will finish reading "Winn Dixie" and all the activities associated with this story. Our final task will be to recognize why the characters and different settings were significant to the plot  and would the story be different if they weren't visible at all. Our "Buzzword" this week will be "fortitude". Since the characters in Winn Dixie had faced some hardships in their lives, the students will choose a character and tell how that person showed fortitude in dealing with their strives. Spelling words this week are dealing with adding suffixes to words that require dropping the final e, doubling the last consonant, or changing y to I. There will be no spelling menu this week due to the fact that we have Writers Workbook pages that coincide with our spelling list.
MATH - The students will be dealing with measurement from cup, to pint, to quart, to half gallon, to gallon. Keep practicing those multiplication facts nightly. The students are enjoying watching their progress grow on their chart that shows how many  they're getting correct each week.
SOCIAL STUDIES -The students are presenting group posters to the rest of the class, hoping to teach them something about the history of the Northeast. We will also learn which of the Northeast states are New England states and which are Mid Atlantic states. There will be a test next Tuesday on the Northeast and also on its state locations and capitals.


There seems to be some normalcy returning, as the children come down from their Halloween sugar highs and the werewolf effects from the full moon! We have to get in as much teaching time as possible because the holiday excitement will soon strike our classrooms!
RELIGION - The saint reports are in final production and we should see completion soon. All students did well in explaining their saint shields and should be commended for their hard work.
LANGUAGE ARTS - As we continue reading "Winn Dixie", students will learn to recognize the role of each character and what importance they have in making the plot progress. Our writing efforts this week will focus around what affects the mood of a cantankerous person. Our Buzzword, this week is obviously "cantankerous. The spelling words this week all contain the "oy" or "oi" spellings.
MATH - Fractions, mixed numbers, and multiplication facts will be subjects of this week's lessons.
SOCIAL STUDIES - Early history of the northeast region will hopefully spark some interest when we begin talking about Indians, settlers, colonists, the American Revolution and independence.