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Many thanks to those who came to conferences last week! It's always a wonderful feeling to know that parents are in full compliance to help their children have a successful school year!
RELIGION - By now you have hopefully seen the requirements for the saint shield that is due next Monday. In class, we are diligently working on the saint report, taking one paragraph at a time to portray the life of the saint your child is researching.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Emphasis in spelling and grammar will be on irregular verbs. There will be no prompt this week, due to the effort and time we are spending on our saint reports. In reading, we're meeting new characters and realizing their importance to the story, as we continue to read "Winn Dixie".
MATH - We have learned some tricks in learning the 9s, 10s, 11s, and 12s multiplication facts. We will finish up the week learning to read and write large numbers in the hundred millions place.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We've started our study of the Northeast Region. We've made flashcards for the states and capitals of the Northeast. Try to mention the states and capitals in daily conversation, so your child is familiar with them come test time. Each student is working on finding information relating to a northeast state, which will be transferred into a state project. 


I am sorry for any lack of communication last week. It appears I didn't push the save button after completing my weekly blurb and therefore my information was deleted! We always tell the kids, we learn from our mistakes!
The week is a short one, but equally packed with many learning experiences!
RELIGION - We are beginning to research the saints to learn what their focus in life may have been, and what sort of experiences they encountered that led them down the path to sainthood. We will be working on the reports in class for the next couple of weeks. We will send home directions for the saint shields early next week.
MATH - We will review the properties of multiplication and begin our focus on multiplication facts to acquire sufficient speed and accuracy. Bring out those multiplication cards, dust them off and begin practicing the facts several times a week. 
LANGUAGE ARTS - The students are enjoying "Because of Winn Dixie". We have been focusing on cause and effect because there are many examples to choose from in this story. The students  have been working on a project to illustrate such examples. This week, we will hit upon the art of summarizing, learning to write a short version of what has happened in the story.
Spelling this week includes words that have the ou and ow spellings within a word. You may have noticed the spelling menu we sent home. These are activities that the students can do throughout the week to reinforce their ability to spell the words for the weekly test. We will use this method to for awhile
and see if it is helping the students remember their weekly words.
Our "Buzzword" this week is repulsive. Don't be offended, Moms, we are asking them to write about the most repulsive dish you have served at home. They are going to put their thoughts in letter form. This should prove to be an interesting task!
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing information we have learned from Chapter 2. There will be a Test on Thursday to assess their knowledge. Reviewing about the three branches of government, the idea of supply and demand and the factors of production will be covered on the test.


We have another busy week ahead! We are celebrating Everybody Counts and learning about the motor impairments that many people have and how they have to compensate for their disabilities. Thanks to Jill Reineck, Sheila Martin, Kim Chamberlin and Shannon Wenstrup for their efforts in helping the fourth grade understand these disabilities that people have to face day in and day out.
RELIGION - We seem to have a better understanding of the Beatitudes and the Kingdom of God. Many have memorized the popular sayings and appear to be ready for a test on the Beatitudes. Thursday will be the judgement day. We will be moving on to the understanding of free will, temptation, and sin. I expect it will be a review and we should be able to move through this subject quickly.
MATH - This week, we will review lines, angles, triangles, rectangles, squares and rectangles. Terms like millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, feet and yards will also surface this week.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will be finishing "Stone Fox" and the activities that reinforced the skills we have been focusing on. Spelling words have been tough, so make sure your children are spending time studying their words or reviewing them on Spelling City. The Buzzword for the week is rickety. The students will be describing a rickety object that is displayed in a picture, for this week's prompt.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will begin our studies of the three branches of government, knowing their purpose, who is involved, and where they work. 


Thanks to all who came to "Meet the Teacher" night. It was a pleasure talking with you and sharing information with you. If you ever have any questions, please feel free to ask and we will gladly try to answer  to your satisfaction.
RELIGION - We're working to  fully understand the meanings of the Beatitudes and what message Jesus was trying to give to us in regards to helping others.
MATH - We will work with elapsed time and rounding numbers before taking our cumulative test 3. At the end of the week, our timed test will focus on subtraction this week.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have almost completed "Stone Fox", but won't read the exciting ending until next week.  The skills we've been working on throughout the story have been cause and effect, sequencing events and context clues. We do not have a buzz word this week, but we still are working on our prompt for treacherous from last week. Our prompt is a newspaper article describing the who, what, when and where of a treacherous scene. There is a spelling list this week to study. Be sure to have your child(ren) practice on Spelling City this week!
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we will learn about the cultural diversity that came to the United States as immigrants and spread out into the rural, urban, and suburban areas of our country.


I am looking forward to talking with all of you at "Meet the Teacher" night. Mrs. Schweickart and I will present together so you can get an overall picture of your child's year in fourth grade.
The week ahead is another busy one. We're still presenting routines and trying to establish them as we work through different areas of our curriculum. New teachers, new procedures, new routines, and new expectations will all become second nature to our students very soon. It's a slow moving process!
RELIGION - The focus this week will be the Beatitudes. It is a challenge to bring the Beatitudes down to a level in which the students can relate and understand.
MATH - We're hitting on several topics this week which are skills that have been taught in previous years, but are good to review and learn if there is complete understanding among the students. The easiest, being temperature and expanded form  and the more challenging skills focusing on adding columns with regrouping and expanded time.
LANGUAGE ARTS - This week is the first week we are having spelling and vocabulary work at the same time. Our timing is off a little because we're trying to finish our prompt from last week, before starting our new one this week. All students have signed up for Spelling City and should be working on the activities throughout the week. The "Buzzword" this week is "treacherous". We will work on a newspaper article that will report on a treacherous situation.  We are still reading "Stone Fox" and trying to relate to the hardships that Little Willy has to face. We will add a little drama to our reading activities and act out some of the scenes from the book.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are spending a good part of our time working on our elevation maps and reviewing for our first test. The first test is always one that shocks them because it is filled with information, but it is a good learning experience that prepares them for future assessments. We will finish up the week learning about the different climates and natural resources found throughout the United States. 


 I hope your Labor Day weekend was fun and relaxing. It significantly marks the end of summer freedom and the continuance of a year working with a bunch of magnificent students, who are willing to learn and absorb whatever they can each day. The week ahead is short, but busy!
RELIGION - This week we will discuss how trust in Jesus leads us to peace within ourselves and in our relations with others. The Beatitudes will be introduced and we will learn how it is our duty to treat others as Jesus would like.
MATH - The focus of this week is to review subtraction using multi-digit numbers with and without regrouping. At the end of each week, we almost always review math facts, (whether it be addition, subtraction, or multiplication) with a 3-minute timed test. The purpose is to encourage each student to work hard to improve their scores from the previous week, with speed and accuracy. As the students reach perfection in accuracy, then they will work on their speed. When a student knows the facts, it is easier for them to progress through the process of solving problems, because they're able to recall the facts quickly.
LANGUAGE ARTS - There will not be a spelling test this week, due to the short week, but we will introduce their first vocabulary word, otherwise known as a "Buzzword". With each weekly vocab word, there is a prompt assigned that will focus on different kinds of writings that will be due at the end of each week. The first "Buzzword" is ability. We will start our second class novel, "Stone Fox". This week we will focus on character traits, cause and effect, and sequence of events.
SOCIAL STUDIES - As we learn general facts about the U.S., we will spend this week learning about the various landforms that stretch from the east coast to the west coast. We will also learn the meaning of elevation and show our understanding by making an elevation map of the U.S. using modeling clay.
Have a great week! 


The year is off to an amazing start!  All the students are energetic and quite eager to learn. We spent the first couple days learning about each other, doing fun activities that encouraged the students to interact with various classmates. Hopefully, you may have heard about our snowball fight, our experience with toothpaste and a toothpick, and our team building activity to build the highest structure using spaghetti and marshmallows. It was certainly enjoyable to watch the class work together to problem solve and interact with each other in a way that you would expect Catholic school children to act.
We have actually delved into our books to start the year rolling!
RELIGION - The main topics of discussion this week will be the Incarnation, seeing Jesus as divine and human and also discipleship, learning to recognize our duties to fulfill Jesus' wishes.
LANGUAGE ARTS - In Reading, we have started our first class novel, Freckle Juice. It is a quick read in which we will recognize some obvious character traits among the characters and there is an easy plot to follow as we make our way through the five chapters. The first spelling list could be a challenge, but
each day we use the words in activities to help them learn how to spell these words. Friday is our designated spelling test day! In English, we are working with nouns. So far, it seems to be an easy start for the students.
MATH - At the beginning of the week, we took a benchmark test to find a good starting place for our students. They did quite well, so we are starting on Lesson 11. We will be working on solving for missing numbers in addition and subtraction number sentences and by week's end we will be adding three-digit numbers.  There is no stopping these children!
SOCIAL STUDIES - Throughout the year, we will study the five regions of the United States with a side trip to learn about Ohio History. Right now we are reviewing a lot of general information and terms relating to the geography of the U.S.


THE END IS NEAR!   We're tying up all our loose ends this week.
     Tuesday - May 16 - West States and Capitals Test
      Wednesday - May 17 - Ten Commandments Test
      Thursday - May 18 - 50 States and Capitals Test
      Friday - May 19 - Mystery Book Report Due




Many thanks for all the cards, flowers, candy, snacks, and adult beverages that were bestowed on me for Teachers' Appreciation Week. I am very grateful for each and everyone of you and the graces you share with me day in and day out!
I know the countdown is on, but the students' countdown is going much faster than mine. I still have much planned in the next weeks, but my dear students seem to think we are in our final days. I will still persist with my agenda despite the push back!
There are still a few pressing items to get through before the end. The book clubs in my reading class still have a book to complete, as well as a group poster to present. Don't forget the Mystery Book Report is due Friday, May 19. Each student is to design a game (to be played by classmates) that reflects what there mystery book was about.
Students should be studying for the Fifty States and Capitals Test which will be given next Thursday, May 18. We will be practicing in class!
There will also be a Ten Commandments Test next week. Students will have to write them from memory!
Hang in there, it's almost over!!
4B was the best represented class at Marco's Pizza recently, so that means 4B gets a pizza party this Wednesday, May 10, at lunch.
Also, remember the fourth grade goes to the Appalachian Festival on Friday, May 12. Send your child in uniform, send snack because we're not stopping to eat lunch, and send money to buy souvenirs. PRAY FOR WONDERFUL, SUNNY WEATHER!


The final weeks of this school year are here! We still have many loose ends to tie up before our year ends.
In Religion, we have to finish our study of the Ten Commandments.
In Reading, we have our book study clubs in place to help us finish our six historical fiction books. Book report requirements for the mystery game were sent home last Friday. Don't let your child(ren) wait for the last minutes to complete this project.
In English/Writing, we still have various writing forms to experience before our year ends.
In Math, we're going to work with fractions , mixed numbers, improper fractures, common denominators, and equivalent fractions.
And in Social Studies, we will be taking our Ohio History test this Thursday, and moving on to finish the last two regions of the United States, the Southwest and the West. I'm not worried, we can accomplish it all!


I hope your spring break with your children was eventful, but relaxing and I hope your Easter was holy, but memorable!
There are five weeks left to fill your children's brains with educational and inspirational thoughts to help them accept the challenges of future grades. They thought they were coming back to fun and games and little work. Much to their dismay, we are still forging ahead at full speed! There is still going to be homework responsibilities to fulfill, new books to be read, projects to be completed, tests to assess the knowledge they have achieved, and lifetime experiences to embrace!
Please be aware that the April Tic-Tac-Toe Reading Activities are Due Friday, April 28. If your child has completed this assignment, it would be wise to get them started on a mystery book, required for their May book report. Directions will be sent home on Friday. 
We just started multiplying two 2-digit numbers in math. If your child is having difficulty, please lend a helping hand!
Next week, we will have our final test for Ohio History! Students can study the content that is in their Ohio History notebook! We will be reviewing everything in class.
We have started our historical fiction books clubs this week. Each student has been assigned to one of five books to read and discuss with other students reading the same book. This is a new experience for them in hopes to encourage reading here and beyond.

Week of April 10

The main focus of this week is to get our fourth graders prepared for their presentation of The Stations of the Cross. They are getting their hearts and minds ready to act out the most prayerful presentation of all Catholic prayers. It is scheduled for Thursday at 12:00 in the Church.
The second most important thing to focus on would be the completion of the ABC Books of Ohio. I've gotten a glimpse of some in progress and I'm quite impressed. The students' goal throughout this project has been to be informative and to make their book eye appealing for their readers.
Besides our stations and ABC Book, we are expected to finish our next class novel "Sarah Plain and Tall". It is an easy-read an and example of an historical fiction, telling of a family living on the prairie in the early 1800s. When we get back from spring break, we'll tackle another historical fiction book. There will be no Spelling Packet or Buzzword Prompt due to the short week.
The main focus for math will be reading and writing of decimals to the thousandths place and then on to multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.
Have a fun filled spring break and a Blessed Easter! There are only 6 more weeks of hard work left, when the children return!


We are nearing that point where everyone is in need of a break. They have steadily kept up with the rugged demands we have made over the last month or so. There has been a change in their somewhat routine with us adding a few long term projects into the mix of their ordinary homework. They have had to manage their time to make adjustments to fit everything into their busy schedules. The life of a fourth grader has been stressful lately! (not to mention the stress that has been put on you as parents to give these little darlings the little extra push they needed to start and then that last push to complete those long term projects). Looking ahead, there are three more long term projects to look forward to: 1) ABC book of Ohio - Due April 14  2) Tic-Tac-Toe reading activities -Due April 28 and 3) May Book Report - Due May 19.


It's a busy week for handing in long-term assignments. On Wednesday, March 29 , the Tic-Tac-Toe Reading assignments are due. The students have been reading their current book through the month of March and have three activities to choose from that need to be completed. Hopefully, all have managed their time to complete this project on time!
Also due this week, is The Famous Ohioan Oral Report. Students should be preparing and practicing the report for Friday's due day. All students must be prepared to present on Friday. We will not get to everyone on Friday, but we will get to everyone by Monday or Tuesday. Students have been told that they may use cards to prompt them and keep them organized, but they may not read directly from the cards. The intent is to inform their classmates of famous Ohioans, to research through various resources, and to present with confidence. Hopefully, the week will not be stressed filled, but a time to learn something new!