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The new year already has us rolling up our sleeves and digging our heels in to be productive students, to learn to the best of our abilities.
     Reading - Our newest class novel, "Stuart Little" is an old classic written by E.B. White. The students are learning to identify the qualities of a fantasy. We are learning the differences between realistic and imaginary and the methods that an author will use to make a story somewhat real and entertaining using imaginary characters. The use of a dictionary and looking up unfamiliar words is a skill we have been practicing.
      Writing - The "Buzzword" this week is "anticipate". The prompt is,
"How do you anticipate you would feel if you would meet your hero?"
We are still working on paragraph form, deciding what kind of topic sentence will stir an interest with the reader and how we will develop that paragraph with lots of details that will compliment the topic sentence.
     Spelling - The words this week look easy enough, but unfortunately they are words that could be spelled incorrectly if the speller is not totally focused. Be sure to encourage your child(ren) to get on Spelling City to review their words.
RELIGION - We are beginning our study of the Ten Commandments and Moses' journey with the Israelites. We will read excerpts from the bible and learn the process in looking up those verses.
MATH - In the coming days, we will practice adding and subtracting four or five digit numbers and we will also learn to divide numbers with remainders. The challenges are slowly being introduced so the children are not overwhelmed by new concepts.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are studying the geography of the southeast, including its climate and its resources. The students are working on state projects that are filled with lots of information. The information is being compiled and organized in lap folders.


The actors and actresses of 4B are starting to get a little jittery as we get closer to their performance date of December 13. If your fourth grader has a solo part, please make sure they are learning their lines. Work loads will be lighter due to extra show practices this week. 
RELIGION - We will continue to work on the Jesse tree, refreshing our memories with the bible stories that preceded the birth of Jesus.
MATH - We will start to focus on how multiplication and division are related and work on increasing speed and accuracy with the division facts.
SOCIAL STUDIES - I have decided to postpone the social studies test until Wednesday to give them a little more time to study. At week's end, we will start our study of the Southeast region.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will continue reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" in reading. The spelling list contains words with suffixes and their base words. All are signed into Spelling City and should be visiting the sight throughout the week to review their words. The "Buzzword" is ambition and its prompt is: "What do you have the ambition to learn or do?"


The weeks and months are passing by quicker than I can imagine. Thanksgiving is only a memory and Christmas is pounding on our doors. It's that time of year when the fourth grade is very busy preparing for the annual production of "On Our Way to Bethlehem". Mark your calendars for this joyous event for December 13, at 7:00 p.m.
RELIGION - Throughout December, we will be hearing bible stories that reflect the timeline that lead to the coming of Jesus. We will make symbols to symbolize those stories and add them to our Jesse Tree each day.  We will also take time to review the liturgical calendar and learn about the seasons that the Church celebrates.
MATH - This week in math, we will review subtracting with zeros, estimating and rounding numbers, adding and subtracting decimals, and introducing the multiplication of multi-digit numbers. The multiplication could be a difficult concept for some.
READING - We are beginning our next novel "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever"  so the students have something to relate to as they get ready for their own Christmas Show. The main focus of this novel is to watch the growth of the characters from beginning to end.
SPELLING - We are reviewing this week with 20 words from the last five lessons and also adding some frequently misspelled words to the list.
WRITING - The "Buzzword" this week is efficient. The prompt to enhance the understanding of this word is: "What is the most efficient way to handle your busy evenings?"
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will finish our studies of the northeast region this week. We  will review all the facts that we learned, review the states and capitals of the northeast, and work on a small culminating project. Each student will be responsible for making a state plate that represents the interesting facts they learned about their assigned state. A test will be in order around next Tuesday!


There is never a dull moment in fourth grade. It seems we are always busy, barely taking a breath in between classes.
     READING - We've been reading the novel  "Frindle". We have been working on many skills that have been prevalent  within the text. We've spent some time on similes, metaphors, idioms, cause and effect, and fact and opinion. Of course we also have been working on comprehension skills and being able to identify the main characters, the setting and recognizing the sequence of events.DE
      WRITING - Our "buzzword" this week will be fortitude. The prompt for the week is :  When would it be good to  show that you have fortitude?
RELIGION - I must congratulate the students on their strong efforts in producing saint shields of exemplary quality. They all were able to get up and speak confidently about the saint they researched. We are nearing completion of the actual saint report and again I am very pleased with the results, thus far. 
MATH - We have been spiraling through many mathematical concepts, but the skills reviewed this week will be reading and writing large numbers, learning what a mixed number is and understanding that dollar and cents can be converted into a mixed number.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have been learning about the election process, from the act of deciding if to run to inauguration day. We will have a mini mock election in class by secret ballot to teach them  what election day involves.  We will continue to learn more about the Northeast region.


This week we celebrate Everybody Counts.  It sounds as if the parent volunteers have worked very hard preparing for this week, so that our students are able to recognize these disabilities and accept those people as one of God's children. 
We are now reading "Frindle", a realistic fiction, which is about a fifth grade student who proves that the dictionary is a tool that can still be added to. We have been working with different concepts throughout the book. For example we have worked recognizing metaphors and similes, practicing our dictionary skills, understanding how humor can be a factor and of course, recognizing character traits.
The students have had a little reprieve on writing weekly prompts, but I'm sure they can't wait to get started again!
Our buzz word is "Defiant". The prompt connected to this word is:  When is it okay to be defiant?
If you think you are seeing double, you are! Our spelling words this week contain double consonants.
MATH - The concepts have not been overwhelmingly difficult, but the students are not taking their time and they are not checking to make sure their answer makes sense. Please check and make them redo to understand their mistakes.
RELIGION - Throughout this entire week, we will devote our religion time to finding out information about the saint that each child has been assigned and working on a report that will reflect an understanding of the saint that was researched.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are beginning our study of the northeast region. We will learn about the geography and the early history of the northeast. In order to understand each lesson more fully, we are going to start outlining. We will do it as a class, and gradually they will learn to do it on their own.


4B has a new alias name for the next two weeks. We are known as the Soda Surfers for the upcoming Fun Run. Our incentives for our fundraiser include sitting where you want in class, crazy hat and sock day, a week without a prompt or a spelling packet, and if our goal is met, the students will get to watch a movie with popcorn.
     Reading - We are working on some culminating activities for "Stone Fox". The students are working with partners to create a poster about the chapter they have been assigned. They will also extend the story of "Stone Fox" by writing a final chapter to add to Little Willy's adventures. Later in the week, the students will compare and contrast the book and movie versions.
     Writing - The "Buzzword" this week is repulsive. Its corresponding prompt is:  Explain why something might be repulsive. I can't wait to read these prompts this week! No telling what might be considered repulsive with a class that is majority boys.
     Spelling - The spelling list this week contains words that are in the comparative and superlative forms.
MATH - This week we will practice making triangles and rectangles with straight edges. We will learn to use a compass to make circles with given diameters and radii and we will finish the week practicing subtracting with regrouping.
RELIGION - We have finished our study of the Beatitudes and are scheduled for a test on Wednesday.  Through the remainder of this week we will focus our study on the different kinds of sin and act out the popular story of the Good Samaritan.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will learn a little about the U.S. government, its three branches and also some basic economy.


     The weather is finally breaking and the students have a little more pep in their step and less cobwebs in the brain. The cooler weather has awaken the tribes! Just in time to start the week that will keep them busy again!
Reading - We are still reading "Stone Fox" and enjoying the storyline. Since the story includes a dog race, the students have been researching the facts about The Iditarod Race that takes place annually. They will use the information they have gathered and the facts that were presented in the story to make a flyer to advertise the race in the book. The flyer is due this Friday. I have to say their research skills are much better than I ever expected.
Writing - The "Buzzword" this week is perplexed. The prompt that will accompany this week's vocab word is: "What are some good strategies that will help you when you are perplexed ?"
Spelling - Our  words this week will have -ed and -ing endings. It should be somewhat easy because we practiced this skill a couple weeks ago in our Writers Workbook.
RELIGION - This week we will finish our study of the Beatitudes.  We have learned the many ways our lives can be full by living the Beatitudes as our example.The project we have been working on will also be fully completed by Friday.
MATH - We will take a benchmark test assessing how well the students are progressing thus far. The rest of the week will feature measuring activities, with a classroom scavenger hunt at the end of the week.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week our studies take us back to the times when immigrants were flocking into America. We will learn where they first arrived and how they dispersed through rural, urban, and suburban areas. They will also learn about the three branches of government and draw the White House, the Capitol building and the Supreme Court building.


Reading - Throughout the week we will continue to read "Stone Fox" and do activities related to the characters, setting, and sequence of events. As we read through this book, the students will be asked to make connections and write about them from time to time. They are also using the laptops to look up background knowledge to deepen their understanding of the story.
Spelling -
Our words this week  include the /k/ and /f/ sounds. The most recent spelling test looks a whole lot better grade wise than the previous one. It's good to see so much improvement from one test to another.
Writing -
The "Buzzword" this week is rickety and its prompt is: Describe something that you have seen that is rickety.
RELIGION -  Our focus this week is to complete our study of the Beatitudes, as well as complete a project that will reflect the students understanding. 4B is also responsible for Mass this week, Wednesday, at 9:00 a.m.
MATH - We are moving through the lessons very quickly and doing quite well
with new concepts. Some of the topics we're about to tackle this week are expanded form, addition of three multi-digit numbers, temperature and elapsed time. I think we'll breeze right through!
SOCIAL STUDIES -  In the beginning of the week, we will be reviewing for our Chapter 1 Test , which will be on Wednesday. We are working on study packets in class, which can be reviewed at night. Help your child to review, please! Through the rest of the week we will take a look at how immigrants came to the United States and settled in rural, urban, and suburban areas.


It was great meeting many of you at Meet the Teacher Night last Thursday. If there are ever any questions that come to mind, please feel free to ask. Please know that we are in a partnership when it comes to our children!
The week ahead looks to be another busy one!
RELIGION - The students will learn about the Beatitudes and understand what it is that we can do as disciples of Jesus to make others happy.
READING - We will begin reading our next class novel, "Stone Fox". It is a realistic fiction, depicting the lives of a grandfather and grandson and the strong relationship they have built with each other. We will continue to recognize the character traits that the author has given these characters. We will also make comparisons, text to self, text to text, and text to world.
WRITING - Our "Buzzword" this week is "treacherous". The prompt that we will be working on is: "What treacherous activity would you like to try someday?"
SPELLING - The spelling list this week includes many words using kn, mb, gn, and wr combinations. Please review six or seven words each evening. It will certainly help when the students take their spelling test on Friday.
MATH - This week we will check to see how strong the students are at adding and subtracting with regrouping. We will practice these skills intensely to strengthen and master.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will finish our elevation maps of the United States in hopes that the students have a better understanding of the landforms that make up the terrain from east to west. We will also learn about the various weather and climate conditions that are found in the different regions of the U.S..


I hope all families celebrated the out-going of summer and the presence of school schedules, homework, and learning! The students are slowly letting go of their summer dreams and realizing that it is time to get to work! I am looking forward to meeting all of you at our annual "Meet the Teacher" night. Mrs. Schweickart and myself will present together to share our expectations for your child's fourth grade year.
READING -  Our plan for the week has us finishing "Freckle Juice". We will learn to look for evidence  that supports the list of character traits we have claimed for each of the characters. A group project will take place after we have gathered the evidence.
WRITING - The students will be introduced to their first vocabulary word also known as our "buzzword". Each week the students will be given a prompt with a theme having to do with the vocab word. That will usually be due on Thursday of each week. The first several will be worked on in class, in an attempt to build strong writing skills. The "buzzword" for the week is ability. The prompt is: What abilities do you need to be a successful student?
SPELLING - There will be no spelling packet this week due to a short week, "Meet the Teacher" on Thursday, and mainly because we're focusing on writing the first prompt for our "Buzzword".
RELIGION - We learned about Mother Teresa becoming St. Teresa of Calcutta and the long process that is taken to declare someone a saint. We are finishing the chapter helping us to realize our need to respond as a disciple and spread the Good News. We will take the chapter test on Thursday. No need to worry, the students are able to use their book.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we will learn about the landforms that are throughout the United States, from the east coast to the west coast. Near week's end we will make an elevation map to show the difference of the landforms in elevation, using Model Magic.
MATH - We've actually been working on solving a problem that has variables. The fourth grade is learning to solve algebra problems!
We will also review adding three-digits with regrouping.


Today, the students attended a band instrument demonstration meeting for interested beginners. Your child should have received a registration form to bring home. The Titan Band is open to students in grades 4th through 8th. Any questions, contact Mr. Powers at


Tomorrow, August 30, Mr. Powers will be giving an introduction  to the fourth grade students about joining Seton's Beginners' Band, at 2:00 in the cafeteria. Beginners' Band is open to students in grades 4-8. All parents are welcome to attend!


The students have entered the fourth grade with a lot of enthusiasm and an eagerness to learn, despite the heat and all its intenseness. We spent the first couple of days reviving our friendships and doing some team building activities. Some of the items we used included spaghetti and marshmallows and toothpaste and toothpicks. If you have not heard of any of these activities, ask your children about them and see if they can explain the purpose behind them.
This week we will get into all the subjects and begin our journey of educating your children!
RELIGION - This week we will emphasize the truth that Jesus was the Son of God. We will learn about his divine traits, as well as his human characteristics.
We will also come to understand our job as disciples of Jesus.
LANGUAGE  ARTS - The students have been given their first spelling packet of the year, which is due on Friday. The students have been told that one page would be assigned each evening, but they need, to work on it with a plan to complete it, while working around their busy after school schedules. The students will be responsible for all thirty words, but the challenge words will work in their favor if correct. Incorrect challenge words will not lower their grade. We began our first class novel "Freckle Juice". As we read through this book we will be able to identify the main characters, the setting and the importance of the sequence of events in the plot. You will notice throughout the year we will have quite a few assignments that involve writing. Our goal is to expose the fourth graders to all sorts of writing forms and strengthen their efforts to become proficient writers.
MATH - These first few days we are investigating how our new math series works. There is a great deal of emphasis on learning the basic facts. Another key emphasis in this series is to be able to solve problems using different strategies. These first lessons are a review of addition, subtraction and many of the components associated with these operations. The key to success is to know the basic facts.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we will focus on some key geography terms that will help them understand the location of the seven continents and the five oceans. You will find that there will be many hands-on projects in social studies to keep the students engaged and learning!


RELIGION - We are finishing up the sixth commandment and moving on to the seventh. All students should be able to recognize that honesty is the best way to go!
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are approaching the end of Ohio History, which means that any unfinished worksheets should have been handed in by now. Several students have many unfinished papers to be handed in still. Please note that the Ohio Brochure is due this Friday. There will be a big test next Tuesday on things we have learned about Ohio. Students need to go over their worksheets, notes and outlines to help them study.
MATH - We have been working with fractions, finding a part of a whole, making equivalent fractions, comparing and ordering  and now making spinners to find what fraction of the time a spinner will land on a certain color.  A Test will be given on the skills we learned in Chapter 7 this Thursday, April 28.


RELIGION  - Some of the students are preparing a short skit to teach others about the Ten Commandments, especially the fourth commandment, Honor Your Father and Mother. The Fifth Commandment  will be tabled for discussion to talk about how we are called to be peacemakers and preservers of life.
MATH - We've been working on fractions, using pattern blocks to show how different combinations can be used to make the same fraction. We are working very basically on how to add and subtract fractions.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about early exploration by the European nations and how the European settlement affected Native Americans.
Don't forget the Famous Ohioan Report is due on Friday, April 15.
LANGUAGE ARTS - All the students seem to be enjoying the book they are reading in class. We have four historical fiction novels being read. They all have similar plots involving families settling in new locations and dealing with the hardships that come with newly developed settlements. Our "Buzzword" this week is heirloom. Its corresponding prompt is "What do you own that you might like to pass on as an heirloom? We are working on our first piece of our poetry collection, our I Spy rhyming poem. The children are doing a fantastic job!