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It's official!  We've been named a 2018 National Blue Ribbon Exemplary High Performing School by the United States Department of Education!  See the news and announcements below for more information.
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RELIGION  - Some of the students are preparing a short skit to teach others about the Ten Commandments, especially the fourth commandment, Honor Your Father and Mother. The Fifth Commandment  will be tabled for discussion to talk about how we are called to be peacemakers and preservers of life.
MATH - We've been working on fractions, using pattern blocks to show how different combinations can be used to make the same fraction. We are working very basically on how to add and subtract fractions.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about early exploration by the European nations and how the European settlement affected Native Americans.
Don't forget the Famous Ohioan Report is due on Friday, April 15.
LANGUAGE ARTS - All the students seem to be enjoying the book they are reading in class. We have four historical fiction novels being read. They all have similar plots involving families settling in new locations and dealing with the hardships that come with newly developed settlements. Our "Buzzword" this week is heirloom. Its corresponding prompt is "What do you own that you might like to pass on as an heirloom? We are working on our first piece of our poetry collection, our I Spy rhyming poem. The children are doing a fantastic job!


As the weeks pass, and we get closer to the end of the year, the interest level begins to dwindle for some. Our expectations remain high and we will strive to accomplish as much as possible from now until the end of the year.
RELIGION - The Fourth Commandment is up for discussion this week. We will learn that we rely on many people for different things and it is important that all those people who make a difference in our lives be respected.
MATH - We are working with pattern blocks to learn about fractions. As we get more proficient we will also use the pattern blocks to begin learning how to add fractions together. This chapter often becomes challenging for some of the students, so be available to assist when needed.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about the historic Indian tribes of Ohio and will soon move into the struggles that led to the statehood of Ohio. Please be aware that the next report is due April 15th. The students have the choice of choosing a written report or an oral report about a famous Ohioan.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The next genre we are reading is historical fiction. There will be a couple of books going on in each room. It is possible that some 4A and 4B students could be mixed together. Our "Buzzword" this week is spontaneous. The prompt is: Do you like spontaneous decisions? Why or why not? To expand on our writing abilities, the fourth grade will begin  writing a collection of different kinds of poetry. Who knows our students may be renowned poets someday!


The weeks are flying past faster than we can grasp! There is still much to accomplish before we pass these children on to fifth grade!
RELIGION - We are learning and reflecting about The Stations of the Cross, so that we are prepared to present the stations to grades K-5 next Thursday. Be sure to make arrangements to come and see the fourth grade's interpretation of The Stations of the Cross, next Thursday at 2:30 in church. It is a very moving and inspirational experience.
MATH - We are learning to measure angles with a half circle protractor and we are also learning to grid coordinate points. If all goes as expected, we are hoping to have a math test on Friday.
SOCIAL STUDIES - The students are handling the pressures of Ohio History quite well. This week we will learn about all the Indian tribes that inhabited Ohio over a long period of time. Hopefully, all are working on their Ohio President report, which is due on Friday, March 18.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have began our study of historical fiction with the book "Sarah Plain and Tall". We will most likely finish the book by week's end. The spelling list this week are all review words. Hopefully, most will not have to study as much. The Buzzword this week is "scrumptious" and the prompt will be - Describe what a scrumptious dessert might be like. Tell what it looks like, how it tastes,and how it smells.


We will continue  to administer the Iowa Test to find out what your children really knows. Hopefully, they will not hold back and they will take time to think before they answer any questions.  Happily, we will finish by Thursday. At this point, there are no makeups to be taken. Keep your fingers crossed that all students will remain healthy for the next two days!
The following is a quick overview on what we hope to finish by week's end.
RELIGION - We are studying about the Third Commandment and also the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. Students will be tested  on their knowledge of the works of mercy soon.
MATH - We are still trying to perfect our mastery of division and we are also learning to measure angles with a full circle and half circle protractors.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have begun Ohio History. The interest level has been high and students are eager to receive the new batches of worksheets. Be sure to look up the directives for the Ohio President Report in your child's binder. The report/scrapbook is due March 18. Manage time wisely!
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have started "Sarah Plain and Tall", one of our historical fiction books. It's a quick read, but a good book to help students understand the characteristics of this genre. We anticipate that we will be finished by next week. The new reading tic-tac-toe has been past out and will be due Thursday, March 24.

Week of Feb. 29

We are starting Iowa Testing, tomorrow March 1. Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and feed the brain with a nice hearty breakfast. We will usually test in the morning for about 90 minutes each day. Testing will go through next Thursday. We may not get to every subject every day but we will evenly divide the time throughout the week to teach all subjects. Homework will probably be lighter, but have your child use the time to read, practice math facts and work on Ohio History worksheets. It's not too early to start finding information on an Ohio President. That report will be due on March 19.
Have a great week! 


A touch of spring, a full moon, and students full of energy! Is this a good combination? We still have much to learn!
RELIGION - We are completing our study of the second commandment, understanding what our job is to follow this commandment. As we begin the third commandment, we will be working on a project that will help us memorize the commandments in their word for word form, and  will also help us to interpret and understand how to live the ten commandments appropriately.
MATH - Long division is in our near future. In order to help the division process, the students need to know their multiplication facts with an immediate response. Knowing the basic facts will ease the difficulty of the division process. Each evening the students need to go on Moby Max and practice the facts for ten to fifteen minutes. Constant review and repetition are the keys to helping your child memorize the multiplication facts. Please Help!
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are about to begin our study of Ohio History! It's a long term project that will sharpen our research skills, teach us time management, and help us gain knowledge about the state we live in. There will be a Midwest States and Capitals Test this Friday, as well as an open book test, assessing the students' knowledge of the Midwest.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Our intended goal is to finish "The Tale of Despereaux" by week's end. Like with past class novels, we watch the movie associated with the book and compare and contrast the different events in each. The spelling list is fairly easy this week. There should be a lot of As on the weekly test. The "Buzzword" is conform.The prompt this week is, "When is it good to not conform?"
Don't forget the reading tic-tac-toe activities are due on Monday, February 29th!


The week is a short one, but we intend to move forward to gain ground in each subject. In Religion, the subject of Lent will be discussed. Students will understand what kind of things they should be doing to sacrifice, in preparation of Easter. The students are becoming quite proficient in multiplying multi-digit numbers in math. We are planning a chapter test for next Wednesday. As we make our way through "The Tale of Despereaux", we are learning how an author can weave the lives of many characters into one story. We are in the process of completing a triorama depicting events in 3-D from the third part of the book . In Social Studies,
we are travelling through the Midwest, trying to gather information about the part of the country we live in. Have a great week!


The week is a bit calmer and less stressful than last week. All our projects are completed and our schedule is a little normal. We celebrated our 100th day of school with our little buddies and are looking for the next 80 days to pass just as quickly!
RELIGION - We are moving forward with the Commandments and trying to understand how we can live the Second Commandment with respect..
     READING - We will continue to read "The Tale of Despereaux",
learning of a mouse's quest to save a princess in distress. As we make our way through this book, we will be analyzing the characters and also comparing and contrasting them to each other. We are learning about foreshadowing and drawing conclusions from the context of the story.
     WRITING - Our buzz word this week is replenish: The prompt assigned to this word is:  What do you use to replenish your body after a very active sport or activity.
     SPELLING - The spelling list contains a lot of words using the ei and ie combinations. Studying some each night will help to get those spelling grades up.
     MATH - We are in the process of learning different strategies to multiply multi-digit numbers. The lattice method is the next strategy to conquer. Beware this is usually the students' favorite method and the most accurate!
     SOCIAL STUDIES - We are starting our study of the Midwest, right in the heart of the United States. We will outline the sections telling us about geography, climate and early history before we start any state project. Southeast states and capitals test will be this Thursday, Feb. 4. OHIO HISTORY IS ONLY A FEW WEEKS AWAY!


Are your children coming home more tired than usual? We are working them very hard this week, trying to make our deadline by the end of the week.  In each class, we have been working on a special assignment, beyond our normal classwork, to share with the general public and to boast our accomplishments for Open House.
     RELIGION - The students have made a poster to reflect their understanding of the Great Commandment. In celebration of Catholic Schools Week, the fourth grade's part is to present the word "Apolstolic. We will be making pope hats showing symbols from their assigned pope's shield.
     READING - We have been reading "The Tale of Despereaux" in class. We are retelling the story through illustrations for each chapter. When all is said and done a picture book will be completed.
     WRITING AND MATH - The students are writing a story and incorporating at least five examples of math throughout their story.
     SOCIAL STUDIES - Each student is responsible for a booklet about the Southeast states. They are finding fun facts about each state.
     SCIENCE - The students have researched a famous scientist and did a report explaining the contributions and inventions of that scientist.
Please try to make an effort to come on Sunday, January 31 to see all the finished products. Your child has been working too hard. It's a must see!


In an effort to show our parents and other visitors what we are learning in class, we are working very hard on projects that will be displayed at our Open House, Jan. 31.
RELIGION - We are working on a poster that is reflecting our understanding of the Great Commandment. As we learn about the first commandment and how it is important to love God above all things, we will research a few saints and act out a particular event in the life of that saint to emphasize their love of God.
MATH - Multiplication of multi-digit numbers will be the focus of our math classes until most of the students have a clear understanding of its process. Studying of the facts is very important. It will help your child to stress less  as we learn how to multiply. We will teach a variety of methods, hoping to find a way which is easiest for each student. parents, don't be alarmed by the different strategies and don't try to teach your way, it only causes major confusion.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will continue our study of the Southeastern States by making a booklet that will show the difference between the Atlantic States, the Gulf States, and the Inland States. The finished product will be on display at Open House.
     READING - We are in the process of reading "The Tale of Despereaux". The goals associated with this novel are to be able to identify the various themes, know the characteristics of a fantasy, and recognize character traits of the main characters. Each student should be reading a book of their choice and working on three assignments from the tic-tac-toe sheet. The reading assignments are due Thursday, January 28.
     SPELLING - Our spelling words are contractions this week. Please study so you know where the apostrophe goes.
     ENGLISH - This week our "Buzzword" is adventurous. We will not have a prompt, like normal, but since we have our winter writing assessment, we will use the word adventurous in that writing assignment. It will be a short impromptu 15 minute writing.


RELIGION - We are studying about The Great Commandment and how it summarizes all the commandments. We will concentrate on the First Commandment and what it is we need to do to follow that commandment.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about the early history of the Southeast states. Each student is part of a small group that will present a small portion of this history in skit form to the class.
MATH - We are reviewing the skills we learned in Unit 4 to prepare for a test scheduled for Wednesday, Jan. 13. We have gone over adding and subtracting decimals, metric conversion of millimeters, centimeters, and meters, and comparing and ordering decimals. The next unit will lead us into the multiplication of multi digit numbers.


Hopefully everyone has played, relaxed and rested over the recent holiday break. Believe it or not, we are only two weeks away from completing the first half of the school year. If the second half flies by as quickly as the first did, we need to surge ahead and get busy! There is still a lot to learn before we pass these current children on to fifth grade.
RELIGION - We have begun our study of Moses' plight to protect the Israelites and how he was chosen to expose his people to the Ten Commandments. The fourth grade will study each commandment to know and understand what they must do to follow the laws of God.
MATH - As we ease ourselves back into school mode, our goals in math this week are to be able to read, write and understand decimals through the thousandths place. We will also learn to convert millimeters to centimeters and centimeters to meters. We are expecting to complete Unit 4 this week and we are anticipating a test will be scheduled for next Tuesday. We will send a study guide home on Friday.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are outlining sections about the southeast to learn about the land, its climate and its natural resources. Outlining helps the students to recall information we have discussed in class.
     READING - Up to this point, we have been reading class novels that have been realistic fiction. This week we introduced the fantasy genre, helping the students recognize the characteristics of such writings.
     ENGLISH -  The "buzzword" this week is tedious. The prompt that will reiterate its meaning is: Tell about a tedious task that you were asked  to complete at home. The prompt will be due on Thursday, but could be pushed to Friday if we don't  get time to complete our rough draft.
    SPELLING - The words this week are plurals using s, es, or ies endings. Please take time to study with your children, the words are harder than usual.


The week is a busy one, but we are trying to maintain our academic schedule, even though we have a big production to perform this Thursday.
It appears we have completed all our activities for Winn Dixie and are ready to read "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". The students like to compare and contrast the events of their own Christmas performance.
Our Buzz Word this week is "elated". The prompt assigned to help the students understand this word is: Describe an event when you felt elated.
The words are not extremely difficult this week, but they are ones that could easily be misspelled. It is a busy time of year, but try to go over the spelling words some each evening. Several  students  are in need of constant repetition and study time.
RELIGION - As we learn about the season of Advent, we are encouraging the students to bring peacefulness to our little corner of the world. We will be working on our personal Jesse trees for the remainder of December to learn about the people that preceded the birth of Jesus.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will begin our study of the Southeast states, learning about the geography, the climate, and the natural resources. We will continue to learn to outline the important facts of the chapter. 
MATH - We are learning to recognize decimals to the nearest tenth, hundredth, and thousandth. We will also practice adding and subtracting decimals, emphasizing the importance of lining up the decimal points


The fourth grade actors' guild has been busily practicing for their presentation of "On Our Way To Bethlehem". They are taking pride in their parts with intent of sharing the Christmas story with utmost perfection. You will be amazed by their angelic voices and their awesome stage presence!