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     The students did a great job last week at mass. They were able to get up in front of the congregation and report one fact about the saint they researched with confidence. With the saint reports completed, we are back in our text books. We are discussing the word conscience and understanding that we were given this gift of conscience to know the difference between right and wrong, good and evil. Some of our fourth graders graciously volunteered to color Veteran Coloring books which will be given to the veteran residents of The Laurels in Milford.
     We are continuing our study of the Northeast. We have completed written outlines about the geography, climate, and natural resources of the Northeast. We did illustrative outlining about the early history of the Northeast. Next we will make posters to show the growth that occurred in the Northeast.
     Math is requiring more intense thought. We are working with true and false number sentences, solving equations with parentheses, and solving open number sentences. Don't forget to practice multiplication facts each evening!
     READING - We are about halfway through "Because of Winn Dixie". Characters are an important part of this book. As the characters grow and become more apart of the story, we will be analyzing the traits and personality of each. We will also discuss the importance each character has in building the main character's person.
     WRITING -  Our "Buzzword" this week is diligent. The prompt is : Describe the study habits of a diligent student trying to make the second trimester more successful.
     SPELLING - I am expecting high grades on the spelling test this week. The list of words contain the long sounds of a,i, and o and they are not exceptionally challenging.


    We are in our final stages of completing our written saint reports. The oral reports, in which we our explaining the symbols we used to represent the saints we researched, are coming along very nicely. Most of the students have been able to get up with confidence and present their classmates with some interesting information.
     This week we will sharpen our word problem solving skills, work with true and false number sentences, and solve number sentences with parentheses. Multiplication facts should be studied a little each evening. It will only help make the multiplication of multi-digit numbers easier. We are expecting to give a Chapter 3 Test next week, probably Wednesday.  
     Fourth graders are learning to outline important information from their textbook. We have learned about the geography, the climate, and important natural resources of the Northeast region. We will tackle the  early history of the Northeast with an illustrative outline.
     READING - We are midway through the novel "Winn Dixie". We are working on analyzing the characters and learning the purpose that each character adds to understanding the themes presented in this story.
     WRITING - We will not assign a "Buzzword prompt" this week due to the fact that we are putting our energies in to completing the saint reports.
     SPELLING - Our spelling list this week include words that contain short vowel sounds. Most of our words can be spelled easily by sounding out the sounds, but some will require the students to study.


     The students are fervently working on their saint reports. Many are still researching to find out all they can about their assigned saints. Others are diligently using the knowledge they have acquired to write a well informed report on their saints. It is our intent to have the saint reports totally completed by early next week. Don't forget the second part of the saint project is to make a shield representing  a particular saint's life. This is due on Monday, November 2. The fourth grade students will share their prized shields at Mass next Thursday, November 5.
     We are practicing our multiplication facts repeatedly to recognize them immediately, hence the weekly timed tests. Study facts a little each day!
We will also learn to measure air distance and we will practice solving word problems for the remainder of the week.
     Our focus for the next couple of weeks will be on the Northeast region. We have made states and capital cards to use as study tools. Our newest endeavor is to learn how to outline facts from our textbook. We are learning about the geography and climate of the northeast region this week.
     READING - We are reading our way through Winn Dixie and learning how the main characters have influenced the way the story is progressing.
     WRITING - The Buzzword this week is "fortitude", significant as we research the lives of the saints. The prompt will be , "When will a person need to show fortitude and explain why."
     SPELLING - Our spelling list contains words using the many spellings for the short and long e sounds.


RELIGION - We will be spending a lot of time researching and writing about the saints we have been assigned. At this point we are researching information from books and internet resources. It is definitely okay to help them to find information on their particular saint. Help them find things that are somewhat easy for them to understand. When we think we have read and gathered enough information, we will begin writing the paragraphs for our reports. There is a definite outline we will be following, as we progress through this process.
MATH - Focus will be on memorizing the multiplication facts 0-12. It is important to know these facts with an immediate response. Knowing  the multiplication facts verbatim will help the process as we learn to multiply and divide multi-digit number
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing for the Chapter 2 Test and will start learning about the Northeast region.
     READING - Our newest class novel is "Because of Winn Dixie". As we read about the adventures of a friend and her dog, we will learn to recognize the themes within a story.
     SPELLING - Our word list contains words that have double letters. Some are easy, and of course some are rather difficult to spell. Be sure to study with your student some each evening.
     WRITING - Our buzz word this week is "cantankerous". The prompt will be : How do you feel when you are around a cantankerous person? The prompt will be due on Friday.


 By week's end the students should know the difference between venial and mortal sins and also sins of commission and sins of omission.
This week we will practice making bar graphs and line plots using a specific set of data. We will also learn a few methods to make subtraction easier. We are finding a method that helps your children get the correct answer most easily.
We will continue learning facts about the three branches of government, as well as doing our artistic rendition of the Capitol Building, the White House, and the Supreme Court Building. We will also learn about the Constitution and the rights and duties of a citizen.
Reading - We have finished Stone Fox and are now in the mode of finishing our Stone Fox projects. We will watch the movie and compare and contrast the movie form to the book form.
Writing - There will be no Buzzword Prompt this week, but I have some fun creative writing activities planned for almost every day.
Spelling - Our words this week will include the ch, tch, and sh sounds somewhere within the words.


RELIGION - This week our focus will be on sin.  We will learn ways that we sin by what we do and don't do. There will be a retake on the Beatitude Test this Thursday for those students who didn't do so well.
MATH - Our quest this week, has us reviewing some ways to add multi-digit numbers. We expose the students to different possibilities of solving problems in order to maybe find a way that helps them to connect to the process more easily. Some of the methods are helpful  and encourage solving problems mentally.   
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we are concentrating on patriotism and the three branches of government. We will work on the lap tops to research
some of the symbols of patriotism. Another project that we will begin this week is our drawing of the three government buildings. Very impressive to see!
     READING - Our intention is to finish "Stone Fox". We have spent time analyzing the characters and the setting. Now we focus on the sequence of events that have built the story.
     WRITING - Our "Buzz Word" this week is repulsive. The prompt will be one in which the students will convince their reader to believe that a snake is or is not a repulsive creature.
     SPELLING - This week is a review week. There are words that are taken from our previous five lessons. Therefore, all students should get an A on their spelling test!


RELIGION - We are using our religion time to focus on the Pope's visit to the United States. We are sharing information that may help the children connect to something they may hear on the news as they are passing through for a snack. We will also finish our work on the beatitudes for the test that we will have on Friday.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing a lot of general information about the United States, as we prepare for our first Social Studies test. The students are always shocked by the length of this test and tend to become over anxious. It should go well for most because the material has been repeated over and over in class several times. Through the remainder of the week, we will learn about the cultural diversity that makes up the United States.
MATH - Our focus this week will be to recognize the place value of numbers in the millions. We should be able to read and write these rather large numbers with ease. We will also learn to recognize the landmark words, such as maximum, minimum, mode, range and median, when talking about a set of data.
     READING - We are midway through "Stone Fox" realizing the purpose of each character and  also understanding the affects the setting has on the outcome of the story.
     WRITING - Our "Buzz Word" this week is perplexed. The students are working on a prompt which tells about a time they were perplexed.
They will probably have a lot to talk about!
     SPELLING - The students are working with words that end with the suffixes er and est. They will be working with words that often change from their original base word.


     As we learn about the Beatitudes, we will be making a Beatitude booklet. The purpose of this booklet will help the students define and understand their job as disciples of Jesus.
     We are reviewing the math skills we learned in Unit 1 for the test that is happening on Tuesday, Sept. 15.
     Each Friday, we will take a timed test of one hundred math facts. For the first couple of months we will alternate addition and subtraction, and then eventually work to strengthen our knowledge of the multiplication facts. The goal is to improve each week, with hopes of reaching 100% within the 3-minute time limit.
     The week ahead has us learning about the various climates throughout the United States. We will also learn about the natural resources and how they affect how people make a living in the various regions.
   Reading - We are working our way through "Stone Fox" and learning about the main characters. As we read, we are always responding with a written response, taking every opportunity to practice and improve our writing skills.
   Writing - The "Buzzword" this week is rickety. The prompt is : Describe something you have seen that is rickety. The Final copy is due by Thursday.  We have been working on our weekly prompts during class, so the most you are probably seeing is the final copy.
   Spelling - The weekly packet is designed to have the students use the words and forcing them to practice spelling the words correctly. Please practice those words with your child each week before the Friday spelling test.


      The students will continue to work with compasses and straightedges to make circle, hexagon, and triangle constructions. We are planning on a unit test next Tuesday(9/15). A study guide will be sent home on Friday to help you review.
      This week the Beatitudes will be the focus of our religion classes. The students will learn about the Beatitudes, as well as understand how to live them. They will also be required to memorize the Beatitudes .
      The students will get a chance to use the laptops to find information about the Statue of Liberty.  We will also put names to the landforms we made in our clay elevation maps, as well as learn about their characteristics.
      READING - We will finish writing a summary of "Freckle Juice", before we begin our novel, "Stone Fox". Our emphasis will be to recognize the character traits of the main characters and also compare and contrast them to each other.
      WRITING - We will not have a "Buzzword" this week, but the writing of our summary will keep us busy. When our summary is complete, we plan on working on some fun writing activities at the end of the week.
      SPELLING - This week all our words will make the k or f sounds. Be sure to study with your child a little each evening.




     The first chapter in our text has emphasized discipleship and getting to know more about Jesus. We are reviewing and preparing for the end of the chapter review. By week's end we will begin our study of the Beatitudes.
     Reading - We are in the process of completing our first class novel, "Freckle Juice". It was an easy read, but we will use the simplicity of this book to learn how to write a summary.
     Writing - The Buzz Word for the week is "treacherous". The prompt that will be assigned for this word is: "Would you ever participate in a treacherous sport or activity?" We will go over the writing process in class and the final copy will be due on Thursday.
     Spelling - This week's words contain the silent letter combinations kn, wr, and mb. The weekly spelling packet is due on Friday. 
     We are continuing our geometry study, focusing on quadrangles and their various characteristics and properties. We will also learn to use a compass to make concentric circles and other circle constructions.
     Before we begin our study of the five regions of the United States, we will learn about the various landforms that make up the surface of the U.S.. We will use Model Magic to make an elevation map of the landforms we have learned about.

     Reading - We are going to read our first class novel, "Freckle Juice", in which the students will learn to recognize a character's traits and how they affect the way the story will go. The students will also learn to write their first summary.
     Writing - Most weeks, the students will be introduced to a weekly vocabulary word, also known as a "Buzz Word". This week's word is ability. The students will identify its meaning and be able to use it in a prompt that will be due on Thursday. We will work on the organization and writing of the prompt in class for the first few weeks
     Spelling - The list of words this week include words that begin with the blends thr, scr, and str. A test will be given each Friday assessing the students' knowledge of the week's words.
MATH - We are starting off the year reviewing geometry terms. The easiest terms being point, line, line segment, and ray. As the week progresses, we will be able to identify the different kinds of angles and move into identifying the different kinds of quadrangles.
RELIGION - The week ahead has us learning about the Incarnation of Jesus, the Holy Trinity, and our call to be disciples of Jesus. Discussions and hands-on projects will help to make these topics more relevant to our students.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning basic geography terms as we work our way to learning about the regions of the United States. Some of the ideas that will be mentioned this week will be the continents, oceans, intermediate and cardinal directions, and global and relative locations.