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Week of October 12, 2015

Because 5A did such a fantastic job collection for the Run4Fun fundraiser, they have been awarded a Donut Day every Tuesday for the next four weeks. What does that mean? That Mrs. Voto is supplying the donuts and the kids are permitted to bring a morning beverage! We will be breakfasting while we work! A big THANK YOU to all who were so generous during our fundraiser.
Remember that this week, we are off on Friday and next Monday.
Religion: We are beginning chapter 3 in our book (we skipped to the Mary chapter(19) and finished it and now are back! It is the chapter that does an overview of the Sacraments. We will be praying the Rosary this Wednesday as a whole school. Remind your children to bring their rosaries.
Language Arts: We begin Spelling Unit 8 - Homophones and our WoW word this week is: HERPETOLOGY. Your writing prompt for this week: There are some little frogs that live in South America that are so poisonous that just touching one is enough to make a human ill. How could a herpetologist learn about these frogs without harming himself or herself? Do you think herpetologists ever eat frog legs? We have begun our novel, Hatchet, and the children have picked up some of the tools that Gary Paulson has used to stress things that are important to the story. 
MathVoto: We are shifting into traditional math with multiplication of two digit numbers by a two digit number. We are also throwing in decimals as we go. The children are beginning to see the need for estimation to check their answers.
Science: We are looking at the formation of a star, including our own sun and taking a look at what kind of energy is being used by earth.

Week of October 5, 2015

This is going to be a very busy week! We have Pajama Day tomorrow (Tuesday, October 6th) and electronic day. The kids know pajamas need to be decent and games need to be age appropriate. 
Religion: We are finishing our chapter on Mary. The children are choosing a picture to go with their title for Mary and writing why they chose the picture they chose and those will be hung on our Mary Wall by the 5th grade rooms.
Language Arts: We are working on more vowel + r spelling combinations in Unit 7 and our WoW word for this week is SERPENTINE. The prompt is: write about three animals that move in a serpentine manner and explain why they do it. We will be starting our novel, Hatchet, this week.
Math: The students are working a little probability problem in class and we continue to work with decimals.
Science: The students are working out some experiments to test the rays of the sun. We are trying to figure out a uniform process that scientists might use!

Parents Take Notice!

5A Takes the Lead

I just wanted to thank all the parents of 5A because our homeroom has reached four of our five classroom goals for the TITAN RUN4FUN fundraiser! So, that means a No Homework night tonight and they have been cleared to wear crazy socks and crazy hats tomorrow (Thursday, October 1).

Happy Feast Day to all Michaels, Raphaels, and Gabriels!

Today is the feast day of the Archangels! Remember to say thank you to God for His mighty messengers!

Week of September 28, 2015

This week we have Everybody Counts on Thursday. I love this program. It helps the children see that even though people have physical differences or have learning disabilities, we are all the same in God's eyes! The 5th grade has some challenging exercises that help them to empathize with children who have learning disabilities.
Religion: We present the Litany to the Blessed Virgin Mary to emphasize some of the ways the Church honors Mary. The students will be given one of Mary's titles and then hunt for a picture that represents the title. They will also have to write a little blurb about why they chose the picture they chose.
Language Arts: We are working with the spelling patterns of vowels + r in Unit 6. Our WoW this week is IMPECCABLE and the blurb is asking the kids to write about some food they think tastes impeccable.
Math: We are working on adding and subtracting with numbers that have decimals.
Science: The students are finishing with our first chapter on what we find in our solar system and the vocabulary that we have been introduced to.

Welcome to the United States, Pope Francis!

What a great day! Our Holy Father landed in D.C. earlier today and the children had a chance to see and hear his words as he greeted Americans at the White House. Later today he will canonize Juniper Serra at the largest cathedral in the Americas, the Basilica of the Nations Shrine of the Immaculate Conception!

Week of September 21, 2015

What a great week for Catholics! Our Pope is coming to the United States and we are going to experience some "firsts"! It will be the first time that a saint will be canonized on American soil. It is Blessed Juniper Serra, who was responsible for setting up many missions along the California coastline. Pope Francis will also address the whole Congress while he is in Washington, D.C. This is a first. He will travel to New York to address the United Nations and pray at the memorial for all the victims of 9/11. Then, on to Philadelphia to participate in the Conference on Families. 
Please take time to discuss (and maybe even watch) some of these historic events with your children. And pray. Pray for our Holy Father...for his safety and for his message!
Religion: We are going to try to catch some of the televised events following Pope Francis on EWTN. We are still discussing our chapter over Mary and doing activies connecting the two.
Language Arts: We move into Unit 5 in Spelling and our WoW is ARDUOUS. The prompt has the students writing about something that is arduous for them to do. We continue to read our novel, From the Mixed-Up Files as we look at comparing characters and character development.
Math: We move into our estimation of addition and subtraction of decimals chapter.
Science: We are going to take a look at the stages of a star.

The Seven Dolours

During the month of September, the Church remembers the Seven Sorrows(or Dolours) of Our Blessed Mother in a novena that would have ended today. Today is the feast of Our Lady of Sorrows.

Field Trip on Thursday!

Please do not forget our field trip to the Observatory of Cincinnati!

Students do not need to pack their lunches. We will be back in plenty of time. The students will remain in their uniforms! Thank you!

Week of September 14

This week begins with an early dismissal so that the teachers can get to together to have some professional development!
Religion:  We are working on our study of Mary. (That would be Chapter 19 in our textbook). We start with the Annunciation, Mary's YES to God and how we are asked to say 'yes' to God in our everyday lives.
Language Arts:  We introduce Unit 4 in Spelling and our WoW  is PEDESTRIAN. Their prompt for pedestrian asks the student to write about the most nonpedestrian thing that s/he has done. We are reading From the Mixed-Up Files discussing protagonist and antagonist for this novel. We continue our study of nouns, also.
Math: We are working on factors, prime and composite numbers. We are also studying square numbers. The children have been using in the classroom and can now use this tool at home. Please encourage your child to practice their math facts and even using this tool as a way to do it! The children can also work on math applications on this website.
Science: We are continuing our study on the sun, moon and earth. We will be off to the Observatory of Cincinnati on Thursday, Sept. 17th. We will be leaving the campus at 9:15 a.m. and return by 11:50, in time for recess and lunch. The children will be in uniform for this fieldtrip!

Week of September 8, 2015

Today we celebrated Mary's birthday with a little treat! 
Religion: We finished chapter 2 and are working on the review of vocabulary and concepts. We jump all the way to chapter 19 where the book discusses Mary's role in salvation history and in our Church today!
Language Arts: We are working on spelling patterns for long i and in Unit 3. The WoW word is MYRIAD and the prompt is: Can you think of a myriad of reasons you should have 5 extra minutes of recess? OR Can you think of a myriad of reasons you shouldn't have to take out the garbage?
Math: We are working to identify prime and composite numbers right now...moving in to factoring of numbers. 
Science: We have been identifying vocabulary for the relationship between the sun, earth and the moon.
Do not forget to turn in your permission slip for our field trip next week to the Cincinnati Observatory! If you wish to be a chaperone, remember that you must be current with your Virtus training! Thank you!