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Week of October 23

Here's what's going on:
8th Grade Religion - We are beginning Chapter 5, discussing the importance of the structure of our churches and how they reflected the community where they were built. The students were given their permission slips for our Church Pilgrimage that will take place on November 15th. The cost is 15.00. If anyone finds this to be a difficulty at this time, please notify me.
6th Grade Religion - We are moving into Unit 2, where we will learn about Abraham and Sarah.
6th Grade Reading - We have begun our second novel, A Year Down Yonder. It is a chance to take a look at the author, Richard Peck and some of his writing traits!

Week of October 9

Looking forward to our All School Mass on Friday, which is also the 100th anniversary of Our Lady of Fatima! We will be praying the Rosary before Mass and even having a Benediction after. How blessed we are!
8th Gr Religion - We will listen to presentations of the saints and finish our chapter on Prayer.
6th Gr Religion - We are finishing up Chapter 3, discovering how God is the creator of all that is good!
6th Gr Reading - We finish our novel, A Long Way From Chicago and discuss the themes that Richard Peck explored.

Week of October 2 - Month of the Holy Rosary

This week begins the month of October and the Church honors Our Blessed Mother because this is the Month of the Holy Rosary! Our Lady of Fatima's message is to pray the rosary often. Take up the practice of praying the rosary each day. She promises many graces to those who do!
All of my Religion classes will be spending time at Adoration this week. Come pray with us on Wednesday as we sit with Jesus present in the Eucharist. Your children will tell you how great it is to open their hearts to our Lord; to be in silence! What a gift!
8th Gr Religion - We test over Chapter 3 and will be introduced to Prayer in Chapter 4. Please bring your rosaries to class this week. We will plan to pray them!  Fr. Chris and Catherine Fasano (our Youth Minister) will be in class on Thursday as we present the 4th session of Altaration. 
6th Gr Religion - We begin discussions about how everything that is created by God is good. We will talk about what it really means to be made in God's image. We will talk about how evolution is a part of our faith and exactly how that fits into Sacred Scripture. There is also comparisons made of the two stories of creation in the book of Genesis! Hope to have Fr. Chris join us to talk about how humans are different from all God's other creations!
6th Gr Reading - We will be correcting Unit 2 Vocabulary Workshop exercises and the test will be on Wednesday, Oct 4th! We will read our novel, A Long Way From Chicago  and work on vocab from the story. Our Free Read Friday worked very well so we will do it again this week. 

Week of September 19

Welcome back to the 6th Graders!! I hope that Camp Kern was a memorable time for you filled with much learning and lots of fun. I would also like to thank Mrs. Jean Frey for spending time with the 8th graders on Friday making rosaries and sharing the story of Fatima with them. The rosaries they made were beautiful! Here's what's happening this week:
8th Grade Religion - Students will be tested on the Morning Offering Prayer and we finish Chapter 2 with a Quiz! We take a look at Chapter 3 which identifies the 7 Precepts of the Church. As a quick review of the Old Testament there will be a Bible Hunt.
6th Grade Religion - We are finishing Chapter 2, so expect a quiz and the students must have the Morning Offering Prayer memorized with a quiz later this week. In Chapter 3 we discuss what it means to be made in God's image.
We will also review Sunday's Readings.
6th Grade Reading - We continue with our class novel, A Long Way From Chicago and take a look at how Richard Peck has changed our views about Grandma Dowdel! We'll also look at his use of figurative language, especially idioms!

Week of Sept 5

 Today marks the first anniversary of one of my favorite saints, St. Teresa of Calcutta! I just loved how she emphasized how precious life is from the moment of conception to a life's nature death. What courage she had!
Religion 8 - We discuss the images of Church. We also will have Fr. Chris Geiger coming into the classroom on Thursday. We are beginning a 4-part series on the Mass.
Religion 6 - We will be discussing the actual make-up of the Bible - how it is divided into books; writing styles of the Books; a way to know God better. This week we will take some time to create a Bible Bookmark for use this year.
Reading 6 - We are working our way through A Long Way from Chicago and discussing character development and figurative language as we go along! I have also had the children on easyCBM which helps determine comprehension levels, as well as digitalREADS. This online website provides short non-fiction reads that check comprehension and build vocabulary.

Week of August 28

 Religion 8th Grade - Introduction to our text...discussions about what is 'church' to us. 8A is planning the Mass this Wednesday. Come pray with us!
Religion 6th Grade - Introduction to our text... discussions about God's plan for us because of His love for us!
Reading 6th Grade - Beginning our novel A Long Way from Chicago by Richard Peck. We will take a look at plot and character development

Week of May 15

Here's what is happening:
Religion: We finish our prophets of the Old Testament (Chapter 23) and take a look at what this all has to do with our relationship with Jesus (Chapter 24).
Math - 7Y - We are taking a look at graphing linear equations.
Math - 7X - We are still working on graphing linear systems.
Math - 6X -  We finish our chapter on Ratios and Proportions and work on review of year.

Week of May 8

The weeks are moving way too fast! I am still expecting the students to work until the end! Here's what's happening in classes:
Religion: Working on finishing Chapter 23, Jeremiah and Ezekial and some other little surprises are being completed.
7Y - Math - We are working on graphing linear equastions.
7X - Math - We are working on graphing inequalities and systems of linear equations.
6X - Math - Testing over Chapter 8 and introducing ratios and rates.
Reading - We have begun a new novel, A View From Saturday, discussing the author's choice of narration, character development and what's going on with plot!

Week of May 1

Happy Feast of St. Joseph! ...and welcome to May, the fastest month in the school year! Here's what's going on:
Religion: We are finishing Chapter 22, discussing how to remain holy in whatever we are doing! The next chapter takes a look at the prophets Jeremiah and Ezekial!
Math - 7Y - We are finishing chapter 8 on Geometry Test Thursday
Math - 7X - Working on graphing inequalities
Math - 6X - Geometry patterns and a quiz on Tuesday. Finish Chapter 8 and Quiz over 8.9-8.11. Test will follow next week.
Reading - We will finish Bud, Not Buddy and take our Vocab Workshop test Unit 13 on Tuesday. We will quicken the pace of the last two Units to try to finish the book. I will give them some time in class to work on the unit exercises...but they still have to be studying hard!

Week of April 24

I hope you had a very blessed Easter. I know I did! 
Here's what's happening this week:
Religion 6X - We prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet on Monday and we are finishing Chapter 21. Chapter 22 will discuss the prophet Isaiah and talk about how we can be holy in any occupation. 
Math - 7Y -  Finishing Chapter 8 - Geometry! We will play with translations, reflections, and rotations using the Gealgebra website.
Math - 7X - We are working with slopes, calculating and plotting. By the end of the week, we should be working with inequalities.
Math - 6X - Identifying triangles, quadrilaterals and polygons and experiencing geometric patterns this week.
Reading - Reading more of Bud, Not Buddy, making predictions based on info author has revealed about each of our characters and beginning work on Unit 13 Vocab Workshop.