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Week of February 12

We welcome the beginning of Lent on Wednesday, Ash Wednesday! All the Religion classes will be discussing ways to make better our relationship with Jesus.
Religion 8th Grade - We will be testing over Chapter 11 - The Apostolic Era and working on a project for a more deeper appreciation for Lent.
Religion 6th Grade - We are completing our project for Lent and discussing the purpose of Lent. We will also talk about the ways that our God loves us and forgives us. Chapter 14 talks about the power of being healed of our sins.
Reading 6th Grade - We are finishing up our novel, A Wrinkle in Time, and will be testing over the whole book. Looking for the test to be Thursday. We also began Unit 8 in Vocab Workshop. Please mark February 22 as the date the students should finish the work pages and February 23 (Friday) will be the test!

Week of January 16

Here's what will be going on this week:
Religion 8th Grade - We are beginning our third unit that takes a look at the early Church. We will be looking at what was going on right after Pentecost. Challenging 8th graders to memorize the correct order of the 27 Books in the New Testament.
Religion 6th Grade - The students are working on a Plagues packet and then a special packet for the 10th plague and the Passover.
Reading 6th Grade - We continue our novel, A Wrinkle in Time and review/retell the first three chapters. Discussions and predictions will be made about the three special characters from each chapter.

For Week Beginning January 8

To all parents I just wanted to thank you for your generosity this Christmas! What a wonderful Christmas break this was. I hope yours was as well. We celebrated St. Elizabeth Ann Seton's feast day with a special reflection prayer that she wrote over a hundred years ago! Isn't our Church amazing in that we can unite with the Saints in prayer! It IS great to be Catholic! Here's what's happening for the week (maybe...depending on the weather.) 
The Epiphany Blessing will be done this year by Fr. Chris on Thursday, Jan 11th. Please read about this wonderful blessing and consider blessing your own doorway and house this year!
6th Grade Religion - We are learning about Moses and the 10 plagues that were used by God to convince Pharaoh that he needed to let God's People go! We finish up Chapter 10 by the end of the week.
6th Grade Reading - We have started a new novel, A Wrinkle in Time. We are also working on Vocab Workshop, Unit 6.
8th Grade Religion - We are discussing the last Mark of the Four Marks of the Catholic Church: APOSTOLIC. The students will be introduced to the Pope project  and we will finish up Chapter 9 and do a review of Unit 2.

Week of Dec 18

I would like to take this time to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas and I pray that you may have a blessed New Year! 
Religion: 8th Grade - Working on Christmas cards and finishing our prayer journal reflections.
Religion: 6th Grade - Working on Christmas cards and finishing prayer journal reflections.
All Religion classes must turn in Advent Scripture Study sheets and Advent Kindness Calendar with reflections!
Reading: 6th Grade finishing Bud, Not Buddy!

Week of December 11

We enter the second week of Advent, our hearts preparing for the coming of our Savior, Jesus Christ! Tomorrow (Tuesday) all the students at St. Andrew campus will be blessed with the opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Help your child to prepare by offering ways that they may reflect on their weaknesses...the things that are keeping them from the Love and Mercy of our Heavenly Father.
8th Grade Religion: Please study Chapter 8. The test will be on Wednesday! Do not forget your Scripture readings for this week!
6th Grade Religion: We will review Unit 2 and then begin to look at Chapter 10: Moses. Do not forget your Scripture readings for this week!
6th Grade Reading: Vocab Workshop, Unit 5 should be completed by Tuesday and the test will be Wednesday. The children have all had the opportunity to use the Quizlet website to study. Make sure they look at synonyms and antonyms!
The Feast of the Immaculate Conception is tomorrow. In honor of that, your child is welcome to bring a breakfast drink to enjoy in homeroom/1st period! We will supply the eats!
Happy feast day to all! Come join us for Mass at 11:30 a.m.

Week of December 4

Happy New Year! (Liturgically speaking)

This is the first week of Advent. A time for reflection and preparation. Let us find new ways to let Jesus into our hearts. Make the most of this time. Talk with your children about how important Advent is to you! Make sure you join the conversations about the Scripture your child/children are reading this season.
Religion 8th Gr - Today was Religion test over Chapter 7 and the Angelus Prayer. We begin Advent with Scripture to read and the Jesse Tree to contemplate! We will also be working on Chapter 8 which talks about the third mark of the Catholic Church: CATHOLIC. The Feast of the Immaculate Conception will be celebrated on Thursday! It is a holy day of obligation and speaks to the importance of Mary in our Church and in our spiritual life. Stay close to Mary always!
Religion 6th Gr - Had our test over the Angelus today. We will be working our way through the Jesse Tree and the significance of remembering the holy people of our 'Salvation History'! We will also review Unit 2 and remember the Feast of the Immaculate Conception this week.
Reading 6th Gr - We are working to complete our novel, Bud, Not Buddy before Christmas break. We finished chapter 8, discussing why that chapter is so different from the others. We will talk about the way the author actually did that on purpose!!!

Week of November 27

Adopt-A-Family Cake Auction is this Friday! Bring your cash and an empty belly! Plenty of wonderful cakes to bid on! All of the money benefits families within the area!
8th Grade Religion: Finish up on Chapter 7, the second Mark of the Catholic Church:Holy. We revisit the sacraments and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. Thursday will be another Apologetics session with Fr. Chris and Catherine Fasano as we field questions from the students about their faith.
6th Grade Religion: Finish up Chapter 8 and move into the review of the second unit. We will also be discussing the end of the Liturgical Year!
6th Grade Reading: We continue our novel, Bud, Not Buddy discussing character traits of Bud and characters that he meets on the way to finding his dad!

Week of November 20

Praying that you enjoy this Thanksgiving Break and reflect on the wonderful ways in which God continues to bless us!
Religion - 8th - Reading Lincoln's Proclamation of Thanksgiving for our country and comparing it to the Catechism of the Catholic Church's definition of Eucharist! The similarities are amazing!
Religion - 6th - Working on cards for parents.
Reading - 6th - Reading more of Bud, Not Buddy.  Students must have Vocab Workshop pages finished by November 20th.
The test for Vocab Workshop will be given on Tuesday, November 21.

Week of November 6

Religion - 8th Gr - We are working on the four marks of the Catholic Church, the first being ONE. This week we are looking into and discussing ten of the encyclicals that had an impact on our Church and in the world. We will take a look at the time period in which they were written and discuss why the popes would have felt the need to write them when they did. 
Religion - 6th Gr. - We are reading about Jacob and how he was chosen by God to keep the covenant promises.
Reading - 6th Gr. - We hope to finish our novel, A Year Down Yonder and discuss the character development of both Mary Alice and Grandma Dowdel.

Week of October 30

This week is going to keep us on our toes! Tuesday is All Hallow's Eve. Wednesday is All Saints' Day and our retreat day with Net Ministries! Thursday we will have Mass for All Souls' Day! Friday is the St. Andrew Convention. We will try to get some lessons in...Here's what might happen:
8th Grade Religion - Chapter 6 We begin discussing the Four Marks of the Catholic Church. The first mark is ONE.
You should have received the permission slip for our Church Pilgrimage. Make sure these come in by November 3rd!
6th Grade Religion - We are discussing Jacob's story this week.
6th Grade Reading - We are enjoying A Year Down Yonder.