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Week of April 3

This week:
Religion: We are finishing Psalms, doing our weekly Scripture read and finishing our discussion on the Prophets.
Math - 7y - We are working on classifying polygons.
Math - 7X - We will be revisiting equations and then moving into graphing lines in Chapter 12.
Math - 6X - We will be constructing congruent segments and angles.
Reading - We continue with our novel, Bud, Not Buddy, Readworks, and intro to Unit 13 in our Vocab Workshop.

Week of March 27t's

Here's our week:
Religion: We are still with our Prophets of the Old Testament and working on our Psalms project.
Math - 7Y - Entered our Geometry Unit!
Math - 7X - Finishing our Inequalities Chapter. Test on Wednesday! Make sure notes are all caught up!
Math - 6X - Finishing our chapter on Data Collection. Chapter 6 test on Wednesday! Make sure notes are all caught up! Bring protractors and compasses for our Geometry chapter!
Reading - We are reading Bud, Not Buddy. It's an historical fiction and we are beginning Chapter 8. A lot is happening in this, the longest chapter in the book. We will be breaking it down to analyze why the author chose to write it this way and look at a piece of dialog that is fun with a purpose! Just what that purpose is remains to be discussed!

Week of March 20

A very blessed day to you on this, the Solemnity of St. Joseph!
Religion: We continue our journey through Lent with Week 4 passages from Scripture that the children are reading Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. We also continue moving through our Salvation History as we take a look at the holy prophets. 
Math - 7Y - Chapter 6 test on Wedenesday!
Math - 7X - Solving multi-step Inequalities in Chapter 11.
Math - 6X - Looking at how we collect and display data using graphs.
Reading - We begin Unit 12 in Vocab Workshop and listening to the story, the Bronze Bow and also reading Bud, Not Buddy.

Week of March 12

Now that Iowas are finished, we will be back on schedule with our classes. Here's how it should go:
Religion: We are in Week 3 of Lent. Your child should be reading Scripture on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights. During class we are studying King David and his life as King. The children will be working closely with Mrs. Mascolino during art class to hand-print one of the Psalms!
Math - 7Y - We are finishing up Chapter 6, working on percentages, decimals and fractions.
Math - 7X - We are finishing Chapter 8 (Geometry) and moving into Chapter 11, solving inequalities.
Math - 6X - We are finishing our unit on Integers and will move into Chapter 6, Data Collection and Graphs.
Reading - The students will have a test over the novel, Number the Stars and we are listening to The Bronze Bow. The students will be taking the test for Unit 11 in the Vocab Workshop. Please encourage your child to study this unit each night.

Week of March 6

This is the week of testing using the IOWAS! Please remember to have your child get a good night's rest and a breakfast!
Religion: We are in the season of Lent and your children will be reading selected Scripture each week. Please know that you could be a part of this exercise. Read the passages with them. Talk about them. They have to write a summary of what they read. After all three readings are finished, they must write a little reflection.
Math -7Y - We are working on calculating percent of a number.
Math - 7X - We are finishing up Chapter 8, finding volume and surface area of 3D objects.
Math - 6X - We are working with dividing integers. We will be finishing up this chapter soon, so expect a test by the end of the week...nothing labor-intense since the IOWAS are going on!
Reading - We are reading Number the Stars and begin Unit 11 for Vocab Workshop!

Week of February 27

This week with Mrs. Voto:
Religion: This week we begin the season of Lent and Lent is a time for us to renew and improve our relationship with God. What better way than to take a look at what we are doing on a daily basis. The students are working on a project that requires them to take a daily suggestion from one of three acts: PRAY, FAST, and GIVE and then to DO IT!!! I will be journeying with them on this one. We will be journaling as we go. 
Math - 7Y - We are working on the relationship between decimals, percents and fractions and estimating percents. By the end of the week, we will be calculating the percent of a number.
Math - 7X - We have moved into calculating surface area of prisms, cylinders and then pyramids and cones. We will contemplate the differences in formulas for these as well.
Math - 6X - We are adding and subtracting integers and then move into multiplying and dividing them as well. By the end of the week, we are mixing it all together to see if we can keep it straight! Should be exciting!
Reading - We will test on Vocab Workshop Unit 10 on Friday. Please put that on your calender so the children will study a section of words each night. We have begun our novel, Number the Stars. The students are working on vocab specifically unique to this novel as well as journaling about the story and the themes that are touched upon in this book. I have one more grade from their Genius Notebooks to add. 

Week of February 21

Hope everyone enjoyed the four-day weekend! As we begin this week, I'd like to welcome our 5th grade visitors who are checking out theSt. Andrew campus! Good to see familiar faces!
Religion: We are finishing Unit 3 with a chapter review! We will be taking a look at some Jewish traditions. Please ask your child about the "Mezuzah" and "Simchat Torah"!
Math - 7Y - Introducing Chapter 6 with Percents!
Math - 7X - We are working on finding volume of 3D figures, taking a look a the relationship of objects with a similar base and height.
Math - 6X - We are working on graphing objects on a coordinate graph and then what happens to those objects when we move then certain ways. Later in the week we will be adding and subtracting integers.
Reading - We will be working on Unit 10 in our Vocab Workshop workbook and beginning our new novel study, Number the Stars!

Week of February 13

We have a four-day week ahead of us. Here's what's going on:
Religion -  We are discussing the mercy of our Heavenly Father and have invited Fr. Chris to come into the classroom to discuss the beauty and necessity of the Sacrament of Reconciliation!
Math - 7Y - We are finishing up our chapter on proportions. This week we are working with what makes a figure similar to another and then move into scale drawings. They will spend some time mapping out our classroom!
Math - 7X - We are working on figuring the volume of three dimensional figures! We will spend Monday creating ORTHOGONAL VIEWS of boxes and cylinders! (Orthogonal views are flat drawings of a three dimensional object.)
Math - 6X - We are working on graphing shapes on coordinate graphs and then seeing what happens to their coordinates when moving them different ways.
Reading - All 6th graders will have their Vocab Workshop Unit 9 test on Thursday.  We finished My Side of the Mountain and will be moving into a new novel. In the meantime, the students are working on their Genius Project...reading and taking notes.

Week of February 6

What a wonderful Catholic Schools' Week we had!!! Thank you to everyone who took part in making it such a great week for our school community! Here's what this week holds:
Religion: We are looking at the Beatitudes in Chapter 13.
Math - 7Y - We are finishing Chapter 4 and looking at a test for the end of the week!
Math - 7X - We are working on perimeter and area. We will be exploring circles and how pi works! We will also hit volume of 3D figures.
Math - 6X - We have jumped to Chapter 11, discussing and exploring Integers!
Reading - We are finishing our novel, My Side of the Mountain this week and we will begin Unit 9 for the Vocab Workshop!

Week of January 23

This is a very busy week as we prepare for our celebration of Catholic Schools' Week! I am very excited to be going with the Smile Youth Group to Washington, D.C. as we March for Life! Please pray for all of us and pray for the conversion of hearts.  
Religion: We present our skits showing how the 10 Commandments are very active in our lives, demonstrating love to God and love to our neighbors.
Math - 7Y - Writing and solving proportions. There will be a quiz this week on sections 4.1-4.4.
Math - 7X - Having a little fun with our geometry unit. Students are working on tessellations and finding symmetry.
Math - 6X - We are finishing up our unit on fractions, working hard to multiply and divide mixed numbers. If all goes well, we will test over Chapter 5 on Friday!
Reading - We continue reading My Side of the Mountain and take a look at the author's use of personification. We will be on the hunt for some examples and then put our artistic abilities to the test! We are setting up our notebooks for the Genius Project! Please make sure that you allow time for your child to visit the library to find material (books) that they could bring with them to read.

Week of January 17

Here's what's happening this week:
Religion: We are taking a closer look at the 10 Commandments and how those Commandments look today. The students will be writing, directing and producing skits that show how these Commandments look!
Math - 7Y - We have begun Chapter 4 - Ratios and Proportions. The first part of this study is figuring out what they mean and then taking a look at how to write them!
Math - 7X - We continue working our geometry chapter. This week we are defining congruence using co-ordinate graphing and then challenging students to move a figure within the graph.
Math - 6X - As we continue working with fractions, we will be multiplying and dividing them this week!
Reading - We have begun reading the novel, My Side of the Mountain. We have identified characters and some techniques the author has chosen to attract the reader and draw then into the story. The students will also be asked to identify different examples of figurative language that the author, Jean Craighead George, loves to use!
Don't forget that Friday is an early dismissal day! Have a very blessed week!

Week of January 9

This week:
Religion - We will discuss the close of the Christmas season and Fr. Chris will bless our school doorway with the Three Kings Blessing! We will continue following Moses as he travels the desert with the Israelites and receives the 10 Commandments from God.
Math - 7Y - Reviewing for Chapter 3 test which will be Wednesday or Thursday (hopefully!) Then we move into Ratios and Proportions.
Math - 7X - We are working with the Triangle Sum Theorem and polygons. Expect a quiz on Wednesday or Thursday over angles. 
Math - 6X - We continue working with fractions, subtracting with regrouping! We will then work with multiplying fractions and mixed numbers. If I still have hair left by Friday, we will try an introduction to dividing fractions.
Reading - We finish up our Book Talk and continue Readworks comprehension checks. The students should finish Unit 7 of the Vocab Workshop workbook by Wednesday. We will start our new classroom novel, My Side of the Mountain by Thursday!

Week of January 3

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Welcome back to the start of 2017!
Religion: We will discuss the celebration of the Christmas season...and when it actually ends. Then we continue a closer look at Moses and the Israelites journeying through the desert.
Math -7y- We are finishing Chapter 3, working with fractions. I e3xpect to have a chapter test next Tuesday. Notes for Chapter 3 should be finished by Friday!
Math -7X- We are beginning Chapter 7, Geometry, working with angles.
Math -6X- We are working with adding and subtracting fractions. This week we will be regrouping fractions in order to subtract.
Reading - We are finishing our book, A Wrinkle in Time. We will take a look at some of the symbolism used and character development. The children should have their independent reading finished for Wednesday's discussions and questions.
Just wanted to take this time to thank all of my 6th graders for the very generous Christmas gifts! You are such a special group of people and I appreciate all your love and support. This is what makes SASEAS such a wonderful place to be! Thank you and may God continue to bless you. Please know that I will keep you all in my prayers!