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Week of October 18

So sorry to get this out late! Hope everyone enjoyed their extra day to  relax! We teachers were busy working on our faith journey. That was such a great treat for me to read Scripture and reflect...all before meeting and conferencing with parents!
Here's how our week should go:
Math - 7y - Finishing some work on Order of Operations and then moving into Integers.
Math - 7x - Looking at square roots and vocabulary and estimating and simplifying roots.
Math - 6x - We are working on decimals, determining value and putting them in order.
Reading - 6th Grade - We asre working on finishing A Year Down Yonder!
Religion - Finishing Chapter 4 about how sin entered our world and what that has done to the world we live in.

Week of October 10

Please do not forget that the final day for turning in pledges/money for the Run4Fun will be Thursday! 6B, we are so close to that Electronics Day!!!
Because the 6th grade is at Camp Kern until Wednesday, most of this post is dealing with the 7th grade Math. Here's what is going on:
7Y - Math - We will be working with integers. That means being able to put them in order from least to greatest or greatest to least, adding them and finally subtracting them. If there is time, we will be working with multiplying and dividing them!
7X - Math - We will be working with exponents, taking a look at what happens to a number when using negative exponents. There will also be work with scientific notation and where it is used in the 'real world'.
6X - Math - We will be introducing integers on Thursday!
Religion - On Thursday, October 13, (which just happens to be the feast of the Miracle at Fatima) we will be making rosaries! If any parent would like to come in and offer assistance, you are more than welcome. Please be here by 11:00. I will have a refresher course on how to tie those knots!

Week of October

Welcome to October, Month of the Holy Rosary! Here's what's happening this week:
Religion: We are working on Chapter 4 which describes how sin entered our world and how important forgiveniss is to us. We will also identify components of good moral choices.
Math - 7Y - We are spending time revisiting Chapter 1 concepts in preparation for a retake of this chapter...combining like termd and solving vs simplifying equations are some of the key concepts we will take a look at again. Test will be Wednesday. At the end of the week we will work with identifying integers and absolute value!
Math - 7X - We are working of representing functions with tables, graphs and equations. Looks like a quiz over this should happen on Thursday.
Math - 6X - The students will take another look at solving for  a variable by adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. Expect a quiz on Wednesday. By the end of the week we will be moving into decimals!
Reading - 6th Grade - We will work on story elements, particularly point of view and then have some fun with the idioms from our novel. Expect the Vocabulary Workshop test on Friday!

Week of September 26

Religion - This week we are working on finishing our Coat-of-Arms. Within this project, the students are learning how God created them as a unique and totally "love"-able human being! They will be completing this project by Wednesday and then we move on to Chapter 4.
Math 7Y - We test over Chapter 1 and then move into our study of Integers.
Math7X - We begin Chapter 3 which is working with graphs and functions.
Math 6X - We test over Chapter 2 on Tuesday and then move into decimals.
Reading - We started our new novel, A Year Down Yonder, by Richard Peck which is the sequel to A Long Way From Chicago. We are taking a look at how the character, Grandma, has influenced the other characters and how important point of view can be in a story.

Week of September 19

What's happening this week?
Religion 6X - We are beginning Chapter 3, highlighting vocabulary and taking a look at Genesis. We will be identifying all God's creation and the students will be introduced to their Name Shield Project.
Math 7Y - We are working with equations and identifying coefficients and like and unlike terms. By the end of the week we will be solving equations.
Math 7X - We begin our chapter on Rational Numbers. I was hoping that this would be review and we could test by Friday! Keep working on your notebooks!
Math 6X - With part of the class we will be re-visiting Chapter 1 concepts, reviewing order of operations. By the end of the week, I hope to have all students working solutions to equations.
Reading - 6th Grade - We will be finishing up our fist novel of the year and working on Unit 2 in our Vocab Workshop. I am expecting to grade the exercises for this unit on Wednesday so that they will be ready for test on Friday!

Week of Sept. 12

This is how our week should go:
7Y - We are working on identifying rational numbers and simplifying expressions and will have a short quiz on the first 5 sections of Chapter 1. Then we begin working algebraic equations and how these differ from expressions.
7X - We open up the week solving equations using addition, subtraction, multiplication and division and work with inequalities. Students should expect a quiz on Thursday that should help them prepare for the test over Chapter 1 on Friday!
6X - The six grade Math students are finishing up Chapter 1. We will work together the chapter review and then give the Chapter 1 test. Chapter 2 finds us moving into Algebra where we will work on the vocab of Math. I hope to do a little perimeter/area activity to keep those geometry terms 'fresh'.
6X Religion - The students will work on a review of Chapter 1 concepts and then move into Chapter 2 where we will take a closer look at our Bibles and, specifically, the books of the Old Testament. They will finish up their personal Bible Bookmarks.
6th Grade Reading - We continue in our novel, A Long Way From Chicago. We will check our vocabulary for the chapters covered as well as identify some of the many idioms within this read and try to figure out what they really mean! As we begin the seventh chapter, the students are going to have to predict what Grandma Dowdel is going to do this visit!

We celebrated the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary with a small treat and a "Hail Mary" before each class today. Happy Birthday, Mother Mary!

Week of Sept. 6

I wanted to thank you for all of your support on the night of Meet the Teacher! It was wonderful to see everyone again! This week will be a quick on because of the Labor Day holiday and an early dismissal on Friday. By class, here is how the week looks:
7Y Math - Working on scientific notation; doing some technology lab with graphing calculators and finishing the week with order of operations review. I will be checking notebooks this week!
7X Math - We are working on integers this week, reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them. There will be a quiz on Friday to assess skills.
6X Math - We are working on order of operation this week and looking to have a quiz Thursday and I will take a look at notebooks.
6X - Religion - We discuss how God reveals His plan to us. We are also taking a look at what the Old Testament is and WHERE it is. Our prayer journals have also been used as we are writing reflections from Mass as we work on deepening our relationship with Jesus.
6th Grade - Reading - We are moving through our novel, A Long Way from Chicago have had very interesting discussions about Richard Pecks hilarious Grandma Dowdel! The talk has focused about what is making her such an interesting character and trying to discover some of Mr. Peck's talent for creating such a unique character. We are also working on our first Vocabulary Workshop unit. The test for this unit has been moved to Monday! 
Just a side note: Tomorrow is the Feast of Mary's Birth. Wish all those named Mary a happy feast day!