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Week of Sept. 6

I wanted to thank you for all of your support on the night of Meet the Teacher! It was wonderful to see everyone again! This week will be a quick on because of the Labor Day holiday and an early dismissal on Friday. By class, here is how the week looks:
7Y Math - Working on scientific notation; doing some technology lab with graphing calculators and finishing the week with order of operations review. I will be checking notebooks this week!
7X Math - We are working on integers this week, reviewing adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing them. There will be a quiz on Friday to assess skills.
6X Math - We are working on order of operation this week and looking to have a quiz Thursday and I will take a look at notebooks.
6X - Religion - We discuss how God reveals His plan to us. We are also taking a look at what the Old Testament is and WHERE it is. Our prayer journals have also been used as we are writing reflections from Mass as we work on deepening our relationship with Jesus.
6th Grade - Reading - We are moving through our novel, A Long Way from Chicago have had very interesting discussions about Richard Pecks hilarious Grandma Dowdel! The talk has focused about what is making her such an interesting character and trying to discover some of Mr. Peck's talent for creating such a unique character. We are also working on our first Vocabulary Workshop unit. The test for this unit has been moved to Monday! 
Just a side note: Tomorrow is the Feast of Mary's Birth. Wish all those named Mary a happy feast day!

Week of May 16

Here's how our week is going:
Religion - Finishing up chapter on Holy Orders.
Language Arts - Working on the next section of our novel, Holes. We have been discussing the art of storytelling and 'connecting the dots' with our major characters! There will be no Wow or Spelling packet this week.
Math - We are reviewing math skills that include long division, adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and then introducing multiplication of fractions.
Science - We are finishing are chapter on matter and start hands-on with electricity.

The final Mass that our 5th grade is planning is this Wednesday, May 18th. Please come join us in celebration of their years at this campus!

Week of May 9

I just wanted to thank all the parents and students in the 5th grade for sending in such lovely letters, gift cards, chocolates, cookies, and beautiful flowers! I certainly felt appreciated! You are such a blessing to me! Know that I will keep you all in my prayers as the year winds down.
Religion: We covered our chapter on faith, hope and love, and move to the Sacrament of Marriage.
Language Arts: We are working on words in the English language that originated from French and other languages, Unit 30. Our WoW is GULLIBLE. The prompt for this week is to write about a time when you were gullible. We are working on our novel, Holes. We are looking for dynamic and static characters.
Math: We are working with integers and reviewing many of the concepts we have covered this year.
Science: We are working on ways matter is identified chemically!

My May 1st picture of Mary!

My goal is to post a picture of Mary each day in May! Enjoy!