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Week of Dec. 7, 2015

We had quite a successful button sale last Friday. We made over $776.00 from all those buttons! Thank you to all the fifth graders!
Here's what our week should look like:
Religion: We are working on the O Antiphons! The children will be constructing a shadowbox for their particular antiphon. The O Antiphons were titles for Jesus and each day from Dec.17th until Dec.23rd a different prayer is prayed featuring a title for our dear Savior. They have symbols that go with the titles. Those will be included in the shadowbox. We also talked about the Immaculate Conception feast day and why we were off school for this feast day! Please make sure your child gets to Mass.
Language Arts: We are on Unit 14 in Spelling. We are working on spelling patterns where the word must be divided between two vowels! The WoW is COLOSSAL and the prompt has the students writing about what they would do if covered by a colossal shadow!
Math: We are finishing up our chapter on Division. You will see review work for division of one digit divisors and two-digit divisors.
Science: We are working on volume using water displacement.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Most Merciful Lord, gathering for this meal of thanksgiving
we offer You, as our Creator, our thanks and praise
You who teach us to love without limit
You who teach us to forgive without counting the cost
You who teach us to give without seeking return

May we honor You through our words and actions
every day, every moment.
May we worship You through our lives with others,
lived in kindness and tender care.

May we fully realize what St. Faustina came to know:
that in our thankfulness, true earthly joy resides
that in Your love for us we find the heavenly harvest
that strengthens our souls, until we reside in You forever.

Praise and glory to You, Merciful Lord,
now and forever. Amen.


Our Field Trip to the Art Museum is Tuesday, November 24!

Please remember to pack a lunch and know that the students have to be in uniforms.
I would like to take the time to let you know how grateful I am for all of you and your children. It is a privilege to work at SASEAS and be a part of your children's lives. I keep you in my prayers, asking God to bless you and your family during this season!

Week of Nov. 16

As I am writing this, I realized that today is the feast of St. Gertrude the Great. She is the saint who was given the prayer for the Holy Souls in Purgatory that your children are learning. Saying this prayer can release 1,000 souls from Purgatory! Our duty as Catholics is to pray for these souls.
Religion: We finish Chapter 5 about Baptism and move into Chapter 6 which discusses the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Language Arts: Our Unit 12 in Spelling has to do with 2-syllable words and having a VCV pattern in them. The WoW is NOVEL. The definition we are using is: something that is new to us. The prompt is: Write about something that is NOVEL to your grandparents, but not to you! We also are continuing our class read, Where the Red Fern Grows.
Math: We are working on division using two digits in the divisor! Please continue to encourage the use of It will help them to work through their problems with a little more speed and accuracy!
Science: We are moving into our unit on MATTER. We have some definitions to work through, using hands-on activities!

Week of November 9, 2015

Religion - We are collecting our Mary Table pictures. Don't forget to get those turned in! We finished Chapter 4 and are beginning Chapter 5, which discusses the important symbols of Baptism and walk through what happens during a Baptism.
Language Arts - We are working on Unit 11 in Spelling and begin our unit on adjectives.  Our WoW is LUDICROUS and the prompt has the students writing about something they think is ludacrous. We are well into our novel, Where the Red Fern Grows. We are working on character traits and will be noting whether they are static or dynamic characters.
Math - We are working on division with one- and two-digit divisors.
Science - Students are working through experiments that help them understand variables a little better. We will be working on a two-coordinate graph, plotting points to display our data.
Please remember to thank a marine today. November 10th is the Marine Corps birthday! These brave men and women fought so we might be free!

Today marks the 240th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps!

Wish a Marine a Happy Birthday today and be sure to thank them for their service!

Week of November 2, 2015

This week begins November. We prayed the Rosary today for the Holy Souls in Purgatory. I ask you to pray with your family for these souls especially during this the octave of All Saints' Feast Day!
Religion:  We finish our chapter on Baptism and take a look at how the Sacrament of Baptism is performed and what the symbols represent!
Language Arts: We begin Unit 10 in Spelling which has us practicing words that end in -er, -or, -ar. Our WoW is CONUNDRUM. The prompt is: Which came first, the chicken or the egg? The students must remember to defend their view without using any words that refer to themselves! We also will begin our next novel, Where the Red Fern Grows
Math: Finished Unit 2 and heading into the unit on division! Make sure your child is working on math facts, especially division facts!
Science: We are working on experiments with different variables, determining which variables will change our results!
A special thank you to all the parents who were responsible for the 5th grade Halloween party! I know that the children had a terrific time. Thank you for making it so much fun!

The Feast of the Holy Souls of Purgatory

Today it is tradition that the Church on earth pray for the Holy Souls in purgatory!

Week of October 26, 2015

Can you believe that it is the last week of October? Hope you have given some time to praying the Rosary with your family. If not, there is still time! Don't forget that All Hallow's Eve is this week. (I know, like you would need a reminder for that!?!) Please be safe.
Religion: This week in Religion, we continue our study of Baptism taking a closer look at Scripture and the different baptisms that have been recorded. It signals the importance of this Sacrament of Initiation! We will be making Baptism cubes that include the day in which we were baptized.
Language Arts: We will look at Unit 9 in Spelling and DESIST is our Wow word. The prompt would ask students to write about ways you could convince people to desist from touching jellyfish or chasing skunks.
Math: We will be working on long division with a one-digit divisor. It is the last concept we work on before the Chapter 2 test. We might be taking that on Friday...or next week (Tuesday).
Science: We are working to finish our unit on the sun and light. Moving into a unit on variables.

Week of October 19, 2015

This week is only four days, but we will be doing much!
Religion: We finished Chapter 3 and are heading into Chapter 4 which is introducing us to the Sacrament of Baptism and shows the students where in scripture Jesus gave us this wonderful sacrament.
Language Arts: We are working on finishing our chapter on nouns, catching up in our Spelling workbook and reading more of Hatchet. The discussion will focus on the rising action and how the author keeps us in the story with descriptive writing. We'll look at ways we can improve our own writing by copying some of his methods.
Math: We continue to work on the mechanics of computation, especially multiplying numbers with decimals. We will introduce some long division, too, traditional-style.
Science: As we finish with our study of the sun and stars, we move into a study of Light and how light moves through different materials.