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Week of April 4, 2016

I hope everyone has enjoyed their Easter! We are entering the home stretch, only eight more weeks to go. So much to do and so little time!

Religion – The students began the week by designing placemats for inmates who will take part in a day long retreat. They have done this earlier this year and the priest who ran the retreat was touched and very grateful for the placemats. He shared some of the comments the inmates made about the students’ artwork and message. In class, we are continuing our study of the sacraments. This week we will be discussing the Easter Season and learning more about the Sacrament of Penance.
Language Arts – Our WoW word for the week is malicious.
Writing Prompt: Persuade someone not to do a malicious act.
The genre for the month of April is mystery books. Every student needs to have a mystery book by next Monday, April 11th. We will begin reading our next class book; The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Social Studies – We are learning about the events that led up to the Revolutionary War. In Chapter 8, the students will be discussing what the colonists do to protest British rule and how the thirteen colonies cut their ties will Britain. They will also be discussing the importance of of the Battle of Bunker Hill ( named incorrectly), and have the opportunity to examine a copy of the Declaration of Independence. 

Book Report Multi-cultural - quilt directions

I have a few more sheets of the quilt sized paper if you need one.



Multi-Cultural Book Report

The Quilt Project

Following are the directions to complete your quilt for the multi-cultural book that you read this month:

  1. MAIN CHARACTER – Write a paragraph about the main character. Include any important information (traits) about the character.
  2. MAIN CHARACTER PICTURE – Draw a picture of the main character and color it!
  3. SETTING – Write a paragraph describing where/when this book takes place.
  4. SETTING PICTURE – Draw a picture of the setting you just described.
  5. CONFLICT – Write three or more sentences that tell the main problem in the story.
  6. RESOLUTION – How does the story wrap-up?
  7. CULTURAL SIMILARITIES – In a paragraph, describe how the culture represented in your book might be similar to your life.
  8. Theme – What did the main character learn by the end of the novel? OR How did the main character change from the beginning to the end?
  9. CULTURAL DIFFERENCES – In a paragraph, describe how the culture represented in your book is different from your life.
  10. Exposition – Write a summary of the book in three or four sentences.
  11. Climax – Using three sentences, write about the highest or most intense point of the development or resolution to your story.


There is one blank square in the center. It is reserved for the Title and Author of your book. Please include your name and date there.

If this is supposed to be a quilt, then some decoration is needed at the seams (the lines separating the boxes). Most quilts were hand-sewn. Stitching could be seen at the seams. Look up quilts and get some ideas of how you might want to decorate your quilt.

Week of March 7, 2016

The students are continuing to take the IOWA tests.  Please make sure they receive enough rest and a good breakfast.  Because of the testing we are keeping homework to a minimum.  
Religion - The students are finishing up the chapter on the Eucharist.  They are connecting verses from the Bible to the various parts of the Mass.  In preparation for the Sacrament of Reconciliation, the students will be brushing up on the Act of Contrition. 
WoW is tenacious.  The prompt is to write about a time you were tenacious or witnessed someone being tenacious.
Social Studies - We will review the Middle Colonies and have a short test on Chapter 6 on Friday.

Week of February 29, 2016

Great news!   Come join us for an informative assembly!
Parent Assembly

Keenan West

Speaker on Bully Prevention

When:  March 14, 7:00

Where:  Seton cafeteria

NO RSVP is required

Week of February 22, 2016

Religion - Did your child tell you about attending Adoration last Friday?  You would have been quite proud of them.  I know I was!  After studying about the Lenten season, we are continuing our study of the Eucharist.  The major parts of the Mass will be reviewed and the students will be able to match Bible verses with the various parts of the Mass.
Language Arts - WoW word is inclement.  The prompt is; How would you prepare for inclement conditions?
We are in the third chapter of our class book, The Cay.  In order to improve the students writing skills, I am using sentences from The Cay to identify and fix the three major sentence problems; choppy, run-on, and stringy sentences.
Social Studies - We should be finishing the chapter on the Middle Colonies by the end of this week. (knock on wood)  We will then be one chapter away from studying the beginning of the American Revolution. 

Week of February 1, 2016

It's hard to believe we are in the month of February!
Along with the special activities for Catholic Schools Week, we are covering the following material.
Religion - We are beginning Chapter 10.  In this chapter, the students will be learning about the importance of Eucharist and that Jesus is the Bread of Life.  The point that Jesus is truly present under the appearances of bread and wine will be emphasised.
Language Arts - We are close to finishing Maniac Magee.  Hopefully, we will finish it by the end of this week.  There will not be a WoW word or Spelling packet this week due to the disruption of our schedule. There will, however, be one next week. :-)
Social Studies - We are finishing up Chapter 5 on the New England Colonies. Ask your child how the childhood of the New England colonist compared to his/her own childhood.  The test will be sometime early next week.

Week of January 25, 2016

Religion - We are studying the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The students are learning about the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit and how the Sacraments of Confirmation and Baptism are connected.
Language Arts - Our WoW word this week is ambidextrous.  Writing prompt: What career would being ambidextrous help the most? Why?  
We are continuing to read the book, Maniac Magee and should be finishing it by the end of next week.
Social Studies - We are beginning our study of the Thirteen Colonies by focusing our attention on the New England Colonies.  By the end of this week, ask your child to compare their life to that of a child in the New England Colonies. 

Week of January 11, 2016

Religion - We are continuing to learn more about the Sacrament of Confirmation.  The students have already learned about the sacraments that are linked to Confirmation, as well as, the two essential signs of the Gift of the Holy Spirit.  This week we will be discussing the different parts of the celebration of the Sacrament of Confirmation.
Language Arts - The WoW word for this week is plethora.  The prompt is: Is it good to have a plethora of homework, or recesses, or is it better to have a reasonable amount of both?
In Reading we are continuing to read Maniac Magee.  The book is divided into three parts.  As the student reads, he/she will be filling out a vocabulary study worksheet on key words found in the book.  The page will be noted and the student will be practicing their context clues skills to determine the meaning of the word in the passage. 
Social Studies - We are finishing up Chapter 4 this week and "hopefully"  beginning the next Unit on the thirteen colonies!  There will not be a formal chapter test since we started this chapter during November and have had a plethora of interruptions.  Instead, progress will be measured by the grades posted for the workbook pages completed throughout this chapter. 

Week of January 4, 2016

The Christmas season is drawing to a close, I hope everyone had a joyous and blessed holiday.  Now it is time to go back to work! 
Religion - We started off the week with a Mass celebrating the feast day of St. Elizabeth Ann Seton.  Throughout the rest of this week, we will discuss the Christmas season and how the Church rejoices in the Incarnation.
Language Arts - The WoW of the week is extrovert.  The prompt is; Could one be an extrovert at home, but be shy or introverted at school?  What do you think?  
The genre for January is nonfiction.  The students will need a nonfiction book with them at all times to read during quiet reading or when they are finished with their work.  
In English, we are continuing our grammar study on pronouns.  We will be practicing using pronouns as direct or indirect objects in sentences.  Our next class book will be Maniac Magee.
Social Studies -  We are finishing up lesson 3 on the Plymouth Colony and beginning the last lesson of this chapter discussing the French and Dutch colonies.

Week of December 6, 2015

The fifth graders worked very hard, last week, designing, making, and selling buttons.  They raised over $774.00 dollars!  Way to go 5th grade!!!  
Therefore this week should be a normal week.
Religion - We are continuing our discussion of Advent.  The students are given a Bible verse each morning and are asked to read the verse, reflect on its meaning, and then write in their prayer journals how they live out that message in their life today.  We are also learning about the O Antiphons.  The students are able to identify the seven names for Jesus and the symbols connected to them.
Language Arts - Our WoW word is colossal.  The prompt is; What would you do if a colossal shadow came over you?
Reading - We are continuing to read Where the Red Fern Grows.  Our goal is to finish this book before the Christmas break.  We are also working on our comprehension skills by practicing by using context clues to understand the meaning of an unfamiliar word.
Grammar - We are continuing to learn more about pronouns.  This week we will be using pronouns as subject complements.
Social Studies - We are finishing the first lesson of Chapter 4, the Spanish Colonies.  We will be learning about the early English colonies in the Americas. The notes will look different from previous notes taken this year.  The students are working on identifying the meanings of vocabulary words and answering essential questions after reading each section. This streamline approach should be helpful in identifying the main idea of each section in the book.

Week of October 26, 2015

Religion - We finished up Chapter 3 which gave an overview of the seven sacraments.  This week we will begin one of two chapters on the sacrament of Baptism.  The students will be learning that Baptism frees us from sin and gives us new life in Christ.  Don't forget to send in pictures of the prayer table your child has made with the Mary grotto.  We will be adding them to our Mary Litany Wall.
Language Arts - Our WoW word is desist.  Writing prompt: Many people desist from touching jellyfish. Would you? OR What happens to people/dogs who do not desist from chasing after skunks?
We will be finishing up the book Hatchet early this week and will be completing some culminating activities before starting our next book.
We are starting pronouns as part of our grammar study. This week we will be identifying singular, plural and personal pronouns.
Social Studies - We are beginning Chapter 3 The Age of Exploration. The first lesson explains the reasons for European exploration and the technology that made ocean exploration possible. It should be interesting to see how the students see technology in the late 1400's  compared to the technology today

Week of October 19, 2015

Thank you so very much for all of the birthday cards, notes, and candy brought in last Thursday.  I was quite surprised! Thank you for thinking of me in such a thoughtful way.
Religion - We are continuing the overview of the sacraments.  This week we will be covering the Sacraments of Service and the Sacraments of Healing.
Language Arts - There will not be a spelling packet or a prompt this week.  We are concluding our study of nouns by learning how some nouns may be adjectives in a given sentence and reviewing everything we have discussed concerning nouns.
Social Studies - We are finishing up the unit on Native Americans this week.  Our next test will be on Chapter 2, Lessons 3-5.  Hopefully, this test will be on Friday.
The next unit is about the European Explorers!

Week of October 12, 2015

Religion - We are working on Chapter 3 which is an overview of the seven sacraments. The sacraments are presented as special signs of God's love. The students are introduced to the Sacraments of Christian Initiation, the Sacraments of Healing, and the Sacraments of Service.
Language Arts - This week's WoW word is herpetology. The students may choose between one of two prompts: How could a herpetologist learn about poisonous frogs without harming his or herself?  or  Do you think herpetologists eat frog legs?
In grammar, we are coming to the end of our study on nouns.  This week we will be learning about nouns in direct address, as well as, a word that can be used either as a noun or a verb.
Social Studies - We are coming closer to finishing our unit on Native Americans. This week we will be reviewing the Plains Native Americans, and learning about the Native Americans in the Northwest and the Arctic. We will NOT have a chapter test instead we will have two quizzes, one for lessons 1-2 and the other for lessons 3-5. 

Week of October 5, 2015

What a busy week we have; Conferences and Run for Fun, Bonfire and Movie!
Religion - We are finishing up the chapter on Mary and completing our Mary Litany which will be posted in the fifth grade hall.
Reading - We have finished reading From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler and will soon be starting our next book, Hatchet!
Language Arts - Our WoW word for this week is serpentine. The prompt is:Think of three other animals (no snakes or serpents) that might move in ?a serpentine manner. Describe why it might be advantageous to move in this way!  
In our grammar study on nouns, we will review nouns as indirect objects and continue on with nouns in direct address and words that can be used as nouns or as verbs.

Social Studies - We are finishing up on learning about the people and culture of the Eastern Woodland. Later in the week, we will move onto learning about the Plains people and how they adapted to their environment.