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Check out more photos of fifth grade students experimenting with chromatography and their resulting artwork in my photo albums!

SASEAS School Art Show

Our school art show will be displayed in the Seton Cafeteria on Thursday, January 29th. The doors will open at 6 pm and close at 8 pm. For one evening 394 works of incredible art will be displayed together. Please stop by to check out your child's art. Hope to see you there!

This morning students in 5A experimented some more with chromatography. Inks and markers are often combinations of several colored dyes. The dyes can be separated through a process called chromatography and the end result is amazing art.
These two artworks were created by Stephen. Check out my photo album to see more of the students' results.

I've posted several pictures of our students and their artwork in my photo albums. Please check them out and have a wonderful Christmas! 

Seventh grade students have been working on optical illusion illustrations. This work in progress is by Joely. Check out my photo albums to see more seventh grade art. Each seventh grade student's illustration will be displayed in the art show January 29th.
Artwork by Zack
The kindergarten students drew the zoo at Christmas time. All the kindergarten students' zoo drawings will be displayed during the art show Thursday, January 29th, 2015. More details to come!
Sixth grade students are making  scratch boards using oil pastels and India ink. After their new drawing surfaces are dry, students will fill their designs with ancient motifs and Christian symbols.
Each eighth grade student chose one of Chris Van Allsburg's illustrations from his book, The Mysteries of Harris Burdick. The students are using Van Allsburg's detailed, sometimes surrealistic drawings as inspiration for their own illustrations and stories. Portions of several students' drawings may be viewed in my photo album.
Second grade students are designing vases. By using slightly curved lines, their vases look rounded. They gained plenty of ideas from Cincinnati artists Maria Longworth Nichols Storer and Mary Louise McLaughlin. They also looked at photos taken inside the present day Rookwood Pottery Studios.