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It's official!  We've been named a 2018 National Blue Ribbon Exemplary High Performing School by the United States Department of Education!  See the news and announcements below for more information.
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The sixth grade students designed, constructed and printed their own printmaking stamps. The students will use their prints for the covers of their sketchbooks and other projects as well. 
The kindergarten students are creating season collages. This week every student will complete his or her artwork with a summer tree. 
Wilbur is the star of the first grade students' Charlotte's Web illustrations. The students are illustrating the story's setting, characters and plot sequence.
The second grade students completed their awesome self-portraits. They were amazed by the realism and mathematical principles that Chuck Close uses to create his larger than life portraits. 
The third grade students have enjoyed experimenting with watercolor paint! They used varying amounts of the three primary colors in order to mix secondary and tertiary colors. Then they practiced and applied watercolor painting techniques as they created amazing non-objective abstract artwork.
Fifth grade students are completing their artist trading cards. Their cards illustrate the Elements of Design (i.e. line, shape, color, value, texture, form and space).

Reminder for Monday, September 19th: Every sixth grade student should bring an old tee shirt to wear over his or her school uniform. The students will be using printmaking ink.

Eighth Grade Students: You need to personalize your art book by decorating and designing the cover. If you use paper, make sure you cover it with clear tape or contact paper. This homework assignment is due Monday, September 19th.

What can you do with a bunch of dots?

You don't always have to have an idea in order to create. Interesting and unusual designs and art may be created by first drawing something simple and then using your imagination.

While the students’ eyes were closed they drew thirty-five dots on their papers. Once they opened their eyes, they connected the dots with long lines in order to make irregular shapes. The students looked at their shapes from different angles and after deciding what subject matter their irregular shapes would be, students drew and colored additional lines, shapes and details to complete their imaginative artwork. They were encouraged to title their artwork and to tell stories about it.


Parents and students please subscribe to Seton Campus Art or St. Andrew Campus Art for class information, photos, updates and assignments throughout the year. Thank you! 

Every eighth grade student needs to bring a book for the altered art book project. Bring your book to class Monday, September 12th. Keep in mind that you will be painting, writing in and marking up this book throughout the school year. It will become your own personalized work of art. More details and your first book assignment will be given on the 12th.
Welcome back! It's going to be a fantastic year full of learning, experimenting and creating together! This summer I enjoyed learning about culture, religion, history and art at the Cincinnati Art Museum. Our art museum is one of my favorite places to explore as both educator and student. 
I also enjoyed spending time outdoors with friends and family. Experiencing God's beautiful creation refreshes my spirit and inspires my personal artwork. I'm looking forward to hearing about my students' summer adventures and wishing everyone a wonderful school year!