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Classroom News: September 11 - 15

6th Grade History
1. Students will have their first test on Monday. This test is about the study of history. The 6th graders have received a study guide for this test and we have gone over the information extensively in class. 
2. Students will complete an activity about primary and secondary sources this week. 
7th Grade Religion
1. This week in religion we will be focusing on chapter 3. This takes a look at the books in the New Testament and how they portray the life and teachings of Jesus. We will be completing a "Gospel Lab" that helps the students look at specific books and passages in the New Testament. 
2. We will participate in Rosary this week as a class and a meditation on the words of Jesus. 
8th Grade History
1. The students will begin chapter 3 this week, which looks at the role of citizens in our country. 
2. We will choose out presidential and vice presidential candidates for political convention this week. In order to be in the running, students will have to give a speech about their leadership qualities to their class. 

Classroom News: September 5-8

 6th Grade Social Studies
1. This week we will be completing our chapter on the study of history and geography. The test on chapter 1 is scheduled for Thursday. This may change due to our progress in class. 
2. Late this week we will begin the project that was postponed from last week. This is a fun project that uses a parent interview and some basic internet research to help familiarize students with the concept of primary and secondary sources. 
7th Grade Religion
1. This week is 7A's first class Mass. Please join us on Wednesday at 9 am if you are able!
2. We will be completing chapter 2 in our religion text this week. This chapter focuses on Jesus and the development of our friendship with Him.
3. We will also take some time this week to complete a short scripture study on Sunday's readings, and we will say a rosary as a whole campus on Friday in commemoration of Mary. 
8th Grade Social Studies
1. This week will begin with a discussion of leadership qualities in preparation for choosing candidates for this year's political convention.
2. The students will complete chapter 2 this week; their test is scheduled for Friday. 
3. The 8th graders will have a quiz Wednesday on the geography of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. 

Classroom News: August 24 - September 1

 Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year! I am so excited to start this year of sharing and learning. I will post weekly what we are working on in my classes. Please email or call if you ever have questions about what we are learning. I look forward to an amazing year!
6th Grade Social Studies
  • In social studies this year we will learn about world history. We cover a large amount of material in one short school year!
  • This week we will begin our study of chapter 1, which dives into some basic information about the study of history and geography. 
7th Grade Religion
  • Religion class this year will focus on the New Testament and the life of Jesus. We will work to deepen our relationship with our Lord. 
  • This week we will start to explore what Jesus is to us and some of his many titles in the Bible. 
8th Grade Social Studies
  • Our year will be a busy one as we cover civics, the second half of American History, and world geography. 
  • This week we will begin our study of the functions of government in a society. 
  • The students will start learning the countries in North and Central America in geography.
  • We will begin our discussions concerning political convention. The students will be given a handout that details all of the steps of the project.