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All About Me

My name is Mandy Wood!  I am one of the 5th grade teachers.  I will be teaching Reading, Expressions, Religion, and Math to my homeroom, and Science to both 5th grade classes.  Before I came to Saint Elizabeth Ann Seton, I taught junior high math at Saint Bernadette in Amelia for two years.  Before that, I taught 13 years of 5th grade and 2 years of junior high math at Saint Veronica.  My family and I live right here in Milford.  I am married and have 2 daughters, Savannah and Peyton.  They are in the 6th and 4th grades at Seton and Saint Andrews!  I love reading, writing, watching movies with my family, and animals!  I currently have 7 pets but am always trying to talk my husband into "just one more".  I can't turn down chocolate, and I love to laugh!!  I am so glad to be a Titan!!!


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Week of October 15th

Good Morning Parents!  Happy Monday!!!  I hope all of you had a nice, restful weekend after the exciting day we had on Friday!  We are back to a normal schedule this week, and we have a full one!  Here's a peek at what's going on in the classroom!
We will have our Chapter 19 Test over Mary tomorrow.  We spent the morning reviewing for the test.  On Wednesday we will begin Chapter 4 and have a more in-depth discussion about the Sacrament of Baptism.  
Reading/Language Arts:
In Writing this week, the children will try their hand at a little poetry.  We will be reading a short story from the novel, Old Yeller, and students will write a poem that describes Old Yeller.  The WOW word this week is IMPECCABLE, which should be used in the poems.  The children will look at some poetry examples today and begin their prewrite sheet.  Final Drafts will be due on Friday.  As I said, we will be reading "Old Yeller" in our Journeys Textbooks this week.  We will go over vocabulary and the story today, as well as throughout the week.  There will be a test on Friday over the story.  Spelling Packets will go home today.  Spelling and Reading Vocabulary can be practiced on Spelling City.  We are also continuing our journey with Brian in the novel, Hatchet.  The children seem to love reading about Brian's struggles and victories, and they can't wait to see what nature throws at him next!  
In Science class, we are continuing our discussion on Technology and the Design Process.  Today we will make a rough model of a prosthetic arm.  Tomorrow we will learn the steps in the design process.  Thursday we will have test over Chapter 2.  I posted a test review last week.  Students can print it and start studying now!  We will go over that test review on Wednesday.  Friday will begin our second Lab-a-Palooza!!!  We will be designing and testing out the strength of aluminum boats and designing stronger prosthetic arms. This will take the children a couple of days in class to do.  We will test the strength of the arms on Thursday next week. 
In Math this week, we will work on Lessons 54 and 55 today and Tuesday.  We will have a test over lessons 46-50 on Thursday.  
-Conferences are on Tuesday and Thursday this week!!  I look forward to seeing you!
-Book Fair is this week!  Our class will go on Wednesday, so if you would like your child to purchase items from the Book Fair, please send money in for that on Wednesday.  I am going to try to get the kiddos over there tomorrow to have preview.
-We have our first Character Trait/Saint Awards after Mass tomorrow!  Please join us if you are able!
-Thank you so much for all your help in reaching our Run-4-Fun goal!!!  Ms. Ducheny and I will be discussing when to dole out classroom awards this week!  I will keep you posted on that!
I hope everyone has a fabulous week!  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!  
Mandy Wood

Week of October 1st

Good Morning Parents and Happy October!!!!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and were able to enjoy the fabulous weather!!!  We have a busy, full week this week!  Here's a peek into what's going on in the classroom!
Today we finished Chapter 3 in our Religion Books.  Tomorrow we will review the chapter, and we will have our test on Wednesday.  On Thursday, we will begin our Mary study, starting with a litany of Mary to allow the children the opportunity to see many beautiful pictures of Mary and see all the different names and titles Mary has.  Students then will be given a title of Mary and he or she will find a picture that speaks to them and print it out at home.  A notecard with a summary of the picture and why the students chose that picture will accompany the photo and will be returned to me on Tuesday next week.  We will then begin putting together our Mary wall that will hang in the hallway for the remainder of the year.  Students will be given details on Thursday.
Reading/Language Arts:
Our Word of the Week is DESIST.  Students will be using this word to write 2-3 paragraphs describing the positive and negative effects people have on the environment.  This ties in nicely with our Reading skill this week, which focuses on CAUSE AND EFFECT.  We will be reading a story in our Journeys textbook titled, "Interrupted Journey: Saving Endangered Sea Turtles".  We will go over the vocabulary for the week, as well as the grammar focus-VERBS.  Reading packets will be due on Thursday and Spelling Packets will be due on Friday.  We also began our new novel, Hatchetby Gary Paulsen, last Thursday!  I love this book!  It is full of suspense, adventure, and bravery.  I think the children will really enjoy reading it!
We wrapped up Lab-a-Palooza last week, and now we are getting ready to start our new unit on Technology and Design.  Lab week was awesome!  I am so proud of how well the children handled all the experiments we did!  The only lab I did not get to is the Penny Boat Lab, but it will tie in great with our technology and design unit, so we'll be seeing it in our next Lab-a-Palooza!
Children will get the new chapter vocabulary this week, so expect a vocab quiz sometime next week!
We will have a cumulative math test over lessons 41-45 on Thursday this week.  We will complete lessons 49 and 50 today and tomorrow and do a reteach packet over lesson 41-45 on Wednesday.  I have a fun investigation for the children to work on Friday and next Monday!  It involves Captain Crunch cereal, candy corn, chocolate chips, and marshmallows, so i think the kiddos will like it!!!!
Reminders for the week:
-Reading Book Reports are Due TUESDAY!!!!!
-First Run-4-Fun turn in date is WEDNESDAY!!
-Spirit Day is FRIDAY!!
-October Book Orders will go home on Friday.  Our next Book Report genre is mystery/suspense.  I am sure there will be some great books to choose from in the Scholastic Book Orders!!!
Have a fantastic week!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!  They make me smile everyday!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 24th

Good Morning Parents!  Happy Soggy Monday!!! 
I hope all of you had a great weekend!  Hopefully things will dry out soon so we can get outside and enjoy the fall weather!  We have quite a bit going on this week, so here is a peek into the classroom!
Today the school will get to experience the Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage in the church!  Last week we watched a wonderful movie about the life of Saint Bernadette and her beautiful encounters with the Blessed Virgin.  Today's pilgrimage will allow the children an even closer look into this special girl's life.  This morning we wrote prayers to present during the pilgrimage that will be taken to the Grotto of Lourdes.  This will be a very special morning indeed!  We also began Chapter 3 this morning in our textbooks.  Chapter 3 introduces the 7 sacraments as a whole.  Later on, we will look more deeply into each individual sacrament.
Reading/Lang. Arts:
Our word of the week is GARRULOUS!  Students will be working on a fictional narrative piece this week that will include a garrulous character with a loud opinion!  We will begin the prewriting today and the rough draft tomorrow.  Final Drafts will be due Friday.  Spelling packets will also be passed out today and the words this week focus on the /ou/ and /oi/ sounds.  Spelling Packets are due Friday.  Our Reading strategy this week is Theme and Visualization.  We will be reading the story, "Elise's Diary" in our textbooks this week, as well as finishing up The Mixed up Files..novel.  We will have an open book final test over our novel on Thursday and a test over our weekly story and vocabulary on Friday.  Spelling and Vocabulary lists as well as games can be found on Spelling City.  I strongly encourage the children get onto spelling city for about 15 minutes each day.  
This week we will be doing an assortment of fun labs that demonstrate the steps of the Scientific Method!  Our Gummy Bear experiment last week had some awesome results!  This week we will work together in teams to save Fred the Worm, demonstrate Osmosis with Gobstoppers, experiment with mass and bubble gum, and design boats to see how many pennies they can hold while still floating!  It should be a pretty awesome week!!!
We will have a math test on Tuesday over Lessons 36-40. Today we will work on a reteach packet to refresh our memories of those lessons. We will continue through our book with lessons 46, 47, and 48.  
Reminders this Week:
-Please turn in your small Run-4-Fun envelope with waiver, T-shirt form, and small donation to start the event off by Wednesday!
-Picture Day on September 27th.  Students come in uniform
-Pack a snack daily
-Any graded paper that says "Correct and Return" needs to be returned on the Monday after it goes home.  
Thank you to everyone who donated gummy bears, gummy worms, gummy lifesavers, and more!!!  We are putting it all to good use in the Science Lab!!!
Have a great week!  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!  I am having such a fun time with them!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 17th

Hello Parents!  Happy rainy Monday!  I hope you all had a nice weekend.  They always go by so quickly!!  We have a lot of great things going on this week!  Take a peek at what we have planned!
We will continue our discussion on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.  On Wednesday we will review Chapter 2 and have a test on Thursday.  We will then move into Chapter 3 and begin talking about the Sacraments!  Tuesday, the Rosary Lady will stop by our classroom and the children will get to make their very own Rosaries-which will be great for next Monday when we go on the Lourdes Virtual Pilgrimage!!!
Reading/Language Arts:
Our Word of the Week is MYRIAD!  Students will be writing a fictional narrative that includes a flashback situation.  The story should focus on some sort of competition between two people.  Prewrite pages are going home today, and we will begin rough draft tomorrow.  Final copies will be due on Friday.  Our Grammar Skill this week is on PROPER NOUNS and the UNDERSTOOD YOU.  Our Reading Skill this week is SEQUENCE OF EVENTS; MONITOR AND CLARIFY.  We will be reading the story "Double Dutch" in our textbooks, as well as chapters 9 and 10 of our Mixed up Files novel.  We will have an open book text over our novel on Thursday and a  test over "Double Dutch" on Friday.  Spelling Packets are due on Friday.  The Vocabulary for the story and the new Spelling List are on Spelling City now!  This is great way to help the children study  and have fun doing it!!
Science:  In Science this week, we will have our first chapter test on Wednesday.  I hope the children were able to look at the review I emailed to you on Friday!  We will review in class on Tuesday.  Thursday and Friday begins our first Chapter Lab-a-Palooza!!!  I can't wait!  We will be experimenting with gummy bears and trying to save Fred the Worm!  I will be posting pictures of all our Science fun soon!!!!  I have plenty of gummy bears for our labs, but if you want to send in gummy worms or gummy lifesavers before Thursday, that would be great!!
Math:  The children are doing a great job in Math!  We will be working on Lessons 43-44 This week.  We will complete a reteach packet on Friday over lessons 36-40.  That means it will be time for a cumulative test NEXT MONDAY.  
Looking at the schedule, it will be a pretty big week for tests and quizzes. I think the children will be having a Social Studies test on Thursday as well.  As we move into the 4th week of school, many chapters are ending and units are ending.  With good time management and organization, I think the kiddos will do great!!!!  
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me!  And as always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 10th

Good Morning Parents!  Happy Monday!  I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend and were able to stay dry!  Hopefully we have seen the last of the rain for a little while!
We have a full week this week!  Here's a peek at what is going on in our classroom!
This week we will continue our discussion on spreading the Good News and celebrating Christ's Pascal Mystery. On Friday, we will focus on the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy.  The children will be working on posters to demonstrate our knowledge of these works.  Heads up-we will have a chapter 2 Test next week and we may see these works of Mercy on it!!!
Reading/Language Arts:
Our Reading Skill this week focuses on Compare and Contrast.  We will have several opportunities to use Venn Diagrams as we read our story, "Off and Running" in our Journeys Textbook.  I will give the children a packet today for the reading skill, which will be due Thursday.  Students will have a test over this story and vocabulary on Friday.  Vocabulary Practice can be found on Spelling/Vocabulary City.  Our Word of the Week is PERTURBED.  Students will write a narrative that includes dialogue between two characters.  The characters in their story must disagree on something.  The children were given a prewrite sheet today.  Rough drafts will be started tomorrow, and the Final Draft will be due Friday.  Spelling Packets will also go home today and will be due Friday.  
Today we will finish our lab to see which method keeps bread the freshest.  We will also discuss Tools used in Science and Lab Safety Rules.  On Tuesday we will Read Lesson 3.  This week we will also perform a lab to find out which paper towel absorbs the most water.  We'll end the week with Lesson 4 in our books.  I believe we will have a test over chapter 1 next Wednesday.  I will send you a review sheet in a few days so the children can begin studying.  Our first LAB-A-PALOOZA will begin at the end of next week and carry into the following week.  If you would like to help out, I will need several bags of Gummy Bears, several bags of Gummy Worms, 4 bags of gummy lifesavers, 4 boxes of jawbreakers, and several different brands of bubble gum.  Any donations would be appreciated!!!!
My math class will complete lesson 40 today.  Tomorrow, we will review lessons 31-35 and will have a test over these lessons on Wednesday.  
The children seem to be bright-eyed and raring to go this week!  I think we will all be very productive in class!  A few reminders:
*Pack a snack daily
*If you see "Correct and Return" on any of your child's papers, that is not optional
*Meet the Teacher is Thursday at 6:30!  I look forward to see you there!
*We will begin signing the book this week for any late homework or inappropriate behavior
*Students began an All About Me poster on the the first day of school.  I need all posters completed and turned in by Wednesday!
Have a great week!  If you have any questions or comments, please email me!!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of September 3rd

Good Morning Parents and Happy Tuesday!
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday weekend!  I know it is so hard to come to school when it still FEELS like Summer vacation outside, but the children continue to enter my classroom with happy little faces and are eager to learn!  I really am so proud of how quickly they are picking up the daily routine.  They all work so hard, and I really am just enjoying all their little personalities!!!  
Over the weekend, I graded our first round of various weekly assessments, and two things stuck out to me the most.  First, I have quite a few talented writers among this group of children!  Some of what I read truly amazed me, seeing as it was only the first writing prompt of the year!  Second, I have some very bright little chickens in this class!  Everyone has room to grow this year, but I would say we are all off to a great start!  I have posted grade from last week's tests, quizzes, and homework on Option C.  If you get a moment, take a look at your child's scores.  If it seems your child struggled a bit, have no fear!  Some kiddos just need a bit more time to get back into the swing of things!  There is always room for improvement, and that is what we will work on this year!
Here's a peek at what's going on in our classroom this week!
This morning we filled out our SOAP page on Luke 4: 31-37 (today's Gospel) and added it to our SOAP binder.  SOAP stands for Scripture, Observation, Application, and Prayer.  We will fill out a sheet after Mass each week, so by the end of the year, the children will have a lovely prayer journal to take home with them.  We will review Chapter 1 on Wednesday and take our first Religion test on Thursday,  To help study, students can go to the Sadler website and click on our We Believe textbook.  Once you get onto that site, there are chapter reviews students can use to study.  On Friday we will continue in our textbook with Chapter 2 and begin discussing how Jesus shares His mission with the Church.
This week our Reading Skill focusses on Text and Graphic Features,  We will discuss this Skill today and apply it to the selection story in our textbook.  We will also go over the vocabulary from the story "Blasting off to Space Academy".  Students will complete a Reading Skill Packet that is due on Thursday.  We will not have a test over this story this week.  We will continue reading our novel, From the Mixed up Files...and the children will have a quiz over chapters 1-6 on Friday.  This will be an open note/book quiz.    Children should be reading a realistic fiction book right now on their own for our September book report.  
Language Arts/Spelling:
Our word of the week is Serpentine.  This week the children will be writing descriptive paragraphs about an adventurous, possibly scary place.  We will fill out prewriting maps today and begin rough drafts tomorrow.  Final drafts will be due Friday.  Last week the children began Lesson 1 on the Grammar flip website.  I would like them to try to finish all three practices from this lesson by Thursday.  This may need to be finished at home.  I sent a sheet home the first week of school with login information for this site, as well as the other sites we will be using this year.  If your child has any trouble getting on, please let me know!  Our Spelling words this week are words containing the long a and long e sounds.  Spelling packets will go home today and are due Friday.  We well have a test on Friday.  Spelling City will be set up for the Spelling words by this afternoon!  Students can use Spelling City at home to practice and study for the test on Friday!!
Today we will be setting up an experiment to help us find out which method keeps bread the freshest!  We will work on setting up an experiment with the topic question, materials, procedures, and hypothesis.  This lab will be completed on Monday next week.  We will also have our Chapter 1 Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday.  Last week I sent the children a link to my Quizlet Page where they will find the vocabulary words and definitions.  They may use this page to play games and study the words for the quiz. We will also read lesson 2 in our textbooks and watch a Virtual Lab on thermometers.  
Last week, my math group worked through a few skills we all needed to brush up on, and now we are ready to begin working out of the textbook.  My group will begin on Lesson 36 of the Saxon Math Book.  We will complete Lessons 36, 37, 38, and 39 this week.  Expect homework everyday with exception to Fridays.  I believe we will have our first math test either Wednesday or Thursday next week.  It will actually be over Lessons 31-35.  We will do a review packet over these lessons before the test.  
Weekly Reminders:
-All DARE contracts should be turned in this week.  These need to be signed by the parent and a T-Shirt size needs to be included on the paper.
-Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday.  You can send in the orders or order online!
-Students began working on an All About Me Poster on the first day of school.  I need all posters returned by September 12th so I can laminate them and put them on display for the upcoming Meet the Teacher Night!
I hope you all have a fabulous week!  If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email me!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of August 27th

Hello Parents and Happy Monday!   This is our first FULL week of school and we have quite a lot going on!!!!  I can't wait to get started!  You will be hearing the word RESPONSIBILITY a lot this year!  5th grade is the year the children will be held even more accountable for their actions and how they choose to spend their time in the classroom.  For the next several weeks, I will be walking the children through the assignment pad, long-term planning, short term goals, and how to use classroom time wisely.  My goal is the children will learn these skills and begin using them on their own by the 2nd trimester.  The ultimate goal is to make for an easy transition when they go on to junior high next year!  
With all that being said, here's a peek at what to expect this week in class!
First and foremost, our class is preparing the school Mass for Tuesday!  Please join us if you are able to!  Throughout the year, the 5th grade students will be helping other younger classes with the readings and serving.  If your child did not get chosen for a speaking part this time, no worries!!!  Everyone will get a chance to do something this year!  Probably several chances!!!  In class, we will begin our first chapter in the We Believe Book.  We will be discussing the way Jesus shares God's love with us and how He invites us to follow Him.  I plan on our first Religion test to be on September 6th.  Students will be highlighting information in their textbooks as we read each lesson.  These are the parts of the text that the children should focus on when studying!
Language Arts
Today we learned the word, ARDUOUS.  We are going to write a fictional narrative paragraph this week about someone doing a difficult task.  We are focusing on the Writing Trait: Ideas.  Students will be asked to fill out a an idea chart today to map out their paragraph.  Throughout the week, we will go through the writing process and by Friday, students will have a final copy of their paragraph ready to be turned in.  I encourage the children to use the word of the week in their writing!  For the first trimester, these weekly writing assignments will be handwritten, but in the second trimester, I will allow them to be typed.  
We also began our work in the Simple Solutions books.  Remember, there will be a quiz over lessons 1-4 on Friday!
Spelling Packets will be passed out today and are due on Friday!  Test over the weekly spelling words will be on Friday!
This week we are focusing on Story Structure and will be reading the story, "A Package for Mrs. Jewls" in our Journeys Textbook.  We have already written down the vocabulary for the story and have worked on it on Spelling/Vocabulary City.  There will be a Comprehension/Vocabulary Test on Friday over this story.  We are also going to begin reading the novel, From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankenweiler.  This is a wonderful story that takes the reader on a journey through the Metropolitan Museum of Art!  The main characters in the story work together to solve the mystery of an angel statue that has shown up at the museum!  The book ties in excellently with an upcoming field trip we will be taking to the Cincinnati Art Museum! 
We will be doing monthly book reports this year.  Right now, children should be reading a REALISTIC FICTION book on their own.  This book will be used for the September book report.  Information on the book report will be given to the students in a couple of weeks.  
For the next 13 weeks, Officer Skip will be visiting our classrooms during 3rd and 4th period for the DARE program.  This program will alternate taking the place of Science and Social Studies on Mondays.  For example, today he will be in my room so the children will have Social Studies.  The next MOnday he is here, he will be in Ms. Ducheny's room, so the children will have Science.  The program is an excellent way for children to be aware of issues relating to not only drug and alcohol abuse, but also coping strategies, behavior management, emotions, self-esteem, and much, much more.  The program also fits several key points in the Science/Health and Social Studies curriculums.  The children really enjoy it, and Officer Skip is just fantMaastic!  In January, there will be a DARE graduation.  More details on that to come!  In actual science class this week, we will be discussing the steps of the Scientific Method.  We will be watching a few short videos on our Pearson Realize account, as well as watching a virtual lab to show the changes a banana makes over time.  We will read lesson 1 this week and go over the chapter vocabulary.  There will be a Chapter 1 Vocabulary Quiz on Thursday, September 6th!  
In the 5th grade, the children will be divided into two math classes according to skill level.  In order to do this, the children will be given a couple of different assessments and Ms. Ducheny and I will be looking at the past IOWA scores.  I don't like to think of the two classes as "high" and "low" math groups.  Both classes will be starting several chapters into the book.  I will be teaching the group that may need a little extra time to grasp a concept, while Ms. Ducheny will have the group that may be able to move at a little faster pace.  Every student will receive the same information this year, maybe just a little bit differently depending on which class they are in.  We are planning on dividing the children up into groups by Wednesday this week!
Reminders/Changes to the Schedule:
-Usually we have gym on Mondays, but due to a band presentation with Mr. Powers, the children will have gym class tomorrow after Mass
-Please make sure your child brings a snack daily
-Please send in any office paperwork this week!
-Please make sure you send in the $5 planner fee this week.
-September Scholastic Book Orders will go home in the Graded Paper Folder on Friday!  Orders are due back by September 7th!
I's a long list and may seem a little overwhelming!!  I promise I will help you and your children through all of it!!!!  Have a happy week, and please, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, don't hesitate to email me!!!  
Thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of May 21st

Dear Parents,
Happy Monday!  We have a crazy week ahead of us!  One thing Ms. Ducheny and I have been reminding the children of all day is that we still have 2 weeks of school left.  We aren't finished learning yet!  We're almost there, but we still need to work hard, mind our manners, and be respectful.  It seems the children have forgotten those three ingredients today.  I am hoping we come back tomorrow with slightly better attitudes.
Here's a peek at our week!
Religion:  We are continuing our conversation about the Sacrament of Matrimony this week.  We will also be looking into the readings for Tuesday and Sunday.  I would expect a chapter 24 test next week.
Science: Tomorrow the children will do a fun experiment that demonstrates how energy changes form!  I think they will really like it.  Thursday we will review and Friday we will have a test over Chapter 6.
Reading/Language Arts:  Today we learned the word Superfluous.  Students are now in the process of creating 5-panel comic strips about a Superfluous Situation or person.  They seem to really be enjoying it.  Comics are due on Friday.  We are moving along in our Narnia Book.  I believe we will finish next Wednesday.  I think we will have just enough time to be able to watch the movie!!!  Look for a permission form for that soon, as I believe it is a PG movie.  Book Report Posters are due May 29th, but I told the children today it would be great to get them turned in before the long weekend.  I need all grades in by the morning of the 31st.  I will be cutting it very close if I have 21 posters to grade all at once.  That is MY fault.  There was a miscommunication with myself, Ms. Ducheny, and the calendar.  Thre just never seems to be enough time!  Students will have time in class this week to work on projects like last week.
Math:  We are going to continue working through the text this week.  We have a test on Tuesday.  
-Pack a  snack everyday
-I will not be here Tuesday.  I have stupid oral surgery.  I'd rather be here.
-Wednesday is FIELD DAY!!! Students may dress comfortably, wear sunblock, bring a water bottle and a snack.  Lunch will be provided if students want to buy.  Hamburgers and Hot Dogs!  
Please help me in reminding students to come each day with a positive attitude, work completed, and their manners.  Today some of our angels forgot how to behave today and their halos went a little crooked.
Have a great week!

Week of May 14th

Good Morning and Happy Sunny Monday!!!!
I hope you all had a great weekend and that Mother's Day was made special for all my moms!!!  
First and foremost, I wanted to thank all of you for the wonderful class gifts I received on Friday!  As usual, you spoiled me rotten and I so appreciate it!!!  I LOVE my gorgeous new bracelet, and I definitely put the gift cards to good use on my "mom only, me-time" shopping spree yesterday!!  So thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!!!!  
I also wanted to thank you all for the hard work you put in to make our class picnic so wonderful!  It being my first year here, I did not know what to expect, but everything that was done was just so amazing!  The children had such a great time, and I did too!  Again, thank you for making it such a special day for the kiddos.  
With the school year winding down, the children are definitely getting anxious to start the summer break.  Who isn't!  The sunshine and pool float are calling to me in my sleep!!  But we still have a few things we need to finish up here before we get started with our summer plans.  Here's a peek at our week!
Today we finished up Chapter 18 in class.  A study guide will be emailed to you today.  We will review on Wednesday and take the test on Thursday.  We will then move on to the Sacrament of Matrimony in Chapter 24.
Reading/Language Arts: 
We will continue reading the Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe this week  Things are really heating up in Narnia!!!  We will have a quiz over chapters 9-11 tomorrow, and we will be reading chapters 12-14 in class.  There will be a new WoW word this week, but NO PROMPT!!!!  Students should still be looking over previous WoW words, as there will be a vocab quiz over them on Friday.  But NO PROMPT!!  Students will be given their spelling packets today, and there will be a test on Friday.  We will be spending our Language Arts time working on our Book Report Posters.  Remember, these posters are due in two weeks.  As I explained to the children this morning, even if they have not finished their books yet (like my daughter-grrrrrr) they can still do parts of the poster.  We WILL work on these everyday in class.  Please make sure the posters come back to school each day and children are getting their books finished at home.
This week we will continue our discussion on different forms of energy.  Today students will work on a Sound Webquest that will allow them to hear some pretty cool things!  We will read about sound tomorrow and move on to Light and Color.  On Wednesday we will try to see if we can separate the colors in white light and complete a Light Webquest on Friday.  I expect the chapter 6 Test to be NEXT Friday.  
We will have a Math test today (it was scheduled for last Thursday) and then continue on with Lessons 96-99
Students will also be working on their 5th Grade Memory Folders that we started last week.  I don't want to give away too much about them, but I will say, they are very cute, and I really think you will enjoy going through your child's fifth grade memories!!!
Again, thank you for all you do, and thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have given me!  This is such a special school and I am so glad to be a part of it!
Have a beautiful week, and as always, thank you for sharing your children with me.
Mandy Wood

Week of May 7th

Hello Parents!  Happy Monday!  
We are coming down to the wire, aren't we???  I really just can't believe it!  19 more days!!!  I know the kiddos are ready to start their summer vacations, but there is still so much left to do!  Here's a peek at our week!
Religion:  Today we began Chapter 18 in our books.  Chapter 18 continues our discussion on the celebration of the sacrament of Anointing the Sick.  We will work on 3 Lessons this week, and we will also look into the readings for Tuesday's Mass and  Sunday's Mass.  We will have an oral test  over the Prayer to the Holy Spirit on May 17th.  We practice every day in class!!
Reading:  Due to the 5th grade picnic on Friday, we have decided to NOT have a Spelling list and WoW this week.  Students should still be reading a book of their choice in genre.  I will be handing out a Book Report Poster to the children on Thursday this week.  The posters will not be due until May 31st.  Parts of the poster can be filled out and colored before the book has been finished.  Students should keep that in mind.  All writing should be done in ink, not pencil, and all parts should be colored.  Tomorrow we will have a quiz over Chapters 5-8 of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  I am hoping we can read Chapters 9-11 this week!  I love this book so much!  I hope the children are enjoying it as well!
Science:  In Science, we are diving into Lessons 1 and 2 of Chapter 6 This week!  Today we learned about Energy.  Tomorrow the children will complete a webquest over energy in class.  We will also discuss Sound and do a fun lab involving rubber bands and sound!  We will have a vocabulary quiz on Thursday.
Math:  In Math, we are still plugging away on Long Division.  We will finish up lesson 95 tomorrow.  On Wednesday the children will be given a reteach packet over lessons 86-90, and there will be a test over these lessons on Thursday.
-Pack a snack every day!
-5th grade picnic on Friday!!   I can't wait!!!!
Again, Thank you So Much for all the wonderful gifts and treats last week!  Teacher Appreciation week was very special for me!!!!  
Enjoy the week!!!  If you have any questions or concerns, please email me!!! As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of April 30th

Hello Parents!  Happy day Before May!!!!  Can you even believe it???
This week we have several special things going on!  First on our list, the May Crowning!  Tomorrow, please make sure your child comes to school dressed in their Sunday Best!  Children will need to bring their uniforms to change back into after Mass.  Students also need to bring a flower or two for the procession.  
Tomorrow is also Grandparents Day!  Children will sit with their guests before Mass begins.  They will be called back to get ready for the May Crowning.  Once our statue of Mary is crowned, the children will return to their seats with their grandparents.  After Mass, the children can bring their guests back to our classroom to look at their work, to the cafeteria for refreshments and visiting, and to the gym for the Book Fair and Photo Booth!  Children can also take the grandparents on a tour to show off their favorite parts of the school!  It should be a fun time!  
Book Reports are due TOMORROW!  I have given the children several days of class time to work on this, allowing them to type the information and share it with me to print.  All the work must be typed, unless the directions say otherwise.  From this point on though, students will need to type and print from home.  There will be no time for me to print and have the students glue the information to the book jackets tomorrow morning.  From the few that have been turned in early, I can see some super-cute work!  I can't wait to look through all of them tomorrow!
At this point, I should have all the students' slide show presentations and project packets.  We have started presenting, and I have to say, I am so impressed!!!!  What talented, creative children you all have!  I am so proud of them for working so hard.  When I assigned this project, I thought I knew what 5th grade work should look like.  Knowing the children did most of the work here in class, on their own, I now know I underestimated these children and what they are capable of.  You should be proud as well.  Once I get a chance to look through each project individually, I will share all the slideshows with all of you.  
This Friday, I plan on giving a chapter 17 Religion Test along with the normal Friday tests and quizzes.  I will send a review sheet to you via email tomorrow.  We already started making one up in class today.  
Whew!  I think every week is going to get just a little bit crazier than the week before!  Buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!
If you have any questions or concerns, please email me!  And as always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of April 23rd 2018

Hello Parents!  I hope you all had a nice, peaceful weekend!  I looked at the calendar this morning, and I just could not believe how quickly April is going by!  I guess it doesn't really FEEL like April, does it?  But regardless to how it feels, it's almost May, and that means lots to do and prepare for!!! Here's a peek at our week!
Religion:  Today we went over the Chapter 12 Review and our test over this chapter will be tomorrow!  The children made some awesome posters describing popular devotions last week.  They are fabulous!  We will begin Chapter 17 on Wednesday and Thursday, and then discuss the Scriptures for the weekend on Friday!
Reading/Language Arts:  Our WoW word is Malicious this week!  Students will write a persuasive paragraph on what they could do to prevent someone from performing a malicious act.  Essay Maps are due Tuesday, Rough Drafts are due Wednesday, and Final Drafts are due Friday.  We will be completing Grammar Flip Lessons 15 and 16 this week, focusing on Action Verbs and Linking Verbs.  There will be a short quiz over this information on Friday.  We will finish up Chapter 4 in The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe today and review the first 4 chapters tomorrow.  We will have a quiz over Chapters 1-4 on Wednesday.  We will continue in the book with chapters 5 and 6 after!  Spelling test and packet will be due Friday!
Math:  Students will go over Lessons 88-90 this week.  We will do a reteach packet over lessons 80-85 on Thursday and Friday we will have a test.
Science:  The experiments and slide shows are going great!  I can't get over how amazing the students are!!!  I can't wait to see the finished products!  More on this in my Daily Science Update Email!
-Make sure your child is packing a snack every day
-Please take pictures of your child's experiment and email them to your child's gmail account
-Book Reports are du May 1st
-Book Orders are due Tuesday
-Friday is an early dismissal.  No lunch will be served, so pack a substantial snack!
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me!  As always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of April 16th

Good Morning Parents and Happy Monday!  
It seems as though we have all recovered from our Spring Break and trip to COSI!  Now it is time to get back into a regular schedule!  We have about 7 more weeks of school...I can't believe it!!!  Here's a peek at our week!
Religion:  We are continuing our discussion on ways in which we pray.  You may have noticed your child working on a poster showing how we celebrate the Holy Days of Obligation.  This week we will talk about special prayers and sacramentals.  I will be sending out a chapter review to you by tomorrow.  Our Chapter 12 test will be NEXT Tuesday.  The children have been practicing the Act of Love prayer since before Spring Break.  I will begin oral testing over that prayer tomorrow.  We will have a brief prayer service tomorrow during our regular Mass time, and then we will have the presentation of the Saints of the Month!
Science:  The children will continue working on their Science project this week.  We will be looking at a sample project today in class and continue our research and work on our slides.  I know some of the children have started their experiments already.  Remember, each experiment should have at least 3 trials.  I will remind the children of that today.  We will also be discussing charts and graphs.  Some of the children may not be able to graph their experiments.  That's ok!  I will make sure we all know who should be graphing what!
Reading/Language Arts:
Our Word of the Week is Benevolent.  Students will be writing a paragraph about what benevolent acts or things they have done in the past or could do in the future.  We will be finishing up our Figurative Language stations this week and I am hoping to begin our new novel, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe either Thursday or Friday!  This is my favorite book, and I can't wait to share it with the children!!  Spelling Packets will be handed out today!  We will also be working on Grammar Flip Lessons 11 and 12.  We will have a Vocab Quiz, Spelling Test, and Grammar Quiz on Friday.
Math:  In Math this week, we will finish up lesson 85 today and have a test over Lessons 76-80 on Wednesday.  Students will work on a reteach packet covering these sections on Tuesday.  Thursday and Friday we will work on Lessons 86 and 87.
Thank you to all those who gave their time to chaperone our COSI trip!  I know the children had a blast, and we could not have had that experience without your help!
Have a wonderful week, and as always, thank you for sharing your children with me!
Mandy Wood

Week of April h-13th

Hello Parents!!  It has been such a great day!  I was so excited to see the kiddos again!  I hope everyone had a happy Easter, full of love and family time! And I hope the children all had the chance to rest and relax!!!  I cannot believe we are moving into the home-stretch now!  This year is just going too fast!
We have a lot going on this week, so let's get started!
Announcements:  We have a new student all the way from Thailand joining our class for the next month.  Den started his first day today, and he is really fitting in well with our darlings!  I hope your child gets a chance to chat with Den, and learn a little bit about his culture and where he is from!
We will be working on independent science experiments for the next few weeks.  I sent home a packet of information with the children today.  Children picked experiments in class today and will be taking them home for your approval.  If you do not approve of the experiment, let me know and we will pick something else tomorrow!
In Language Arts and Reading this week, we are teaming up with Ms. Ducheny's class and working through some figurative language stations!  Children will be working with repetition, alliteration, and much, much more!  We will not have Spelling or Writing Prompts this week!
Friday is our trip to COSI!  The children are so excited, and so am I!  Here are some reminders:
-If you are a chaperone, you may want to carpool.  You will need to pay for parking
-Please make sure your child packs a brown bag lunch and snack.  Everything must be throw-away
-Students must be dressed in SCHOOL UNIFORM. Because we are missing a spirit wear day at school, student may wear spirit wear on THURSDAY.
-Students may bring electronics for the trip, but I am not responsible for anyone else's stuff.  Keep that in mind before sending your child out the door with an iPhone, iPad, Kindle, etc...
-We should be back at school by 6:00 in the evening.  It will be a long day, but so much fun!!!
If you are interested in summer tutoring, or if you know someone that is, please let me know!
I hope you have a wonderful week!!!!  
Mandy Wood