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Admissions Policy


In accordance with Christian philosophy no student will be denied admission solely because of sex, race, color, national origin, or ancestry.

Admission shall not be based solely on ability or achievement.

New pupils must show evidence of immunization and must present a birth certificate, a requirement of the State of Ohio Sec. 3313.72. A pupil at the time of his/her initial entry to a public or nonpublic school shall present to the person in charge of admission a copy of the original certificate of birth (or whatever document is allowable by law) and copies of those records pertaining to him/her maintained by the school that he/she most recently attended. If the pupil does not present copies of these items as required by this section, the Principal or Chief Administrative Officer of the school shall notify the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction in the area where the pupil resides of this fact and of the possibility that the pupil may be a missing child, as this term is defined in Section 2901.30 of the Ohio Revised Code.

All parents of children entering school for the first time must present a baptismal certificate, if applicable, in addition to the birth certificate.

Kindergarten children must be five by September 30th.

We have adopted in total the Archdiocesan policy, which reads, "It is the policy of the Cincinnati Area Commission to prevent Catholic elementary and Catholic secondary schools from becoming havens for those who want to escape public school desegregation. To do otherwise would be at odds with the basic philosophy and objectives of Catholic schools."

Before students are officially accepted into the school, they must provide a transcript of their grades and may be given a placement examination. Those displaying a need for specialized training, which SASEAS is not capable of providing, may be declined admission. Upon receipt of a deposit, a place will be held for the student, per the admission selection policy, until all forms are received.

Reasonable behavior standards must be met. SASEAS is dedicated to providing the best possible education for our students. Since chronic problem students create an unusual burden on the teaching staff, they must be declined admission.


Registration is held each year. Parents are expected to pay a non-refundable registration fee. The amount is set by the School Advisory Council with approval from the Finance Committees.


The order of preference for admission into grades K-8 is listed in Table 1.

The following admission policy must be met in order to qualify enrollment:
  1. Tuition must be current by the registration date for the family with siblings enrolled in SASEAS. If tuition is not current, arrangements must be made with the pastor of their parish or the family’s application will not be accepted.
  2. Tuition must be paid in full for the previous year by May 1st for the family with siblings enrolled in SASEAS. If tuition is not current, arrangements must be made with the pastor of their parish or the family’s reservation will be released to the next on the waiting list.
  3. Registration must be completed by the assigned date and a registration fee received for acceptance of their application.
  4. Each parish shall be entitled to the percentage of classroom space of each grade equal to the percentage of school classroom space provided by that parish. Allocation of the available classroom space (not filled by rank 1 students) will be per the following:
    • Class space is allocated to active parishioners (ranks 2 and 3 per Table 1) from each parish. If one parish does not fill its entitled percentage of the class, those seats become available to active parishioners of the other parish.
    • Once the class space is allocated to active parishioners, the remaining class space becomes available to other families with siblings (rank 4).
    • Any remaining openings will be allocated to all others (rank 5).
    • If at any time class space is limited for any one of the above categories, a lottery will be conducted within the rank/category for the available class space.
  5. A waiting list will be carried in accordance with the above selection policy for admission at the time of registration. Families applying after the registration date will be placed on the waiting list in accordance with the selection policy (see 4D). The Kindergarten waiting list will carry over from Kindergarten to First Grade. If the child does not attend SASEAS Kindergarten, but has been called to do so, their name will be removed from the list.