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School Advisory Council

The purpose of the School Advisory Council (SAC) is to develop, define and promote the overarching policies that govern the operations of St. Andrew-St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School. The SAC also provides oversight to school finances.
The School Advisory Council works in close collaboration with the school administration and under the authority of the Pastors in the implementation of these policies to assist the school in accomplishing its goals and objectives.
School Advisory Council Visitor Policy
  1. SAC meetings are open to parents throughout the year. We do request, however, that prior to attending any meeting you notify one of the officers (President, Vice President or Secretary) at least 3 days prior to the meeting date so that we are prepared and have sufficient materials.
  2. It is assumed that any visitor attendance is for observation purposes only. Any item that you would like to specifically discuss must be requested in writing to the SAC. It will then be determined if the meeting is an appropriate venue for your topic.
  3. Any materials/handouts distributed cannot leave the meeting.
  4. We welcome and appreciate parental involvement in our school.