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April 20-24

I hope that you all had a wonderful and blessed Easter! We are ready to resume our distance learning! Packets are available at school for pick up. Most work is in there, although not everything. Don't forget to have your child check the blizzard bag pages each morning before heading to the Goodle Classroom pages. Per directives from Mr. Grieco, we will be working on the block system. On Mondays and Wednesdays, you will receive work for Religion, Social Studies and Science. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will be assigned work for Reading, English, and Math. This schedule should be easier to maintain, but Fridays will be left open for you to catch up if time is needed. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask me for assistance. Hopefully, we will be back in our classroom soon to finish out the year together! Thanks for all your effort in the past weeks to complete all your assignments. YOU ARE AWESOME!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

March 18

 Hello TITANS! As we begin this journey of on-line learning, I'd like to take a moment to post a few helpful tips. We will all muddle through this together. 
1. Use your school gmail login to access Google Classroom. You need to go into each subject's page. 
2.  If you need papers printed off, they will be in the bin outside of school starting tomorrow afternoon. That is also where you will turn in any completed work. Please be sure your name is on ALL work so I don't have to play detective during this time. 
3. If you do Science experiements, take pictures and you should be able to upload them to the Science page. Here's a link that should explain how to do that.
4. If that doesn't the pictures to me  and I will find a way to post them for everyone to enjoy!
5.If you have questions, please email me :)
6. Stay healthy! Eat well, get some exercise and fresh air when you can. 
7. Since we cannot GO to mass, EWTN has mass on line and on TV daily.

Extra house guest?

Is there anyone out there interested in keeping our class pet Leona the leopard gecko during our time off? Shoot me an email if you are able/ interested...
I'm afraid that my overly inquisitive, curious and pesky dog, Bailey, the counter surfing, cantankerous doodle, might not be able to be trusted! 

We survived the Iowa Testing and we've hit the ground running again! We have to stay focused and progress at a steady pace to keep from the end of the year catching up with us. 
4A is currently OUT of CLOROX WIPES, hand sanitizer and paper towels. If you are out and about and able to pick some up and send it in for us that would be much appreciated! We have been diligently cleaning our desks and hands these days and talking about the importance of doing so. Please remind your kiddos at home the importance of that as well as how important it is to keep their hands away from their faces. 
RELIGION - Our focus this week will be the third commandment and the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. We also continue to reflect on the fact it is Lent and we should be working our way to heaven with the good deeds we are frequently trying to share with our classmates.
LANGUAGE ARTS -  We're working hard to complete our final activities for "The Tale of Despereaux" and getting ready to begin our adventure with "The Big Friendly Giant", otherwise known as the BFG, by Roald Dahl. Dahl is explicitely descriptive with the similes he uses throughout his book, so it will be fun to recognize them as we read through the story. The vocabulary word for the week is "bedlam". We will try to describe the feeling of being right in the middle of some chaos. Spelling list includes words that are plurals.
MATH - We have learned to measure angles with a protractor this week and some of the students are doing quite well with this skill. Sales tax has been brought to their attention to remind them to save money for taxes when shopping for their favorite video games. And finally, we will multiply by increments of a hundred and a thousand.
SCIENCE- This week and next we will be learning the difference between a mixture and a solution. We will also take a look at physical and chemical changes in matter. I'm hoping for some delicious and great hands on activites as we explore those concepts :)!

March 2-6

This week should hopefully find us settling back into a "normal" routine. IOWA testing is over! Aside from an early dismissal this Friday,  and the first Friday in April, we have 5 full weeks ahead of us with minimal disruptions. We are in the homestretch on the calendar, but still have plenty of goals, standards and objectives to accomplish. Report cards will come home on Friday. Remember that these are just a snapshot of where your child is right now. My hope is that you and your child will use it as a springboard to creating a goal and plan for this last trimester. At any time you have questions or concerns, please contact me. 
Here's a peek at what we plan to tackle this week in the classroom:
Religion: We are finishing our look at the secon commandment, and beginning the third. With these first three, your child should have a deeper understanding of ways that they can grow closer as disciples and to show love and respect to God. 
Language Arts: 
      Reading This week we are wrapping up some extension activities with the Tale of Despereaux before moving on to our next class novel. We will be using our writing skills to create a "Tale of Depereaux Chronicle". 
      Written expression:  Our spelling words this week are words with el, il, al, or,er,ar endings. Our WOW this week is replenish. The prompt will have thm looking for ways they can help replenish someone's energy. 
Math: We are continuing to work on our division skills. We are learning what to do when there is a zero in the quotient of a long division problem. We are also taking our first look at how to do a division problem with a decimal in the answer instead of just leaving a remainder. No need to panic! Mastery of that skill is not expected until much later!
Science:  After the crazy schedule of IOWA's, I am hoping to finish our study of matter this week. We will look at what happens when matter changes from one state/phase to the next. We will also take a quick look at density. Due to the crazy schedule, the test that I originally hoped to give this week is being pushed to next Tuesday.
Have a great Week!

February 24-28

It is hard to believe we are finishing out the second trimester this week! Despite the fact that we are taking IOWA's this week, we are working hard to stay on track with everything else we are supposed to be doing. Please mae sure your child is getting a good night's sleep and having a healthy breakfast so that they come in feeling on top of their game. While we want them to do their absolute best, we also want to remember that these scores are but a snapshot of their progress. 
Here's what we have on the agenda for the week.
Religion: LENT begins on Wednesday. We will be expanding our knowledge of what lent is and how we can use this time to grow closer as disciples. Rice bowls will go home this week as well. On top of that, we will begin our look at the Second Commanment: You shall not take the name of the Lord, your God in vain. 
Language Arts:
     Reading: We are enjoying the suspense of this last part of our novel, The Tale of Despereaux. Roscuro has put his evil plan of revenge into action and Despereaux has relized that HE has to be the "knight in Shining Armor" and try to save the Princess Pea. Which one will succeed? What will happen to Princess Pea, Miggery Sow, Roscuro and Despereaux? 
     Written Expression: This week's spelling words are words with the /kw/ sound spelled with qu. 
Math:  We are working with identifying how triangles are classified, symmetry, and division of three digit numbers with a zero in the quotient. 
Science: We are expanding our knowledge of matter this week. We are looking at what happens to mass and volume when matter changes from one state to another, and what happens when you add a solid to a liquid. 
Have a great week!

February 10-13

Just when we think we can get back to our regularly scheduled programming... along comes a snow day to set us back again. This week (and next) will be a four day week, again making it difficult to get fully back in the swing of things, but we will give it our best shot. We have a few "extra" activities in our schedules for the next few weeks, so be sure to keep an eye on the Wednesday newsletter for important information. 
Today we had speakers from COCA ~ the Council on Child Abuse. Please talk to your child about what was covered. This Thursday we will enjoy a performance from The National Theater for Children called Energy Endgame.
We will take a little time on Thursday to celebrate St. Valentine! If a student chooses to bring in Valentine cards for their friends, they MUST bring one for each of their classmates.
In between all of these extra's, here's what we are hoping to accomplish:
Religion: We will be jumping into our study of the first Commandment. Students will be expected to memorize all 10 by the time we are done. This week we will concentrate on the importance of worshipping the One True God and how we honor Him.
Language Arts:
     Reading:  We are getting close to finding our how four of our main characters lives will come together. Before we begin reading "Book the Fourth" we will take some time to write some poetry about our characters and create a timeline for each of the first three: Despereaux, Roscuro and Miggery Sow. We will put them together so we can see how things match up.
     Written Expression: Our Spelling words this week all have the /au/ sound spelled with either au or aw. We will also introduce our new WOW anticipate.  There will be a prompt that may carry over into next week!
Math: This week finds us looking at word problems more carefully. We will begin to "take them apart" to identify the information that is given and be able to figure out if that information is needed or not in order to answer the question. We will also be working more on fractions of a set and then doing a little work with geometric transformations.
Science: This week we will head back into our books to see how what we were working with in our labs help us to identify important truths in science regarding matter. We will discuss the Law of Conservation of Matter and we will take a look at how we find the volume of objects, both solid and liquid.
Have a great week!

January 27-31

Happy Catholic Schools Week! We are off to a wonderful week of celebration(s). Monday we celebrated our community by writing thank you notes to our local first responders. Tuesday we celebrated vocations with a living rosary and then a visit from Sister Mary Echo from Ft. Thomas, Ky. Wednesday we will celebrate our staff and faculty. Thursday we celebrate our students and families. On Friday we will celebrate our school and pastors with an all school mass at St. Andrew. If you can come celebrate mass with us on Friday, we would enjoy having you!
Don't forget we are off next Monday.
Besides all of these fun celebrations each day, here's what we are working on in class:
Religion: We will finish our look at how God called Moses. Along with this we will be having our annual Catholic Schools Week Bible Bee!
Language Arts: We will be checking reading comprehension with some written work on The Tale of Despereaux. We will also begin the third book in this story: Gor! The Tale of Miggery Sow. We will practice our letter writing skills this week as well.
Math: We will continue to work on division of mult-digit numbers with and with out remainders. We will also do a little work with millimeters and centimeters. We will do a little work with word problems about a fraction of a group.
Science: This week we are learning how to use a triple beam balance scale to find the mass of an object. We will see if we can identify what happens to an object when we change the shape of it.
Have a great week!

The Kid Whisperer

Don't forget.... tonight The Kid Whisperer, Scott Ervin, will be here at Seton for another fun filled, informative evening. He will start the evening at 5:30 with a Q & A session. This evening's presentation will begin at 6:30. He will be sharing with us the importance of delayed consequences and "how to" when dealing with our kids. You don't want to miss this!

January 13-17

It is hard to believe that at the end of the week we are not only half-way through our Second Trimester, but also, half-way through our year! Where has the time gone?! We are diligently working through our goals and objectives for the year. We are also busily preparing for our Catholic Schools Week Open house which will be on Sunday January 26, from 12:00-1:30pm.

Here is what we are working on this week:

RELIGION – This week we will look at how God used Moses in His big plan to share his love with us. Students will be making connections to the actions and responses of Pharaoh, the Egyptians, the Israelites, and Moses to Jesus, the apostles and ourselves. Your child should begin to see that God has a plan to use each of us to further His kingdom just as he did with Moses.

LANGUAGE ARTS – We are enjoying our new novel, The Tale of Despereaux; The story of a mouse, a princess, some soup and a spool of thread. Our focus during this novel will be twofold. We will be looking at the setting and how it affects the storyline. We will also be identifying different literary elements such as similes and how they add color to the written word.

Our spelling words this week are words that we add suffixes to. Our writing this week will focus on goals and resolutions for the New Year.

MATH – We will take a little time this week to work on a fun polygon project. Students will identify the properties of each polygon. They will create their own “polygon person” and write a story about it using the alliterative adjectives that they came up with to describe the attributes of that shape. This week we will begin to work on long division.

SCIENCE- This week we will begin our look at matter. We will identify properties of matter and begin to look at the states of matter and how they change.

Happy New Year and welcome back! I hope your Christmas break was relaxing, fun, and memorable. Now it's time, for our us to buckle back down and face new challenges and expectations. It's hard to believe we are almost halfway through the school year! At this point, many students have dwindling supplies. Please check with your child to see if they need any replacements for pencils, crayons or glue sticks. They have been disappearing from our room at a rapid rate :)
We are moving on and learning about Moses and his history with God and how he eventually was chosen to deliver the Ten Commandments to the Israelites. The students will become very interested as we work on a project with Moses and the ten plaques.
New year, new novel to get interested in. We are reading The Tale of Despereaux by Kate DiCamillo. This is a story about a very remarkable mouse who saves the princess from the evils of a very troubled rat. As we read this novel, emphasis will be on the growth of the characters and the connections that the students are able to make with the story line. Spelling words this week will contain the spelling patterns of er, or, and ar at the end of the word. It would be advisable for your children to study to prevent any confusion with the spelling of the words. Our word of the week is resolution. Our writing focus will revolve around the resolutions we are making for ourselves to be a better person in 2020.
The intensity of the math lessons will increase as we move through our math book. After we fine tune our multiplying skills of many digits we will work on geometry skills, working with polygons and their characteristics. Beware, dividing double digit numbers is lurking around the corner.
We are moving into our unit on MatterThis week finds us combining a couple of different elements to create our own winter wonderland.  **ANIMAL DIARIES ARE DUE FRIDAY, JANUARY 10
Have a great week!

December 2-6

I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break, filled with lots of fun family time. It is hard to believe that we are now three weeks away from Christmas! Despite the crazy schedules, we will still be working to impart some new knowledge into these kiddos for the next three weeks! We have several things to be aware of:
       1) This Friday is an out of uniform day for $1. This money will go to our Adopt-a-family project. We will also have key tags and buttons for sale on Friday for $1 each. This too goes toward the Adopt a family program.
       2) Our 4th grade play is in full swing! We will be performing it on December 12 at 7pm. Please check with your child to make sure they are learning their lines, solos and songs. 
       3) Next Friday will be an early dismissal day.
Here's what we hope to accomplish this week in the classroom:
Religion:  Most of our efforts this week will focus on the Christmas play. We will also spend some time with ADVENT, and working to prepare our hearts for the coming of our Savior!
Language Arts:
     Reading: This time of year finds us reading another realistic fiction. Our new novel has us following an unruly group of children ~ all from the same family! The Herdmann children add a different dimension to the "normal" Christmas Pageant. We will be comparing our Christmas Pageant to the Herdmann's to see which one truly is The Best Christmas Pageant Ever!
     Written Expression:  This week's WOW is elatedWe will challenge their writing skills with a story about an elated elf, snowman, or grinch! Our spelling words this week all have words spelled with ou. 
Math:  We are working this week with more multiplication and division as well as identifying prime and composite numbers. We will also do a little work with comparing fractions.
Science:  We have learned a lot about the animal kingdom so far. This week and next we will be putting our new found knowledge to the test! Students will be researching their favorite animal and identifying their adaptations, habitat, predators and their prey. Once they have finished their research, they will be creating their own book, "Diary of a _____________". 
Have a great week!

November 11-15

The end of the first trimester is this Friday, November 15. We are working diligently to make sure that all assignments are complete and turned in. Please double check with your child to be sure they are caught up. Also, be aware that there is a book fair this Thursday and Friday. Since we do not have library class, 4th grade will be called when their is some available time. If you are allowing your child to participate, please let them bring in some money on Thursday so they are prepared when we are called.
RELIGION - Our Saint reports are just about finished. There are just a couple left to put into their final copy. Our next chapter will help us to understand what a conscience is and what kind of questions do we ask to examine our conscience.
LANGUAGE ARTS - As we get close to finishing "Stone Fox", we are anxious to find out how Little Willy will fare as he enters a race against a leading contender. We are in the process of working on a story board that tells the story with all pictures. The word of the the week is "ambition". The prompts will unlock some secret ambitions that are being held within the heads of our creative fourth graders. The spelling list includes words that are irregular plurals.
MATH - We will practice adding and subtracting decimals this week. The most important thing for the students to remember is to line up the decimals. We will also touch upon decimals and percents.
SCIENCE- We are ready to embark on our excurion through the Animal Kingdom! We will be learning how animals are classified. Then we will begin our quest to understand how adaptations keep animals alive. We will identify different types of adaptations. 
Have a great week!

November 4-8

A huge shout out to all of the parents who helped with our Halloween Party last week! They kids had a great time! Today we received our ice cream reward for coming in Second place in our fundraising efforts for the Run4Fun! We still have a couple of class rewards coming our way. Watch for notes in their assignment pads for crazy socks/hat day and our additional out of uniform day.  Now, we settle in to finish out our first trimester, which ends next Friday, November 15. This Friday is an out of uniform day and we will also be having our monthly early dismissal so that we as a faculty can spend some time with School of Faith, developing our own discipleship goals. 
Here's a peek at our Week:
Religion- We will be wrapping up the final copy of our Saint Reports this week as well as getting back into our curriculum. Chapter 4 inour book takes a look at how we form our conscience as we become better disciples.
Language Arts-
     Reading-  We are continuing on in our novel, Stone Fox. As we read more about Willy's determination, fortitude and diligence, we will watch for cause and effect as well as pay close attention to sequencing of events. As we do this we will be able to develop a greater sense of what is happening and why. 
     Written Expression- Our WOW this week is: diligent.  There will be a prompt this week about the importance of being diligent with our work. Our spelling words this week are words with suffixes. 
Math-  This week we are working with the associative property of multiplication. We will also be learning about the relationship between multiplication and division and practicing our skills of multiplying two digit numbers.
Science- Our test on plants is tomorrow ~ Tuesday, November 5. After that we will spend a little time looking at a specific plant to identify its adaptations. We will identify unique characteristics of it, especially what seed looks like and where it is found. 
Have a great week!
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