November 6-10

    What a week last week! Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day. A huge THANK YOU to all of the moms and dads who came to help us celebrate Halloween last week. I would especially like to that Jill Reineck and Jodi Nause for coordinating all of the activities. The kids had a blast! Your children did a great job at Mass on Wednesday with their Saint Shields. I will be posting pictures soon! If anyone has a few extra minutes this week, we could use your help in hanging the shields in the front foyer for the school to enjoy for the month. Last but not least, we are beginning a gratitude challenge as we approach Thanksgiving. Ask your child what one thing happened each day that they are thankful for!
Here's a peek at what's ahead:
Religion: We have finally finished our final copies of our Saint Reports! We will jump back into our Religion Book this week and begin chapter 4. We will be focusing on ways to grow closer to God through developing our conscience.
Language Arts:
      Reading: We are pushing through the novel Because of Winn Dixie. Our focus this week will be on analyzing the characters, identifying the author's purpose and building our vocabulary. 
       Written Expression: Our Spelling words this week are words with oy and oi. Students have a Spelling menu to complete this week to help them with their studying. Spelling City is also available to them, although not a required activity, it is another way to sneak in a study session! Our WOW is back this week. Our word is cantankerous. 
Math: This week we are continuing to challenge our problem solving skills each day as well as working on understanding fractions of a dollar, fractions and mixed numbers and measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch. Multiplication fact practice will be happening regularly as well. 
Science: We took some time to go over our plant test today. A retest will be given on Wednesday for those students who received a C or below.  We will begin our study of the animal kingdom this week with a fun look at worms! 
We will be reading Diary of A Worm and using that as a jumping off point to discuss animal structure, needs and adaptations.