December 11-15

As we journey closer to Christmas break, our path is quite curvy and busy! We will continue to work our way through some academic skills along with preparing our Christmas Play: On Our Way to Bethlehem. We have many rehearsals scheduled for this week, but won't let that get in the way! Homework may be a bit lighter this week due to rehearsals along with an assembly that is scheduled for later this week.
Here's what we hope to be working on:
Religion:  We are working on our own Jesse tree. Reflections in their prayer journals will be part of this. We have also taken some time to read Luke 1:46-55. The students eyes lit up as they connected one of their first songs from the play with this reading!
Language Arts:
 Reading: We will be finishing our reading of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. The Herdmann children are adding some life, and learning into the annual show. Our children are seeing the Christmas story from different eyes and learning a little along the way!
Written Expression : Spelling Bee test will be on Wednesday. There will be a weekly spelling test on Friday. We will be taking our prompt from last week and redoing it for our little buddies.
Math:  This week we are continuing our work with converting decimals to a fraction, adding and subtracting decimals, and multiplying double digit numbers by a single number.
Science:  We continue on our animal research. The hope is to have our rough draft of our Animal Diary started, if not completed before break. 
I will be looking for animal adaptations, habitat information, who is the predator and what is the prey.