Happy New Year! This year is off to a busy, and adventurous start! 
Within a week or so, we will have reached the half way point of this school year! Here's hoping that the winter weather does not disrupt us too much more.
 RELIGION We are beginning our study of the Ten Commandments. This week we will start by learning about the plight of Moses and the ten plaques, which will eventually lead us to him receiving the Ten Commandments.
Reading: We have started our new class novel "Frindle". It's a story about a fifth grade boy who has fun with a made up word that eventually makes him famous. We will watch the growth of the characters from the beginning of the book to the end. Throughout the story, we will come across many idioms, which will be the basis for some of our assignments.
Spelling this week will emphasize words with the "ie" or "ei" vowel combinations. Students will have a spelling menu to complete this week. They will need to complete activities totaling 10 points.
Our WOW is "ambition". Our prompt will have our students telling about ambitions for future endeavors.
MATH - We've just started to introduce dividing with remainders. The students are hesitant to learn something new, but excited for the challenge. This is the beginning set-up for long division.
Science- We are working to finish our animal unit project that we started back in December. At this point all students should have the information that is required: 3 adapations, habitat, predators and their prey. They should have begun the task of weaving this information into their own "Diary of a _____", based on the books Diary of a Worm, DIary of a Spider, and Diary of a Fly.
We are now into plan C for due date thanks to the snow days!