Week of January 17

Being from Upstate NY, I have always loved having snow on the ground during the winter months. It makes things brighter and much less dreary than the cloudy/ gray skies and brown land that we normally would see! Although I have enjoyed our days off, I'm ready to say "enough!" Since we have "returned" from our Christmas break, we have had only 6 1/2 days in school. That is not nearly enough for us to reestablish our normal routines and begin to dig in to the "meat" of our lessons. Hopefully, this will happen sooner, rather than later.
In the mean time, we will continue to push through, one day at a time. We are busily trying to complete our regular assignments along with getting ready for Catholic Schools Week Open House. Here's what we will be attempting to accomplish in the next two weeks:
Religion: We have looked at the story of God choosing Moses to get his people out of slavery. Students have spent some time reading about the 10 plagues. We will be working to bring those "to life". This story will lead us to understand the story of Moses leading God's people to the "Promised Land." 
Language Arts: 
        Reading:  We are continuing our read through Frindle. The students are enjoying the good natured antics that Nick Allen and Mrs. Granger are involved in. They will be identifying what these look like from each person's point of view. The author also uses lots of idioms and metaphors to create wonderful word pictures. We will be working with those as well.
        Written Expression: With the shorter week than we had planned, we will NOT have a NEW Spelling list this week. However, many students had a difficult time with last week's words, so we are going to review and retest those words this week. We do have a new Word of the Week: elated. We will be creating comic strips to depict the meaning of the word.
Math: The week in math includes fraction comparisons, rate word problems, and multiplying three digit numbers.
Science: Now that we have studied living things, we are looking at how living things and non-living things interact in an ecosystem. We will be looking at energy pyramids, food chains and food webs. Animal Diaries will need to be completed on their own time by Monday January 22.