Week of January 29- February 2

Happy Catholic School's Week! What a blessing to be part of such a vibrant, faith-filled community. We have so many great things happening here at SASEAS! Thank you for trusting your child(ren) to us and partnering with us as we strive to enrich their minds and spirits through our faith and academics. We could not do this without you. We have many activities planned this week that we invite you to join us for. Tuesday we will have Rosary at 8:40 in church, Wednesday the 5th grade will take on the teachers in our annual student vs. teachers volleyball game. Friday morning we will end out our week with an all school mass at St. Andrew Church at 9:30. Despite the many activities we have planned to celebrate our Catholic School this week, we hope to be able to reestablish some semblance of of routine in our classrooms! Here's what we will be working on:
Religion:  We will begin our look at how God gave Moses the 10 Commandments. 
Language Arts: 
     Reading: This week we will continue reading through our book Frindle. We are working to identify each character's perspective/ point of view of some of the events that are taking place. We will continue to watch for ways in which our characters are growing and changing throughout the story.
     Written Expression: Our spelling words this week end in either -er. -or, or -ar. These endings can be very tricky as they tend to sound very similar. Your child should be practicing these nightly. Our WOW for the week is tradition.  We will be writing about some of the traditions we enjoy.
Math:  This week we will be working with reading and creating graphs of many kinds ~ line, bar, picture, and circle or pie graphs. We will also continue to expand our abilities to multiply by multiplying more than three numbers (3x4x5). We will also review our knowledge of polygons, and the characteristics of each.
Science: This week we are moving into our earth science unit with some hands on activities that show what slow and fast changes occur in the earth's surface.