March 2-6

This week should hopefully find us settling back into a "normal" routine. IOWA testing is over! Aside from an early dismissal this Friday,  and the first Friday in April, we have 5 full weeks ahead of us with minimal disruptions. We are in the homestretch on the calendar, but still have plenty of goals, standards and objectives to accomplish. Report cards will come home on Friday. Remember that these are just a snapshot of where your child is right now. My hope is that you and your child will use it as a springboard to creating a goal and plan for this last trimester. At any time you have questions or concerns, please contact me. 
Here's a peek at what we plan to tackle this week in the classroom:
Religion: We are finishing our look at the secon commandment, and beginning the third. With these first three, your child should have a deeper understanding of ways that they can grow closer as disciples and to show love and respect to God. 
Language Arts: 
      Reading This week we are wrapping up some extension activities with the Tale of Despereaux before moving on to our next class novel. We will be using our writing skills to create a "Tale of Depereaux Chronicle". 
      Written expression:  Our spelling words this week are words with el, il, al, or,er,ar endings. Our WOW this week is replenish. The prompt will have thm looking for ways they can help replenish someone's energy. 
Math: We are continuing to work on our division skills. We are learning what to do when there is a zero in the quotient of a long division problem. We are also taking our first look at how to do a division problem with a decimal in the answer instead of just leaving a remainder. No need to panic! Mastery of that skill is not expected until much later!
Science:  After the crazy schedule of IOWA's, I am hoping to finish our study of matter this week. We will look at what happens when matter changes from one state/phase to the next. We will also take a quick look at density. Due to the crazy schedule, the test that I originally hoped to give this week is being pushed to next Tuesday.
Have a great Week!