March 18

 Hello TITANS! As we begin this journey of on-line learning, I'd like to take a moment to post a few helpful tips. We will all muddle through this together. 
1. Use your school gmail login to access Google Classroom. You need to go into each subject's page. 
2.  If you need papers printed off, they will be in the bin outside of school starting tomorrow afternoon. That is also where you will turn in any completed work. Please be sure your name is on ALL work so I don't have to play detective during this time. 
3. If you do Science experiements, take pictures and you should be able to upload them to the Science page. Here's a link that should explain how to do that.
4. If that doesn't the pictures to me  and I will find a way to post them for everyone to enjoy!
5.If you have questions, please email me :)
6. Stay healthy! Eat well, get some exercise and fresh air when you can. 
7. Since we cannot GO to mass, EWTN has mass on line and on TV daily.