Welcome Back!

   It is great to be back and settling into our routine. We have spent some time getting to know one another and are now slowing sweeping away our summer cobwebs! What a great group of kids, and I'm sure we will have a fun filled, year full of learning adventures. Keep in mind that it is a year of big changes and adjustments for your child, but we will do our best to ease the adjustment for them as well as for you. Please don't hesitate to contact either Mrs. Fields or myself with any questions you may have along the way.
   Each week, we do our best to post a quick peek at what will be going on in our classrooms.  It is common for 4th graders, when asked about their day, to respond with; "It was ok." Or if asked what they did during the day for them to say: "Nothing". Our peek at our week should help keep you up to date as well as giving you "talking points" for those vague responses you receive!
SO, here is a peek at our week:
Religion:  We have already talked about the fact that as disciples, we need to spend time with God. We have created our Prayer Journals where we will take time to write and reflect. We will spend some time each week after mass writing and reflecting on our own personal "WOW" moment. These are the moments during mass when something we have heard (either in the reading, gospel, songs or homily) makes us say "WOW" or touches our hearts in some way. We are also beginning our look at Chapter 1 which helps us to identify that Jesus is both human and divine and that he came to save us.
Language Arts:
Reading:  This year we are learning to apply all of those skills that we have been taught since Kindergarten. We will be reading a lot and writing responses and reflections about what we have read. This week we have talked a little about the different genres that we will be experiencing this year. Students have found a book that interests them to be reading on their own each day. We have also begun our first class novel. We are reading Freckle Juice by Judy Bloom. We use this easy read as a way to jumpstart our unit on Realistic Fiction. We are identifying the characteristics of this genre as well as focusing on the characters. We are looking for character traits and using evidence from the story to back up our ideas.
Writing: We have jumped right into our first unit on Spelling. This week's words are: rolled, fingers, except, speed, couldn't, questions, catch, itself, mark, button, bargain, certain, orphan, fountain, oxen, latitude, longitude, compass, absolute, equator, with compensation as our challenge word.
This year, students are keeping a Spelling notebook where most of their word work will be done at school. Words are also listed in their assignment pads for nightly review. They are also using a program called Sitton Spelling to strengthen their skills with spelling patterns and high frequency words. Words are assigned on Monday with Spelling tests given on Friday. 
Math: These kiddos love numbers! A baseline assessment was given yesterday (Monday) and they all did well! Because of this, we have jumped ahead to Lesson 11 in our Math book to start our Math lessons. This week we are working on finding missing numbers in addition and subtraction problems, as well as adding three digit numbers together. There is daily fact practice as well. 
Science: We are beginning our year of becoming Scientists by first looking at what a scientist does and the scientific method. We are learning the foundation for acting and thinking like a scientist through different demonstrations and mini experiments.