September 5-8

 I hope that you all enjoyed the nice 3 day weekend after we made it through our first full week! You've got GREAT kids. Thank you for helping to get our year off to a great start. As of today, they have their portfolio to help keep them organized for the year. As a class, we have given our "best friend" the name "JERRY".  This folder portfolio will go with them to almost every class and will travel between home and school daily. They have a special pocket for IMPORTANT notes and another one for HOMEWORK. Please check the important note pocket and use that for when you need to send one to me. Help your child at the end of the day to put any homework sheets back into the HOMEWORK folder. Ultimately, they will be able to do that by themselves within a couple of weeks. I ask that you do not remove anything from their folder that is not in the IMPORTANT note pocket. Often times, they will put unfinished work into the proper folder (Science, Social Studies, etc. ) and then not be able to find it when it is time to work on it in class. Our experience is that by using this folder system, it helps keep them organized and aids in them becoming responsible, successful, independent learners! We appreciate your help in this.
This Friday we will have an out of uniform day as a way to help support the relief efforts for Hurricane Harvey through Catholic Charities. We encourage students to do a few extra chores to earn the money they bring in rather than just asking you for money. I'm sure there is something you can find for them to do that you haven't had time to do yet yourself.
Here's a peek at our week:
Religion: This week we will finish our look at Chapter 1 Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Students will be identifying the traits of a disciple.
Language Arts: 
     Reading: We will begin our next class novel this week. As we read through the chapters, we will be looking for evidence that points to a character's traits; what they are like. We will also be working on creating summaries as well as identifying cause and effect.
     Writing: There is NOT a spelling list this week with the short week. We are introducing our WOW vocabulary work, step by step this week. We will be targeting our efforts in their paragraph writing on strong topic sentences as well as the use of correct punctuation. Most of the hard work will be done in class during the week, with a final copy done at home. Students will be asked to turn in both the rough draft and the final copy.  
Math:  We have been working with two digit and three digit addition and subtraction as well as working on solving for missing numbers. This week we will be working with 2 digit subtraction with regrouping. Please be sure to be practicing basic addition and subtraction facts nightly. It is important to have these facts as second nature as we increase the complexity of our math work. We will have weekly facts tests where students will have 3 minutes to see how many of the 100 problems they can correctly answer. What we are looking for is improvement week to week, so don't be alarmed if right now they are not completing the entire 100 facts accurately. 
Science: This week we are wrapping up our look at how we "do" science. There will be a quiz next Tuesday over the first 4 lessons. Students should be receiving their Pearson Science login information this week. There will be some things that I assign online to help them review what we are learning in class.