September 11-15

We are finally settling into a somewhat "normal" routine in fourth grade! Now our goal is to get up to "cruising speed" in completing work. The pace of our day is much quicker than what your child has been used to, so we are finding we are moving at a slower pace than we need. This is typical, and we know we will pick up the pace soon.
We look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening where we will discuss our expectations for your children as well as ways you can support them and us throughout this year of big transitions. 
Here's a peek at our week:
Religion: This week we are focusing on the Beatitudes, Chapter 2. I like to call these our "Be happy 'tudes", ways to live as disciples that share God's love and joy to others.
Language Arts
    Reading: We are continuing in our novel, Stone Fox. This week we are focusing on cause and effect and finding evidence in our story to support our views of the character.
     Written Expression:  This week we continue or look at nouns, and writing well thought out paragraphs with good sentences. Our WOW this week is treacherous. Spelling words are up on Spelling City. Students have been given their login information and should complete 3-4 activities at home this week in preparation for Friday's Spelling test. This Friday we will also have our first Vocabulary Quiz over our first two words: ability and treacherous.  
MathThis week in Math we are working on addition problems of two digit numbers with regrouping and elapsed time. Continued practice of addition facts should be encouraged nightly.
Science: We are finishing up Chapter 1: The Nature of Science. We have discussed the scientific process, methods that scientists use to answer questions and how to document findings and draw scientific conclusions from those results. We will have our first quiz on Thursday.