September 19-22

It was wonderful to meet so many of you last Thursday at our Meet the Teacher evening. Know that we have already made "your kids" "OUR kids" and we want so much for them this year! We look forward to watching them grow and develop as children of God and academic learners. We also look forward to working with you to make this year a great one for these kiddos that you entrust to our care each day. Please be sure to contact us any time with questions, concerns and any happy growth moments you experience throughout this year. 
Today, the students had a little fun with "Talk like a Pirate Day"!  I hope they shared some of our fun with you.
Here's what we hope to accomplish the rest of this short week:
RELIGION - We're working to  fully understand the meanings of the Beatitudes and what message Jesus was trying to give to us in regards to helping others. Our hope is to finish this chapter by the end of the year.
MATH - We will work with elapsed time and rounding numbers before taking our cumulative test 3. At the end of the week, our timed test will focus on subtraction this week.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have almost completed "Stone Fox", but won't read the exciting ending until next week.  The skills we've been working on throughout the story have been cause and effect, sequencing events and context clues.
     We do not have a new Word of the Week this week, but we still are working on our prompt for treacherous from last week. Our prompt is a newspaper article describing the who, what, when and where of a treacherous scene. There will not be a vocabulary test this week since we do not have a new word.
     There is a spelling list this week to study. Be sure to have your child(ren) practice on Spelling City this week! They should be doing one activity of their choice each night. As usual, we will have our Spelling test on Friday.
Science- Now that we have worked through the scientific process, we are ready to move into some of the meat of our science curriculum. We will begin our study of life sciences with a look at the plant kingdom. Our new book has chosen to weave this in with the animal kingdom. My plan is to work through the information on the plant kingdom first with some hands on labs and book work. So, we might be skipping around the book just a little bit for the next two units. They will be getting "real note taking" experience as we go through this. This week's topic: where do plants come from and what do they need to live.