September 25-29

We have another busy week ahead! We are celebrating Everybody Counts and learning about the motor impairments that many people have and how they have to compensate for their disabilities. Thanks to Jill Reineck, Sheila Martin, Kim Chamberlin and Shannon Wenstrup for their efforts in helping the fourth grade understand these disabilities that people have to face day in and day out. We are also very excited to have Skool Aid coming during Everybody Counts week!  Ian Smith, and his coworker, Jacob Counts (a paralympian who competed in the 2008 Beijing paralympics) have a wonderful program planned including speaking/Q&A and a game of wheelchair basketball!
Don't forget that Friday is our Family Movie Night!
RELIGION - We seem to have a better understanding of the Beatitudes and the Kingdom of God. Many have memorized the popular sayings and appear to be ready for a test on the Beatitudes. Thursday will be the judgement day. 
MATH - This week, we will review lines, angles, triangles, rectangles, squares and rectangles. Terms like millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches, feet and yards will also surface this week.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will be finishing "Stone Fox" and the activities that reinforced the skills we have been focusing on. Spelling words have been tough, so make sure your children are spending time studying their words or reviewing them on Spelling City. The WOW for the week is rickety. The students will be describing a rickety object that is displayed in a picture, for this week's prompt. 
Science- We have been studying the basic building block of all living things ~ the cell. We have read about the similarities and differences of the animal and plant cells; we have drawn and labeled them and we have now made "model cells" for each. We are ready now to discuss how a scientist would  identify what they were looking at (plant or animal cell) and to use that knowledge to write to a prompt.