October 9-13

Wow! It's hard to believe that we are half way through our first trimester! Your (our) children have been working so hard and are beginning to step up to the challenges we place before them daily! Thank you for helping them to settling into the routine of school. It truly takes a team effort between home and school for each child to reach their fullest potential. Sign up information for conferences will be sent out soon!
There are a few things to make note of this week. We are in the final stretch of our Run4Fun fundraising. Wednesday is our last turn in day! Our run is scheduled for Friday after our All School Mass. Friday is also the 100th anniversary of Our Lady's final apparition at Fatima. To help celebrate this important event in our Church's history, we will begin our day with an all school rosary, followed by mass, and then a short period of time for adoration before we begin our Run festivities! We hope you can join us. 
Also,October is BOX TOP$ collection month! Box Tops can be turned in October 9-20.
Here's what is happening in the classroom:
Religion:  This week we are beginning our study of the Saints. Students have been assigned a Saint to read and research. This project is handled in class, but feel free to ask your child what they are learning each day as they read and begin to take notes. Directions for the home component (the shield) will be sent home next week. 
Language Arts:
     Reading: We are continuing to read through our class novel: Because of Winn Dixie. Students are working on understanding cause and effect, summarizing and identifying character traits.
     Written Expression: This week we are working on writing an opinion paragraph. Our WOW is repulsive.  Students will need to convince me that something is repulsive. 
     Spelling:  I admit that our word lists to date have been rather difficult! This week, you should find the list to be a little less daunting. The words all have ou, and ow. This week, we are trying out a "Spelling Contract" where they can choose which activities they want to complete to meet the required points for the week. Spelling City  is also out there and they hopefully will be using that in class as we go.
Math: We are beginning to look at repeated addition being the foundation for multiplication. We will be practicing using a multiplication table and learning our facts for 0, 1, 2, and 5. We will also be practicing subtracting 3 numbers with regrouping.
Science:  We have looked at the parts of a plant and will now begin some of our hands on "experiments". We will be identifying the life cycle of a plant, what a seed will need in order to germinate, where seeds  are found, and what plants need in order to grow.