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We can't wait for our little goblins to return to normalcy and come down off their sugar highs. Please tell us the Halloween candy is almost gone at your house!!
Dates to remember:
Friday, November 8 - Early dismissal
Tuesday, November 12 - 4B does the readings at Mass
RELIGION - We are still working on our saint reports, but we are definitely getting closer to completion. Some students just have to make their report cover, some are on their final copy, and some are still writing. The goal is to complete the saint report in its entirety by the end of the week. We will be heading back to the book to learn about free will, temptation, and sin.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We're getting to the really exciting part of "Stone Fox". Our focus has been on the characters, but we are shifting to the sequence of events, so that we can write a summary, stating the main events in a concise manner. The word of the week is efficient and yes we will be writing a prompt about how they will train their robot to help them look more efficient at home or school. Spelling words include words that will require doubling the last consonant, dropping the final e, and changing y to "i"  before adding the ending.
MATH - We will be showing how multiplication and division are related and we will continue to strengthen our skills at multiplying problems with two-digit numbers.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have been working very hard on drawing replicas of the White House, the U.S. Capital Building, and the U.S. Supreme Court as we learn about the three branches of government. This week we will touch on the topic of "checks and balances" that the branches have on each other and also what are our rights and responsibilities as citizens of the U.S..
                                      HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


A huge thank you goes out to Joy Zielinski, Aimee Reeder, Nancy Hake, and Jake and Kody Hill for the time they were willing to take to make us aware of those with physical handicaps. Everyone did a wonderful job sharing their experiences and insights with the fourth grade.
Another busy week ahead for fourth grade.
October 29 - Saint shields due
                     Viewing of third grade play
October 30 - Oral Presentations for saint shield begin
October 31 - Finish  Oral Presentations
                     Halloween Party
November 1 - 4th Grade brings shields to Mass and says one thing about the saint they researched.
RELIGION - The main focus is to complete saint shield presentations and the goal is attempt to finish reports by Friday. For some that goal is attainable and I'm sure we will go into next week before all are finished. Students should not be bringing their reports home to work on, these are strictly something we want to work on with them during class time.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We should be half way through "Stone Fox" this week. Emphasis will be to reflect on various events and characters and why they are important to the story line. We will still have a weekly vocabulary word, but we will not write a prompt, due to our writing of the saint reports. The spelling list includes words that contain the "oy" and "oi" spelling patterns.
MATH - The week ahead has us working on adding and subtracting decimals, multiplying two-digit numbers, and parenthesis with the associative property. The thought of Halloween being this week will definitely play a part in the intenseness of confusion, as we try to get through these topics.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have been talking about the three branches of government, who is involved, what do they do and where do they do their work. All fourth graders are working on a project involving artistic talent and writing informative sentences. They will be drawing the three government buildings associated with the branches of government and writing sentences answering the above questions. Some of them are really putting forth great effort to make masterpieces of this project.


Parents, if you are not seeing the daily homework postings, check to see if you have subscribed to all subject areas. You may have subscribed to our personal pages, where you get our weekly news blurb, but this does not tell you the daily homework. This week being "Everybody Counts Week", we will be blessed with our very dedicated parents who are teaching our children about the lives of handicapped children.
RELIGION - We have been working very hard to find information on our saints. Some of the children are far enough to have decided on symbols for their saint shield. This week we will try to make a dent in the written reports.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We've started a new novel called "Stone Fox". It's another dog story, but it has some historical flair to it. Once again, we will focus on character traits, sequence of events, and setting. Spelling words this week are contractions. Even though, the words are short, the apostrophe always throws the students off a little. Our vocabulary word of the week is "fortitude". It fits in with our study of the saints. We will not have a written prompt this week because we are devoting our time to our saint reports.
MATH - We're working on subtraction with zeroes. It doesn't seem to be much of a challenge for them. We will also work on capacity, the measuring equalities of cups, pints, quarts, and gallons.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about the branches of government and what their responsibilities are for our nation.
                                  HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


We are looking forward to talking with you at conferences this week. It is our wish that we can strengthen your child's weaknesses and promote the strengths already in place. We want to see your child experience successes that will build confidence through this year and beyond.
RELIGION - We will be reading and learning about saints. As we begin to organize our information, we will be writing our saint reports one paragraph at a time. This is a long term project that will take time and patience to complete. Directions for the saint shield will be sent home this week after we have acquired some information about the saints we are researching.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Before we begin our next novel, we have to compare and contrast the movie and the book "Because of Winn Dixie". The students were writing furiously the likes and differences they noticed throughout the movie. We are considering "Mr. Popper's Penguins" as our next class novel. Our word of the week is cantankerous.  Instead of writing a prompt about that word , we will turn our attention to writing the saint reports. Our spelling list this week will include many irregular verbs. The verbs aren't hard to spell, but using the correct form of the verb may be somewhat confusing.
MATH - Skills involving fractions will be the center of our math classes this week. Recognizing dollars and cents as part of a whole and measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch are topics of interest. If you're children are practicing their multiplication facts, encourage them to continue. Many are proud of their progression in time and accuracy.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will learn the basic facts surrounding the Civil War, understanding the reasons why the southern states and the northern states were in constant disagreement. There will be a test on Friday, October 18, assessing the knowledge we hopefully gained from Chapter 2, Lessons 1, 2, and 3.
                                     HAVE A GREAT WEEK!!
                           #WEARETITANS #WEAREFAMILY


                           #WEARETITANS #WEAREFAMILY


Despite our involvement with the Fun Run, we still have to keep forging ahead!
RELIGION - Our main focus will be to recognize saints as Church heroes and to understand what the saints may have focused on in their lives to be so close to God. We will begin reading about various saints before we actually assign a particular saint to each student. The written report will be strictly written in class, but a saint shield will be a project in which the family can help with at home. Those directions will be sent home next week.
LANGUAGE ARTS -  We will complete "Because of Winn Dixie" this week and then we have to decide how the characters have grown, in regards to how their personalities may have changed and how they now treat each other. At the end of the week we will watch the movie and compare it to the book. Our vocabulary word of the week is defiant. The students will be happy to know that there will not be a required prompt to write, due to the crazy ending to our week. Spelling words this week are compound words, with many of them having the long a sound. There will be a spelling test on Thursday, rather than Friday.
MATH - The focus this week will be to practice reading large numbers to the hundred millions and billions. We will also learn what a mixed number is and how to convert it to an improper fraction. We will continue to sneak in new skills each week to build their math repertoire for future grades.
SOCIAL STUDIES - It looks like we will touch upon the American Revolution and the Civil War as conflicts that occurred early in U.S. history. The students are very interested, but their perception of events in history and time are questionable! 


Tues. Oct. 1 - Homework Club - Miss Poux' room
Wed. Oct. 2 - First turn in day for Fun Run
                      Homework Club - Mrs. Fields' Room
Thurs. Oct. 3 - No Homework Club - Due to Teacher Professional Development
Fri. Oct. 4 - Spirit Day
                    Midterms sent home
Now for the academics!
RELIGION - We are finishing up our study of The Beatitudes with a quiz on Thursday. The students will begin working on their saint research as soon as we assign them a saint to research!
LANGUAGE ARTS -  We are working on a story map to show the characters and the settings and how they are all important and relevant to the story, Winn Dixie. The word of the week is "repulsive". The boys tend to like this descriptive writing prompt better than the girls. Spelling words, this week, have the ow and the ou spelling patterns. Spelling menu is on for this week and will be due by Friday.
MATH - Multiplication facts should be a focus this week in the evenings. Study the 9s, 10s, 11s, and 12s a little each evening. It will help immensely when we begin multiplying the bigger numbers.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we touch upon the conflicts that the United States faced as it was growing as a nation through the centuries.


It is hard to believe that we are near the halfway point of the first trimester. The students seem to be settling in and knowing what is expected of them.
RELIGION - We're working on a Beatitude booklet to help us understand how we are suppose to be living the Beatitudes with our family and friends.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We've made it through about half of Winn Dixie, learning and watching how the characters are growing to be more accepting of the other characters weaknesses. Our goal for the end of the week is to complete a story map with all the settings and characters included.
MATH - Our focus this week will be to review our multiplication facts and to recognize them with more speed and accuracy. We will intensify our goal with flashcard games and timed tests.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are preparing for a chapter test on Thursday. The test will include landforms, climate and weather words, and the differrent kinds of resources.
                                     HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


It was great to meet so many of our fourth grade parents, last Thursday. It helps us to know that you are truly interested in working with us to make this year a successful academic year for your student(s). Also, I want to thank all of you for the many cards and gifts sent in for my birthday. I am truly grateful.
As usual,  the week ahead is packed full!
RELIGION - The week ahead will have us looking into the meaning of the Beatitudes. It is difficult for fourth graders to understand the Beatitudes as they are written, but we will interpret them to make sense of them.
Reading - The students will begin to understand why the novel we are reading is called "Because of Winn Dixie". The main character begins to develop strong relationships with the other characters. As we proceed through the book, it will be evident that each character is growing into a better person, as a result of the friendship with Opal and her dog.
Writing - The word of the week will be "rickety".  In collaboration with Mrs. Mascolino and her "haunted house" project, we will be describing  the haunted house that they will create in art. The students will attempt to describe  what their house will look like, what kind of sound and smells may be surrounding their house, and finally how things may feel in this situation. We're starting early so all aspects of the project can be finished by the haunted holiday!
Spelling - Words this week will include the "x" sound, spelled with x and cks and also the "s" sound, spelled with s, ce, and ci. There will be a spelling menu to complete by Friday. A total of 12 points is needed for completion.
MATH - We will be expanding on their knowledge of fractions. The students will have to be able to name a fraction indicated by a drawing and compare fractions by putting them in order smallest to biggest. We will also work with subtraction word problems, learning how to identify key words that will give hints to coming up with a reasonable solution.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will identify the different landforms around the U.S. We will compare the climate in different regions and we will identify resources of the U.S. as natural, human, or capital. Lots of content will be presented this week!
                                         HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


We've all settled in and routine is becoming the norm.  Summer break seems to be a part of our distant past and we are forging ahead each week to present new ideas and skills. There is never a dull moment in our weekly schedules! Don't forget Thursday is "Meet the Teacher Night" and Mrs. Schweickart and myself can't wait to meet you and share what we know about fourth graders.
RELIGION - We will concentrate this week on understanding how to live the beatitudes as Jesus intended.
Reading -We will continue reading through "Because of Winn Dixie" and follow the adventures that Winn Dixie, the dog, takes Opal, his owner, through. Cause and effect will be the skill that will be most emphasized this week.
Writing - Our vocabulary word of the week is "treacherous" and the subject of our prompt will be to write about a treacherous sport we would like to try.
Spelling - The spelling words will include ones with long e patterns. The students have been given their username and password for Spelling City. They are free to get on the sight to practice their weekly words at their convenience, but I do encourage they get on at least a couple times a week.
MATH - This week we will bring geometry front and center. We will review the terms  which are the basis for lines, angles, and shapes.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will review for our first Social Studies test, which is scheduled for Wednesday. We are moving on from the basic terms to vocabulary that will define the United States more specifically.
                                   HAVE A SUPER GREAT WEEK!


Progress continues to be made! Most students are very eager to learn and willing to accept the responsibilities expected of them in fourth grade.
RELIGION - We are learning what it means to be disciples of Jesus. We are called to be disciples of Jesus at school, at home, and any other significant places where Jesus is present. (Basically, that would be everywhere!)
Reading - We are beginning our first class novel, Because of Winn Dixie. As we work our way through this novel, we will emphasize character traits, sequence of events, and cause and effect.
Writing We will introduce our first word of the week, which is "ability". Most weeks a prompt which concentrates on the word of the week will be due on Thursdays and possibly on  Friday if we hadn't had the time to complete all our  writing activities. We will work throughout the week webbing ideas, creating paragraph organizers, actually writing and editing to get us to our final copy.
Spelling - The spelling list will include spellings patterns for long I. This week, the students have been given a spelling menu, in which they will choose three activities to complete by Friday. The weekly test is almost always on Friday.
MATH - We're always practicing our facts and working to improve our problem solving skills. This week we will add expanded form, adding columns with regrouping and elapsed time to our math agenda  to enhance our skills even more.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will continue our study of geographical terms and learn about the different kinds of maps that will come up  through the year. Something new is being added to our weekly tasks. The students will be given a sheet of four or five fast facts per week. Each fact will have a question to research. By week's end the student will have found all the answers and have gained some extra knowledge!


     From all indications, we are off to a great start. We are ready to hit the books and get this show rolling. If your child has not yet shared any activities from our first two days, ask them how snowballs, toothpaste, marshmallows, and spaghetti played into our school beginning!
RELIGION - We will focus on the importance of Jesus as a man. We will also define Jesus as a human and as a divine wonder.
Reading - We're going to introduce four different genres this week by reading a realistic fiction, a historical fiction, a fantasy, and a nonfiction, using stories from our reading book. We will also touch upon skills we will revisit throughout the year.
Writing - We are going to begin developing our writing skills. We're going to work our way from a picture graphic organizer to writing a detailed sentence about each picture, to writing a paragraph about just one of the pictures drawn.
Spelling - Our first list will contain long o words. The students will have an assignment each evening to reinforce these words. Spelling tests are usually on Fridays.
MATH - This week has us looking for a good starting point for this class. We need to find what skills they are strong in and what skills we need to focus on more. We will also work on problem solving techniques throughout the week.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we will review geography terms that will resurface at different times throughout the year. There are a couple hands on activities planned to further reinforce understanding of the content .

AUGUST 22, 2019

Welcome everyone!! I am looking forward to a fun filled year of learning, creating, and getting to know your children. These first couple of days, we will participate in activities that will help us get to know each other better, build respect for all members of our school, and learn to be a part of a team that will help us prosper and be successful.
Have a great school year!


Your children should be working on their mystery book report, which is due on Friday, May 24. I am hoping they have been reading diligently and planning out their game, that will show they are aware of the setting, characters, and the plot of the story. The students usually have a good time making the games, as well as playing them. It is really important that they are doing something each evening toward the completion of their project. Leaving everything until the last evening is not recommended.
Another big item for Friday is the 50 states and capitals test. There are many states and capitals activities online. Advise your children to make use of these resources. Enjoy your child's accomplishments this week!


Thank you very much for a week of incredible generosity. There wasn't a day that went by last week that I didn't receive something for Teachers' Appreciation Week. I was showered with candy, flowers, gift cards, and a variety of miscellaneous items. From the bottom of my heart, I am sending my sincerest Thank You to all of you who contributed to make my week so special!