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It feels like we've been in a time warp and we're still stuck  in March, but in reality we are in the middle of May with a week and a half left to do classwork.
Thank you for your dedication to helping your children through this difficult time.
They have fared well and they seem to have grown somewhat because of your persistence. It wasn't the most ideal situation, but we did it! As Mr. Grieco has indicated, school work will be posted up to May 22 and everything has to be handed in by May 28. You still have the option to hand in hard copies or send the assignments to me through google classroom. If you didn't turn in Social Studies questions from the Ohio History book, please tear them out and hand them in. Please be aware that the Math textbook and the paperback novel "The BFG" needs to be handed in the day you pick up your child's belongings and report card. A fee will be enforced if they are not returned. The Sitton Spelling and the Simple Solutions books do not have to be turned in. If during the summer days when they have nothing better to do, maybe suggest that they pick up one of those books and fill in an empty page. (Of course, this is just a suggestion!) Hang in there, I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel, and it is getting brighter each day!


Here are directions for actually doing an assignment on line. We're trying to find ways to make it easier for you and your children. No guarantees, but it worked with an assignment I tried here at home.
1. Bring up assignment in Google Classroom
2. Look for the three vertical dots next to the printer icon in the top right corner and hit it.
3. Hit "Open in new window"
4. At top center hit "Open with"
5. Hit "DocHub- PDF Sign and Edit"
6. On the top left side of screen, hit the "A"
7. This should make it so you can type right on the worksheet.
                              TRY IT AND SEE IF IT WORKS!


Welcome back!  Your work for the week of April 20 is ready and available for pickup. I hope the last two weeks have been more relaxing and everyone is ready to continue our school year online. Per directives from Mr. Grieco, we will be working on the block system. On Mondays and Wednesdays, you will receive work for Religion, Social Studies and Science. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, you will be assigned work for Reading, English, and Math. This schedule should be easier to maintain, but Fridays will be left open for you to catch up if time is needed. If there is anything you don't understand, please ask me for assistance. Hopefully, we will be back in our classroom soon to finish out the year together! Thanks for all your effort in the past weeks to complete all your assignments. YOU ARE AWESOME!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!


Hi Parents,
Please make sure your children check their school emails for an important Spring Break message!! 

APRIL 3, 2020

We've been at this for three weeks and I must congratulate you all on your superb effort to complete your assignments. It's been quite a challenge, but we all have survived. Enjoy your extended Spring Break because you all deserve it. I hope and pray that we can see each other soon because I really do miss your sparkling happy faces. Be safe! Be Healthy! Pray for each other.
                                     HAPPY EASTER! 

MARCH 24, 2020

NEW DIRECTIONS FOR SENDING ME ASSIGNMENTS (Hopefully this will help you as well as myself to keep things organized and in one place.)
1. Take picture of completed work from phone
2. Hit the Share Icon
3. Share on Google Classroom (You may need to get that app)
4. Choose Subject
5. Hit Attach to Assignment
6. Select Assignment
To save yourself some time, wait to finish all the work for each subject, even workbook pages, then post by using the directions above.

MARCH 22, 2020

I have been receiving  questions about turning in workbook pages. At this time, do not tear out any workbook pages. We will check on those pages later. Please hand in any single assignments that you have completed. Thanks everyone for your devotion to your child's education and also for your patience during these times when we continue to figure out all the logistics of questions that arise. You are all in my prayers daily. Stay Healthy and Stay Safe!

MARCH 19, 2020

Happy Saint Joseph Day! I hope this post is finding everyone healthy. Thank you everyone for your patience as we work our way through the task of educating your children. Many of you have been doing the required work in a timely fashion and making the effort to post your assignments in Google Classroom or Google Docs. If posting your assignments online has been difficult, we have made hard copies for reading, spelling, math, and science for next week. They are ready for pick-up in the fourth grade drawer by the front doors. If you have any work to drop off, be sure to put names on all papers,
clip together, and put in the same fourth grade drawer, but on the drop off side. Please take note that all these assignments will be graded, so that all this hard work that is being done can be credited according to state regulations.


Good morning 4th graders and parents,
We are sending you a brief update as to how things will work. We have not figured out all aspects as of yet, but we will let you know things as the questions are solved.
The first assignment post will be Wednesday by 9:00 a.m. and everyday Monday through Friday until we return back to school. The easiest way to access any communication will be through the blizzard bag links that will all be in one spot on the saseas website. Look for a detailed message from Mr. Grieco later today with all the details that are known thus far.
Your children should plan on about 2-2 and a half hours of work time each day.


We survived the Iowa Testing and we've hit the ground running again! We have to stay focused and progress at a steady pace to keep from the end of the year catching up with us.
RELIGION - Our focus this week will be the third commandment and the spiritual and corporal works of mercy. We also continue to reflect on the fact it is Lent and we should be working our way to heaven with the good deeds we are frequently trying to share with our classmates.
LANGUAGE ARTS -  We're working hard to complete our final activities for "The Tale of Despereaux" and getting ready to begin our adventure with "The Big Friendly Giant", otherwise known as the BFG, by Roald Dahl. Dahl is explicitely descriptive with the similes he uses throughout his book, so it will be fun to recognize them as we read through the story. The vocabulary word for the week is "bedlam". We will try to describe the feeling of being right in the middle of some chaos. Spelling list includes words that are plurals.
MATH - We have learned to measure angles with a protractor this week and some of the students are doing quite well with this skill. Sales tax has been brought to their attention to remind them to save money for taxes when shopping for their favorite video games. And finally, we will multiply by increments of a hundred and a thousand.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are finishing our study of the Midwest. A test is in order for this Friday. Don't forget to study the states and capitals!


Much of our week has been taken up with testing. The students seem to be giving the test their best effort. We are visiting each subject a little this week, but not everyday. I'm sure you have noticed a lighter load for homework. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Iowa Tests should be completed by Monday, March 2. Keep your children well fed and well rested for them to apply their maximum effort for the test!
                                      HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


Hopefully everyone enjoyed an extra long weekend, relaxing, reading and playing. We now have a long span before we get our next day off. Get your engines revved up  and be ready to face the challenges for the next two months.
RELIGION - Moving on and preparing to learn about the second commandment and God's Holy name. We will also try to find synonyms for the word "respect" and relate them to how we should be following the first and second commandments.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We are in the final part of "The Tale of Despereaux" learning to recognize the character traits we have pinned on these characters.
 We also will try to figure out why these characters are so important to the plot of the story.  The writing component of this week's language arts is to write a description of some adventurous activities we have been a part of. Maybe that may be a way to write  and communicate with our friend, Ben Corbin, in California.
MATH - We are learning how to classify triangles and also stepping up our division skills and working with division problems with three digits in our answer.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will finish up our studies of the Southeast region. A test is planned for this Friday. Study the states and capitals and know the items mentioned on the study guide.


We were all prepared to forge ahead, but somehow we didn't take in the fact that we would have three short weeks to deal with in a row. Hard working students need a break every now and then!
Remember Valentines' Day is at the end of the week. Students will be able to pass out their valentines to their classmates on Thursday afternoon. If your child chooses to participate make sure that everyone in the class is included.
RELIGION - As we study the First Commandment and are recognizing that there is one true God, we are learning about the different kinds of prayer we can pray to communicate our needs with God. Students are working together to write one of the four kinds of prayer.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We are reading the fourth part of "The Tale of Despereaux" and learning how the lives of the characters we have met will intertwine to complete the story. We will match each character's time line and see how and when their story intersected with each other. Our vocabulary word of the week is "anticipate". We will combine our reading and writing efforts to anticipate how the story of a mouse, a princess, a rat and a servant will end. The spelling list this week contains words with "au" and "aw" spellings. Our weekly test will be on Thursday.
MATH - We will continue to practice finding a fraction of a set. Students are handling this concept with ease. A new skill being introduced this week  is recognizing geometric transformations.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will learn about historical events that occurred in the Southeast, from Indians, to settlers, to slavery and beyond. Each student  has been assigned a southeast state to research for completion of a folder project. 
We're looking at a test for next week to assess students' knowledge of the Southeast Region of the U.S..


We have enjoyed preparing for Catholic Schools Week and we certainly enjoyed participating in all the fun activities that happened last week, but now we have a school year to complete. We are moving full speed ahead to acquire all the skills needed for fifth grade!
RELIGION - Emphasis will be on the Ten Commandments, learning to understand their meanings and what we need to do to follow those laws of God.
READING - We will continue reading "The Tale of Despereaux". We are presently learning about another major character and how she will play into the whole scheme of things. Spelling words this week will be all our vocabulary words we have studied so far. The words have been displayed in the classroom, so hopefully they have sunk into the children's brains by osmosis. Don't count on that method to be successful on the test. I still suggest they all study. Our newest vocabulary word is "tedious". We're going to have the children write about the hardest and most tedious thing they had to learn to do.
MATH - We are still trying to master the art of dividing. Our newest dividing skill includes zeros within the dividend. Most of the students are enjoying this defined art!
SOCIAL STUDIES - Our focus will be on the Southeast states. We will study about this region's climate and natural resources. Students will start on their Southeast state project this week, with hopes that a completed project is in order by next Thursday. They will be given time in class to work on this project, but I will be assigning certain parts for homework, as well.
                                     HAVE A GREAT WEEK!


Thanks to all who took time to come to our open house. The children take pride in their work and are happy to share their talents with others. The week is a busy one, but in a different way. We are celebrating our opportunity to recognize God as the center of our educational opportunities. We ae looking forward to participating in our Living Rosary, listening to Sister Mary Echo, cheering on our faculty to victory as they remind the fifth grade that they are mighty, participating in classroom Bible bees, watching a movie, and finally joining up with our St. Andrew brothers and sisters for Mass and fun activities. Thank you for your sacrifices to send your children to our great school!
Teaching subject content area is also included in our week, which will revolve throughout all our activities.
RELIGION - We will be studying the meaning of the First Commandment.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will continue to read "The Tale of Despereaux", write letters to significant people in our lives, and work with words that have a suffix included.
MATH - We will try to perfect our ability to do long division and convert millimeters and centimeters.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have begun our study of the Southeast States. We will learn about the land, its climate, and the natural resources found in the Southeast.