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Special invitation to you our parents! We have been working really hard on projects to show what we are learning in fourth grade. Please come to the Open House, on Sunday, January 27, 12:00-1:30.
RELIGION - Since the major concept taught in religion is the ten commandments, we have reserved a whole wall to display the major events in Moses' life.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We are sharing the story of the BFG through the dioramas the fourth graders are preparing. Each student will display an event that happened in the story with a very detailed background showing the setting of that particular scene. We are also diligently writing about the goals we have in mind for ourselves in 2019.
MATH - In math, we are learning how to write survey questions and present data in some kind of graph form to display our results. Also this week, we will continue practicing long division, but this time with zeros included in the answer.
SOCIAL STUDIES - This week we are focusing on a timeline of historical events that happened in the Northeast from the 1600s through the early 1900s.


Fourth grade is busily working on projects in every subject to bring our halls alive for open house. We want to show off what we have been learning!
RELIGION - We have been learning about Moses and his relationship with God. We're heading in the direction of the Ten Commandments, where we will study and understand each individual commandment.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The students are eager to read "The BFG" each day. The author Roald Dahl is unique in his style of describing someone, something, or somewhere. It's as if the whole story comes alive and we're part of it. The vocabulary word of the week is tedious. The students will be asked to write about a designated task that could be tedious. The spelling list will require more studying time this week. Our list includes words that have the "ie" and "ei' spellings.
MATH - We're still trying to perfect our dividing skills and we seem to be better understanding the process, the more we practice. We will also be introduced to millimeters and fractions of a set with word problems.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are learning about the beginning history of our country, which began in the Northeast region. We will also learn of the inventions that started progress for our nation and end up with how the northeast looks in present day.


Happy New Year! As we near the halfway mark of the school year, It might be a good idea to check how your child is faring with school supplies. Many pencil bags are in need of crayons, colored pencils, regular pencils and erasers. If you are inclined to do so, the classroom is in need of paper towels, tissues, quart and gallon baggies, and Clorox wipes. Thank you in advance for your generosity.
RELIGION - We will learn about Moses and his efforts to get the Israelites to the Promised Land. We will hear Bible stories that tell of the ten plaques that haunted the Egyptians and eventually we will understand the need for the Ten Commandments.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The newest book that we're about to read is "The BFG". The students will follow the adventures of a little girl and a giant, from the walls of an orphanage to the massive caves of Giant Land to the elequent palace of the queen in England. There will be no prompt this week, but we are working on a New Year's improvement plan project. The spelling list includes words with the different sounds of "ou".
MATH - We're starting to make headway with the division process. Most students are understanding the whys, but with each new added step to the process, sometimes we struggle. Those who have full understanding are actually having fun with division. This week, we will also understand the meaning of  similar and congruent and we will recognize the smallness of a millimeter.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are starting our journey through the Northeast Region of the U.S., learning the special characteristics significant to that region, recognizing the natural resources and understanding the timeline of historical events that started our country.


The fourth graders can hardly contain their excitement these days. Play practices have inspired our students to change their lifetime goals of being a fame renowned sports player to a thriving actor or actress. Their fame has reached into the community! We have been invited to sing our show to the residents of Pinebrook next Tuesday. Further details will be forth coming.
As the days get closer to Christmas, we still remain very busy. There is never enough time to complete what was planned for the day, but we sure do try. Our fourth graders can efficiently juggle their schedules to be performers, accelerated students, prayer leaders, and even Santa elves. We have much to accomplish before we walk out these doors next Thursday!


We're always looking forward to the next major event in the school year. Fourth graders are especially excited as they prepare to present "On Our Way to Bethlehem." We are working with Mr. Powers to make this an exceptional show. All are eager to share their acting and singing talents. We still will work exceptionally hard on the academic contents of fourth grade.
RELIGION - This week we will become familiar with the Liturgical Church Calendar and understand the importance of each season in the church year.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Following the theme of the season, we will begin reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". It's an entertaining story showing the growth of a family who has a bad reputation in the community, but yet they are moved by the Christmas story of Jesus, Mary and Joseph.
The vocabulary word of the week is "efficient ". In the prompt, the students will attempt to invent a machine that will help them be efficient in completing a difficult task. The spelling list this week includes words that have suffixes.
MATH - There are several new concepts being presented this week. The most difficult will be learning about the different concepts related to fractions. Comparing fractions, ordering fractions, and changing fractions to their equivalent decimals. We will also work with rate word problems and multiplying three digit numbers.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are introducing how economy works in the U.S.. We are learning how our needs and wants affect the free enterprise system. We will also learn how the supply and demand concepts work in our economy


The end of the first trimester is upon us. With the second trimester, comes holidays, Christmas play, winter weather, and many more academic challenges.
RELIGION - We are diligently working to complete our saint reports. For many, the end is very near. We have headed back to our textbooks and we are learning about the different kinds of sin.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will finish the book "Because of Winn Dixie" by the end of the week. The students are working on a poster, showing the characters with riddles to describe them. The word for the week is diligent. The students will write a review of their first trimester and explain how they will be more diligent for the second trimester. Spelling list this week include words with the oi and oy sounds.
MATH - We are beginning our quest to divide. We will start out simple and progressively get more challenging. We will also touch upon prime and composite numbers this week.
SOCIAL STUDIES - Our newest challenge is to learn about our economy and the role the government plays. We will also learn about the different types of economies.


It seems we have made it through all the various celebrations that have been occurring throughout October. As we work our way through the activities of November and December, we will work hard with thankfulness and gratitude in mind.
RELIGIONWe have been diligently working on our rough draft for our saint reports. We are hoping to complete the first writing and the revising and editing process by week's end, so we can produce the final copy.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Reading "Because of Winn Dixie" has been keeping us entertained. It's been a fun book to read as we recognize character traits, settings, and visible themes. Our prompt this week will actually be a revised edition of the third paragraph of our saint report. The word "fortitude" will have to be infused strategically as we tell the reasons the researched saint became a saint. The spelling list this week will include many of the contractions we use in our writings.
MATH - The division facts are creeping into the picture. Practice with multiplication and division facts are a must. It will be helpful to the students as we work with multi-digit numbers to multiply and divide.
SOCIAL STUDIES - Since this is the week of voting, we will learn about the three branches of government, compare the federal and state responsibilities, and as citizens of the U.S., learn about our rights and responsibilities.


Conferences last week were very encouraging and positive. We all seem to be heading in the same direction for the betterment and success of our children.
This week we welcome several parents into our classroom to help us become  aware of the hardships that our disabled friends endure on a daily basis.
And academically we will be very busy.
RELIGION - The students are busy researching their saints in order to prepare for their written report. Hopefully, the saint shield you are working on at home is coming along. Remember, shields are due in on October 30th.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We have recently begun our third novel of the year, "Because of Winn Dixie". It's about a girl and her dog and the friendships that develop around them. The focus of the story  revolves around the growth of the various characters and their personal situations. In the first five chapters, the students have been entertained by the situations the dog gets involved in.
The vocabulary word of the week is "cantankerous". We will be writing a descriptive paragraph on how to handle such a person. The spelling list is full of compound words, some easy and some difficult. Be sure to encourage your child to study with "Spelling City"
MATH - This week we will add and subtract decimals, round and estimate multiplication problems, and begin developing the skill of multiplying multi-digit numbers. Daily practice of the multiplication facts will help the process of multiplying larger numbers easier.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have learned some basic facts about the American Revolution and now we will learn how the state of Ohio was affected by the same war. We will have a test on Friday on the material covered in Chapter 2, Lessons 1 and 2 (pages 48-63).


4B IS IN DESPERATE NEED OF YOUR HELP! 4A IS WAY AHEAD OF US IN THE COLLECTION OF FUN RUN DONATIONS. We don't tend to be overly competitive,  but there is no way we want 4A to beat us. If you have not donated yet, please consider making a small donation to our cause. Every little bit helps!
The week ahead is a busy one! Of course, we still have to get through our classes, but we have some serious celebrating to do and we can't forget about the Fun Run.
RELIGION - It's that time of year for the fourth grade to begin working on their saint reports. I will assign each student a particular saint to research.(usually the students will get a saint that relates to their own first or middle name) If their names are not associated with a saint, we will try to assign a saint that they may have a connection with somehow. Directives will be coming home soon concerning the saint shield that will be completed at home. We'll do the research here at school and write the report and you'll work on the shield at home.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We've completed Stone Fox and are working this week on learning about famous people who had a hard time getting started and experienced failures before their success occurred. We're identifying character traits with the articles we are reading. There will be no prompts this week. The spelling list is a review of past words that seem to be most frequently misspelled.
MATH - We will be working with mixed numbers on a number line and measuring to the nearest 1/4 inch. Students should be practicing their multiplication facts on a regular basis. Many are well on their way to speed and accuracy, while others still need lots of practice.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will be learning the basic history of the United States, starting with the Native Americans and the European settlers. We will see how both groups intermingled to set the history of the U.S. in motion.


Another busy week ahead for our fourth graders!
 RELIGION - We've drawn pictures to help us understand the Beatitudes, we've played games to help us memorize the Beatitudes, and we've had discussions. The Beatitudes test is this Thursday for sure.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will finish Stone Fox this week and learn of the dramatic ending Willy faces. Our vocabulary word of the week is "Repulsive". Don't be alarmed if you get a letter from your son or daughter this week complaining about food that you have cooked that is just repulsive, because that's what our prompt is all about! Don't take offense, it's a teacher driven assignment. Spelling words this week contain words that have the "j" or "soft g" sounds.
MATH - Our focus this week revolves around fractions, naming fractions, drawing pictures of fractions, naming mixed numbers, and understanding that cents are a fraction of a dollar.
SOCIAL STUDIES - The students will be made aware that no matter where we live or what conditions we have to deal with, there is always ways to adapt to our environment. We will also begin learning some of the early history of the United States.


The minutes are ticking away and the weeks are flying by. We are quickly approaching the halfway mark of the first trimester. Wow! I hope the year is flying by for my students as well. You know time flies when you're having fun!
We've got to keep moving to keep up with passing time.
RELIGION - We're working on a beatitude book to help us understand the message Jesus is teaching us to live by. If the students have a grasp on the beatitudes, we will probably have a  test on Friday. It is necessary for the students to memorize the Beatitudes.
LANGUAGE ARTSWe are working our way through the exciting story of Stone Fox. We have been working hard to understand the role of each character, the sequence of the events in the story, and how the setting is significant to the happenings in the story. Our word of the week is "perplexed".
In our prompt this week, we will find out what the students do when they are perplexed about something. Spelling words include spellings for the sound of "s". A Tic-Tac-Toe chart will be used for spelling homework. Each student will choose three activities to complete by Friday.
MATH - We've been working on solving subtraction story problems and learning to recognize the key words to help us find a solution. We will also practice subtracting three digit numbers with regrouping.
SOCIAL STUDIES  - We are learning about the natural resources found in the different regions and how the people of those regions adapt their way of life to use the resources available to them.


It was a pleasure meeting many of you last week at Meet the Teacher Night. It looks like we have many supportive parents to help us make this a successful year in fourth grade. Many thanks to those who were so generous and thought of me on my 29th birthday last week!!
The week ahead is another busy one!
RELIGION - The children were very happy to be a part of Mass this week. The readers read well, the singers sang with all their hearts, and the gift bearers presented lovingly. We are still working our way through the Beatitudes and trying to understand Jesus' message.
LANGUAGE ARTS - The students can't wait to read the next chapter of Stone Fox. It's been fun to watch their excitement as we work our way through the adventures of Willy and Searchlight. The new word of the week is "rickety". They will have fun writing their prompts this week as they describe a rickety item that they see in a picture. Their spelling words consist of spellings for the long "e" sound.
MATH - We are checking into the geometry section to review about circles, lines, angles and perimeter . We'll even learn to draw circles using a compass.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We finished our physical maps having learned that the U.S. has mountains in the east and the west. We will learn about the climate that the U.S. has, as well as the natural resources that comes from the different regions.


I'm looking forward to meeting many of you on Thursday evening for Meet the Teacher Night. Mrs. Schweickart and I will be presenting together so you can get a feel of how this fourth grade team works as a whole.
The week ahead looks busy as usual.
RELIGION - Our focus this week will be on the Beatitudes. We will learn what they mean and how we can live them in our everyday lives.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will be starting our next class novel, "Stone Fox". It is about a young boy who has to grow up and make responsible decisions. Our vocabulary word of the week is "treacherous". The prompt that emphasizes the word of the week is "Would you like to try a treacherous sport someday? Why or why not? The spelling list this week includes words that have long i spellings.
MATH - Some of the skills we will touch upon this week are writing numbers in expanded form, finding missing numbers in subtraction, adding columns of numbers with regrouping, and elapsed time.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are getting a brief overlook of the five regions of the United States and its landforms. At week's end we will use modeling clay to make a physical map of the U.S.


I am happy to announce that the fourth graders are off to a great start! They are readily accepting the challenges we throw their way each day. As we worked our way through some team building activities, they learned to work together to put tooth paste back into its tube, build tall towers with marshmallows and spaghetti, dramatize a part of a chapter in reading, and even create a song about another chapter in "Freckle Juice". The students have learned lessons, built memories, and had fun doing the activities. That tends to be our philosophy in fourth grade, to involve the students in activities that will teach them the necessary curriculum. It is our hope that the fourth graders will learn from their successes and continue to be curious and determined learners as they journey through the years of their education.
In the week ahead, our agenda looks like this:
RELIGION - We are learning what we should do as a disciple of Jesus, understanding the meaning of Savior, and discussing what original sin really is.
READING - We are completing our first class novel, "Freckle Juice". We have learned to recognize character traits and understand how those characters have impacted the story. As the story ends, we will make connections with ourselves, our world, and other books that are similar.
WRITING - We will experience writing our first vocabulary prompt. We will web to organize our thoughts and learn to write a topic sentence. We will learn to include supporting thoughts that emphasizes our main topic. And finally, we will learn to end our paragraphs with a concluding sentence. There is no spelling list this week, due to the short week and also because we want to concentrate on the writing experience.
MATH - This week we are brushing up on our subtracting skills. We will be reviewing and strengthening the borrowing process with three digit numbers.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will recognize the difference between physical, political and elevation maps. We will also understand the purpose of lines of latitude and longitude. At week's end we will begin making our own physical map of the United States with modeling clay.


Thank you for thinking of me each day last week during Teacher Appreciation Week. The candy, the coffee, the spiritual bouquet, the lunch, taking my playground duty, the flowers and the gift card are things that every teacher looks forward to. I am blessed to work with and for such loving families. May God's peace be with you always.
We're still forging ahead with a vengeance, making an attempt to fulfill our goals for the year.
RELIGION - Our plan is to complete our study of the Ten Commandments before the year ends. Presently we are studying the Ninth and Sixth Commandments.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We are working hard to follow the adventures of a little mouse, as we read "The Tale of Despereaux". The students are being made aware of the sequence of events through timelines made for the main characters. There will be no spelling list this week, but we will have a vocabulary word to create a story around. Our word this week is "heirloom".
MATH - We're touching on review topics this week. We will try our skills at averaging, finding mean, median and mode and recognizing geometric solids and prisms.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have completed our study of Ohio History and now we are moving on to complete our study of the regions of the U.S.. For the next week and a half we will be looking at the Southwest Region and discovering the characteristics of that region.