Many thanks to those who came to conferences last week! It's always a wonderful feeling to know that parents are in full compliance to help their children have a successful school year!
RELIGION - By now you have hopefully seen the requirements for the saint shield that is due next Monday. In class, we are diligently working on the saint report, taking one paragraph at a time to portray the life of the saint your child is researching.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Emphasis in spelling and grammar will be on irregular verbs. There will be no prompt this week, due to the effort and time we are spending on our saint reports. In reading, we're meeting new characters and realizing their importance to the story, as we continue to read "Winn Dixie".
MATH - We have learned some tricks in learning the 9s, 10s, 11s, and 12s multiplication facts. We will finish up the week learning to read and write large numbers in the hundred millions place.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We've started our study of the Northeast Region. We've made flashcards for the states and capitals of the Northeast. Try to mention the states and capitals in daily conversation, so your child is familiar with them come test time. Each student is working on finding information relating to a northeast state, which will be transferred into a state project.