There seems to be some normalcy returning, as the children come down from their Halloween sugar highs and the werewolf effects from the full moon! We have to get in as much teaching time as possible because the holiday excitement will soon strike our classrooms!
RELIGION - The saint reports are in final production and we should see completion soon. All students did well in explaining their saint shields and should be commended for their hard work.
LANGUAGE ARTS - As we continue reading "Winn Dixie", students will learn to recognize the role of each character and what importance they have in making the plot progress. Our writing efforts this week will focus around what affects the mood of a cantankerous person. Our Buzzword, this week is obviously "cantankerous. The spelling words this week all contain the "oy" or "oi" spellings.
MATH - Fractions, mixed numbers, and multiplication facts will be subjects of this week's lessons.
SOCIAL STUDIES - Early history of the northeast region will hopefully spark some interest when we begin talking about Indians, settlers, colonists, the American Revolution and independence.