We are never lacking anything to do to pass the time in fourth grade. The minutes fly by each day like the soaring of an eagle through the sky!
RELIGION - We are learning that God graciously gave us a conscience to know the difference between good and evil and right and wrong. We're working on recognizing our own wrongs, before quickly pointing out the wrong doings of others.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will finish reading "Winn Dixie" and all the activities associated with this story. Our final task will be to recognize why the characters and different settings were significant to the plot  and would the story be different if they weren't visible at all. Our "Buzzword" this week will be "fortitude". Since the characters in Winn Dixie had faced some hardships in their lives, the students will choose a character and tell how that person showed fortitude in dealing with their strives. Spelling words this week are dealing with adding suffixes to words that require dropping the final e, doubling the last consonant, or changing y to I. There will be no spelling menu this week due to the fact that we have Writers Workbook pages that coincide with our spelling list.
MATH - The students will be dealing with measurement from cup, to pint, to quart, to half gallon, to gallon. Keep practicing those multiplication facts nightly. The students are enjoying watching their progress grow on their chart that shows how many  they're getting correct each week.
SOCIAL STUDIES -The students are presenting group posters to the rest of the class, hoping to teach them something about the history of the Northeast. We will also learn which of the Northeast states are New England states and which are Mid Atlantic states. There will be a test next Tuesday on the Northeast and also on its state locations and capitals.