We've got a couple of busy weeks ahead, and the weather is not being very cooperative. We will be working on a project in every subject, in hopes of impressing our parents and visitors on Open House Sunday.
RELIGION - In preparation for our study of the Ten Commandments, we have followed Moses through the Ten Plagues. Our religion project involves the plight of Moses and the Israelites.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will continue through the novel "Frindle" and watch main character, Nick Allen, grow up and become famous because of his curiosity in fifth grade. Skills being covered this week will be the use of idioms, understanding the cause and effect of situations, and interpreting the characters' opinions. Our word of the week is elated. It looks like we will create a comic strip to reflect the elatedness of some character. Many students were confused by the spelling words with ie or ei spellings, so those who received below an 85% will retake last week's spelling test on Friday.
MATH - The week in math includes fraction comparisons, rate word problems, and multiplying three digit numbers.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We're reviewing for our Southeast test, which will be on Thursday. Our next region to study will be the Midwest.
Have a good week, stay warm, and know there's relief coming!