If you were able to come to Open House, you were able to see the products of your children's hard work. We were able to have at least one piece of work for each subject. I am extremely proud of their consistent efforts to complete all their work.
RELIGION - We will begin our actual study of Moses and the Ten Commandments. We will learn the terms and general information before we learn to live each commandment.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We will attempt to get near to finishing "Frindle". As we indulge in the next few chapters, we will learn to recognize minor, major, and flat characters and try to understand their point of view and purpose in the story. The spelling words will include those that end with er, or, and ar. "Tradition" is the word of the week. Our prompt will have the students tell about one of their family traditions. As we prepare to write the prompt, we will discuss some of the Catholic traditions we celebrate.
MATH - This week we will work with fractions, learn to multiply with three or more digits, and revisit polygons.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We will continue our study of the Midwest and focus on the types of transportation that developed there.