Fourth Graders are permitted to hand out Valentines if they wish. If they choose to do so, it is required that they give to everyone in their class. Traditionally, every student in fourth grade will receive a heart with a positive comment from each classmate. A long-time keepsake!
RELIGION - The commandments will be the focus of our religion classes for the next several weeks. We will study each commandment separately. Due to the start of Lent, we will focus on our purpose to pray and sacrifice.
LANGUAGE ARTS - We're finishing the novel,"Frindle" and completing any unfinished worksheets. Our final assignment for "Frindle" will be a seven-paragraph summary. We are presently working on an organizer to help the students organize their thoughts before writing the seven paragraphs. Spelling this week includes words with suffixes. The vocabulary word for the week is "anticipate". The prompt will have the students writing about the report card they are anticipating at the end of the trimester.
MATH - Long division will be our main concern this week. We'll keep practicing until the process is considered an easy task. We will also review similar and congruent shapes and review multiplying by multiples of 10.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We are reviewing information that we learned about the Midwest region. The test is scheduled for this Thursday. Be sure to remind your children to study the Midwest states and capitals. Next week, we will start Ohio History!