Another short week to accomplish a full week's worth of business!
RELIGION - Emphasis this week will be on the first commandment, learning to respect and honor our God as the ultimate God.
LANGUAGE ARTS - Our first goal is to have everyone complete their "Frindle"
7-paragraph summary. Plans are to begin reading our next novel, "The B.F.G.", an exciting novel by Roald Dahl. We are not assigning a written prompt this week, but there is a project we have in mind, that will help the students understand the word, "adventurous". In spelling, we are practicing adding -ing to words that require doubling the last letter, dropping the final e and just adding -ing.
MATH - This week we will strive to master multiplying with multiples of ten. We will also practice dividing with two-digit answers with remainders. Converting millimeters and centimeters is another skill we will take on.
SOCIAL STUDIES - We have started Ohio History! Many are expecting endless worksheets that require much research. Relax! Most of the work will be done during class time. There will be three projects that will be worked on mostly at home, but have no fear, you will be given at least a two week preparation time to help your children complete the assignments. This time in social studies is meant to be a fun learning time, a time to learn about the state in which they live.